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  1. Remy


    Hey, yes i can set this option. I can set the HDRI lighting to sunrise. This is the only option, but it say's that it doesn't contains HDRI information, when i try out use it. P.s. I can't open this .vwx version of backgrounds you posted, i use a 12.5 student edition. Is there a way to import this or something ells? Thanks for helping out.
  2. Remy

    Textures needed

    I like to have a nice grass texture, i don't have that texture because i use the student edition for school. The thing is i like to do more things with my vectorworks edition and make nice buildings but the i don't have the textures to do that. I searching for a really nice tree. I've got a tree for (www.cben.net) but when i render that one you can look through it. I like to have one a good one one where i can't look through. I hope someone has one for me. It would help me a lot. Thank you.
  3. Remy


    I guess i don't have that option.. i use the Vectorworks 12.5 student edition : Bummer, Thanks a lot anyway
  4. Remy

    Textures needed

    Hello everyone, I'm using Vectorworks 12.5 edition. The thing is, i render a lot and make a lot animations. But VW12.5 has a small amount of nice textures. Sometimes I use the sites: cben.net (for sertain objects) but mostley for textures i'll go to arroway.de. But these textures are only for the ground, like stones and wood. There's no grass or other sorts of these textures. Does anybody know another site to get these or another way? Thanks a lot.
  5. Remy


    Oke thank you, but where can i find this option? i can't find it anywhere.
  6. Remy


    Hey guys, Is it possible to get a blue sky in vectorworks (like standaard) or do i just have to make my own?
  7. Hi guys, I like to make my own starting stencil. So my own picture standart on it and my own information. I worked in a company where they did have it, so i could load that stencil/paper everytime. There is no option to make my own. Can you tell me how to make my own, so i can load that every time. The stencil ends with the .sta extension. I use Vectorworks 12.5 student version on a windows xp computer.
  8. The model is just in the middel of the page center.
  9. mmm.. it's not working, any other suggestions?
  10. Well i use VW 12.5 student version on a Windows XP Proffesional edition. Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHz 512 MB RAM-Memory
  11. Hello guys, I use Vectorworks not for a long time but i've got a problem that i can't figgerout on my own. I made this animation with renderworks final and when i check the animation, there all kinds of weird collors on the screen. These collors are just flying around, everything ells is grey. It's not collors at the right places. And the weirdest is, that sometimes i don't have it and sometimes it has. Does anyone know this problem and knows the awnser? i hope you can help me, it's for my senior school project. Thanks
  12. Hey there. I'm a student and a vriend of 7ouis. I heard that you guys could help me with my question. I like to make an animation for a building that i'm going to make. It's an school but i like to make an walk through animation. I'm only not so sure how it works. I use the student version of vw 12.5 and it says that i can make an animation and i have to make a path. Anyway, i hope you guys can tell me how to do this. Thx Greetings, Remy


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