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  1. you can add a prefix to the dwg classes (layers) when importing, this will stop the dwg from affecting your drawing colours
  2. what do you mean by encrypted? i have never heard of this. how is he extracting them? sounds odd
  3. alienware PCs are typically intended for gaming, not rendering and CAD, so i would be wary. renderworks can be slow even if you have an amazing machine, it can typically depend on how you have built and composed your model/design. i would personally (without causing offense to NNA) try a different rendering programe like C4D, i think the renders are better and quicker, but will take time getting used to using the software. dont get me wrong, renderworks can be great for certain things but i think for high end rendering you may need to look elsewhere i must say 14 hours is a bloody long time, i would look at your RAM, and graphics card before making a leap, as you may be able just to update these. If your processing power is low then it may be worth upgrading the whole machine/motherboard. good luck anyway (it is very exciting when you do buy a new machine!!!!!!)
  4. I have untold problems with the callout tool, about 6 months ago the drop shadow function for the callout box stopped working and has never worked since, have not got a clue why, and if you click to set your insertion point and then zoom out to get some context of where you want to drag it too, the tool stops working and you have to start again, very annoying.
  5. i have always had problems with patterns, and if you have too many on one plan then it all goes a bit mad when printing/exporting. i stay well away from them, i would spend some time making a library of similar style hatches, its possible to recreate the same types of patterns as hatches, can be a bit fiddly but is possible.
  6. hi not sure if this is possible, been playing around but have not got it to work. i would like to have one layer with sketch rendering on and another with wireframe, but have both showing in a viewport with their corresponding styles showing. anyone know how to do this, or if it is even possible?
  7. monkey

    Site Model

    just to butt in on this, i have tried to do this with a site model before and found it very difficult to align the aerial to the site when doing the drape. You have to make sure your aerial is the exact shape and area you want (had to photoshop) before you can do this, and even then the image is kind of stretched over the model, so in some areas the features dont totally match up. It is possible to do this in sketchup as well. if anyone has any ideas on how to improve this then please let me know.
  8. excellent idea, would save me loads of time and help create an office standard for lots of things we commonly draw with dash styles
  9. 18MB is not very big at all to be honest, my files are often between 100 & 200MB with no real problems. it could be the architects drawing, its hard to say really without playing around with the file. the only thing i can suggest is if you dont need to mess around with the architects drawing you could try just bringing in a PDF of their info and drawing over the top, instead of having it a digital info. that way you could possibly work out if its their drawing or yours causing this problem. how long have you tried waiting when saving the file?
  10. is it only happening with this drawing??? or has this happened with other drawings before???? if it is only this one, then it may be something within the drawing which is causing it to crash while saving. how big is the file size? have you tried purging unused objects to see if that helps? whats is in the drawing?
  11. this sometimes happens to me, but i have had it sometimes where you have thought you have saved your drawing and continued working, only to find out 5 hours down the line once you have closed and re-opened the drawing that it has not saved any of it at all, thus losing a lot of work! i have not seen VW stop responding though, i get a message sometimes telling me to save to another location (i/o error or something like that). one thing that has worked is the trusty old method of copying and pasting into a new file. this stuff stopped happening with the latest update to 2008, and i have not had any problems since. i cannot see what version you are using so cannot really help any more
  12. have you tried removing the background and saving as a giff file, this is what i have to do to get rid of backgrounds when importing into indesign for company logo's etc. if you search google for 'how to get rid of white/black background in photoshop' there are loads of tutorials/guides to help you.
  13. oooooooooooo, astronomer friends!!!!!
  14. i know it sounds daft, but have you tried simply copying and pasting into a new drawing and seeing if that export works, its what i would do first of all to establish if the drawing itself is corrupt in some way. i have found this to be the case when working on large landscape designs in my office, some how for some reason they become corrupt in some way, dont know why and probably never will, but copying and pasting tends to sort it for me
  15. I work with both Mac and PC with VW in our offices, they both suffer from bugs and crashes, but the PC's are worse than the macs in my opinion (this may be different now VW2009 is out, but with 2008 its still the case) i prefer the mac to the PC, it flows better, looks better, has fewer problems exporting PDFs, Anti-aliasing/quartz imaging etc etc. I was a true PC worshiper until i ventured onto a mac for more than the odd session, and am now a mac convert. PCs are far better for the web, gaming etc etc, but when it comes to using VW, photoshop, etc etc i have to be on a mac or i get frustrated!! just my opinion
  16. does that work for geo-referenced files as well if you drag and drop them in? does this work for shapefiles etc or just image files?
  17. in fact, i have just had to do the same with a whole load of shape files today, this should be applied to all imports!!!!
  18. this is so simple i dont know why it hasent been done before, but you should be able to import more than 1 image file at a time, i often have to bring in OS tiles and have to do the import function 10-20 times before all of them are in!! if this is already possible and i am being stupid then please let me know!
  19. monkey

    Turfe texture

    you can use the stipple function to create what you want, either by using the stipple tool, or by drawing the polyline you want and using the 'convert objects from pollyline' function under the edit menu and convert to a polyline. be warned that stipples can increase drawing file size quite a lot if you are stippling large areas
  20. why dont we just find someone worse than him with the sole responsibility of keeping him in check, then we can all laugh at the insult battles
  21. monkey


    why dont to bring the pdf into adobe illustrator and then convert it into a dwg if you want to edit it
  22. that sounds quite large for what you have described as being in the drawing, using symbols instead of multiple instances of the same object reduces file size. Purging once drawing is finished also reduces file sizes. i can have a 400dpi A3 colour image on my plan and then 5-10 layers with many objects on and these are only just about 60-70MB
  23. there is an option to have a curved callout, you sure this is not switched on?
  24. , im using 2008 and i hate the fact that it always opens a blank template


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