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  1. I have been having this problem with different files for some time now. I do not know what causes it, or how to prevent it. I did however find a way to put the objects back together again. Select one of the wireframe cubes. Then use the edit group command,DO NOT UNGROUP. The operands of the solid subtraction should now appear. If you still see the boxes edit each, one at a time. When you hit the done button the subtraction will appear as it was supposed to be. quote: Originally posted by grantvz: I just finished my 3d model. Going back I changed the pen settings and solid coloring attributes for some of my classes. When I zoomed out of my model, I found the model surrounded by a bunch of wireframe cubes! I can't delete them, but they seem to be linked to parts of the model, for when I move parts to another level, some of the cubs go with them. What's going on here?
  2. Would like to see more editable texture maps. Some important maps to include would be: bump, transparency, glow and reflection.
  3. We are having trouble importing dxf files correctly. Typically we are importing eps files from illustrator into Flash. Then we export the flash file to dxf. At this point all units are in inches. The problem occurs when the file is imported in vectorworks. The file is blown way out of scale. I have gotten it close but not exact by setting the dxf units to 1728 with the drawing units at one. The layer scale is set to 1: 1. Is there a way to do the translation more accuratly?
  4. Is there or will there ever be a way to do a line rendering with hidden lines removed where curved solids are not shown as segmented lines. This requires us to copy the model to another layer, convert to lines with hidden lines removed, then delete all the intermediate lines on the curved surfaces. This need to be done for every view to be presented, and is very time consuming. Please look at the way Autocad uses the display silhouette system variable to avoid this situation when doing a hidden line removal.
  5. How do you program the mouse buttons to specific commands?
  6. Please see last message in general discussion under bitmap rendering. I have not gotten a reply.
  7. Mark, Try this, use the render bitmap tool with different pixel aspect ratio's. Youll find that only the 1:1 setting works properly, especially with larger files. The pixel ratio seems to act as a zoom factor within the selected window. George
  8. Does anyone know how to escape out of commands in progress. For example lets say you accidently hit the line command. Is their a way to get out of it besides drawing the line then deleting it? George C.
  9. We have the same problem and have not figured it out either. George C.
  10. Mark, I did surround the entire area I wanted rendered. We also tried the tool on another computer running a different copy of 8.5.1. We had the same results there. We also tried different files with the same result. The only version of 8.5.1 that doesnt have this problem is the Windows version. It seems like this is a bug in the mac version of 8.5.1.
  11. I am having a problem with bitmap rendering since installing 8.5.1. When rendering a perspective with the rendering tool, the resulting view is not the area selected with the window. I only get a small number of objects rendered, and their size and location in the rendered image do not correspond to their that of the perspective view.
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