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  1. Yeah well I actually tried that and the label just freaks out! I tried it as a tiff and jpg. It won't go on there right. I'm not s ure what else to do! C
  2. I'm actually trying to use a photoshop file. I've tried it as a tiff as everything!
  3. Hi Guys, I have tried everything I can think of! I did a sweep for the bowling pin. I then did another sweep that only went 180 for the label to go. Unfortunately I can't get it to line up right and when I did it did this weird thing where it cut into the middle of my pin. I've tried mapping it and tried using the attribute map tool! I'm super stuck anybody help? Thanks P.s I even tried putting into form z and doing it! I'll update my header but i'm a mac osx with V.W 12.5
  4. Hello, We are using 12.5 on a mac. We have to research and figure it out ourselves. This is allowed, he just won't tell us. He says you have to check a box somewhere. If we find out we get a whole grade higher.
  5. Hello, So it is possible!! Its a box that has to be checked, but i can't find it. My teacher knows and does it. Also would there be a way to write a script that does this?
  6. Because i know there is a way it does it automatically!!!!! Someone has to know!
  7. Hello, So i know there is a way to do this I just can't figure it out. After drawing my 3d contour lines and going to AEC and go to terrain a create a site model. Right now it just puts it on the same layer as the contour lines. I need it to create a new layer automatically. Does anybody know how to do this??? Thanks


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