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    The avoidance of daft encryption in Cad naming conventions, disciplined application of 2d & 3d sterotomy, rational document retrieval, NURBS, customised VectorScript tools
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  1. foxterrier

    How to start ???

    hello, yes i too need to start ! I had a tentative go with a script that rotates hatches. That was adapting one that someone gave me. There's a few scripts I'm interested in particularly class mapping but here I'd like to know if it is possible to 'custom select' text by font size? I have a load of autocad nonsense where lots of text at different scales got merged in one class (using the class mapping tool) also, is there a fix for mirrored text exported to autocad yet. No other single glitch garuntess no end of tut tutting from the other crowd, just t make you feel VW is for kids. gratefully, in advance
  2. it is odd how a file can be so littered with so many inaccessible record formats such as the drawing border, that cannot been seen in the resources palette nor, can be purged out. a case of more is less? when i try to make a report of the drawing border record having at least one custom drawing border on a sheet layer, I get no results. i hope a cunning fox will come along and spill the beans on this issue man.


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