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  1. Hello all. I am looking for some casino games symbols. By name a Black Jack table, Craps, Roulette. and Poker. Even a pay resource would be great. Thanks in advance. Jay
  2. Thank you. That worked. I knew it was simple but it was going to make me go back to paper and templates. Jay
  3. So this seems like something I should be able to figure out. When I am in my office I have my laptop hooked up to an external monitor. I have my tool pallet positions saved and all is well. When I go on the road and open Vectorworks on my lower resolution laptop screen the basic tool pallet is off screen. In 12.5 I was able to turn it off in the menu and turn it back on and it would show back up. But as it is now I can not do that. I tried switching workspace and switching back but that did not work either. So my question is how can I get my basic tool pallet back on screen? Thanks
  4. Thank you fro the reply. I was unable to reproduce your image. If you have the time can you please tell me the steps you used. Thank you
  5. That is essentially what I do now but I do it backwards. Create it in the file I am working with and copy it over to my template. The problem with creating it in the master fist is that I often use groups of different objects that may not be useful as singular objects, but are design schemes or pieces that I may want to use in the future. For example a stock set, or common set ups for different clients. I have found it more effective to me to go through my drawings once a month and pick what I would like to keep or remember in the future. This is why I think a simple checkbox on creation would be terrific. If what Katie describes is as easy, it looks like I will be on the upgrade path.
  6. This may work. I am on 12.5 now. Can you explain to me how this works in 2008? Do you do it through the resource browser or can you do it when creating an new symbol. What I was thinking was a check box upon creation that says "save to master file" Thank you
  7. I am trying to create a set element and have been unhappy with the results, so I thought I would tap the wealth of knowledge here. I am trying to create a cone of fabric that is wrapped around a hoop and tapered in the center. Picture a hula hoop with a sheer fabric threaded around it so it appears pleated, but is hollow in the center. One hoop on top and one hoop on bottom. In the centre there is a tie that makes the fabric taper in. I am able to get the shape various ways, but the pleated texture, and taper effect is the problem. Open to ideas... Thank you.
  8. It would be nice to be able to save newly created symbols in a master library of sorts. As it is now I always use a template to start out with. As I create new symbols I would like them to show up in one place next time I start with a fresh template. My work around now is this: About once a month I open my template file and go through all the recent drawings and import the new symbols I made and then save that again. I think it would be helpful to have a "save in master library" option.


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