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  1. could be a couplel of things- - are you exporting to a server or PC - try the tother - what file size are you working with - try and get it as low as possible by purging/ using symbols etc
  2. Holsteinson, this is easily doable in any GIS software, but not in VW unfortunately. I would love to be able to do this in VW so i could incorporate it into my plans, but at present i have to create these in another bit of software (for designing wind farms!!) as i have said before, the DTM module does need a rethink and redesign......... but im not holding my hopes up. Im still on 2008 and from what i have heard, 2010 is pretty much the same!
  3. the DTM options are a bit confusing if you have never used it before, and it does take a little trial and error. i think this is something which should be looked at for future issues, that is, if they decide to do anything with this module, which they probably wont!
  4. you can do a flow analysis map like this through the DTM feature, i havent done one in ages, but im pretty sure its the same. i think you can generate it through the 'graphic properties' window
  5. forget it, iv worked it out, my bloody origin was way off from where it should be, seems to work fine now!!!!
  6. islandmon, you have lost me on that one, i have a 6 figure grid reference ie. E710546 & N530219 all i want to do is find some way to be able to punch these numbers in and a point be plotted, currently i cant do this by putting those numbers into X & Y in the OIP as they appear in the wrong place, i know this is the case as i have a georeferenced map in the file and they appear nowhere near it. maybe this just isnt possible
  7. this would be excellent, although i would like to import quite large areas and this doesnt seem to be an option with sketchups current google terrain import, i think its google earth that inhibits this
  8. the points are not in degrees, they are 6 figure linear UTM ordnance survey coordinates. they dont match the x & y. struggling a bit with this one
  9. Hi can anyone help. i need to be able to plot points in VW using easting & northing UTM co-ordinates. i have a script that will give me the easting and northing of a point already plotted, but obviously this does not match the X & Y figures in the OIP. cant for the life of me figure out how to do this, surely it must be possible, am i being stupid or is it a bit harder than i think.
  10. maybe try getting them to export to a previous dwg version. i have had many many dxf/dwg's crash my VW, usually i get them to re-export and all is fine
  11. monkey


    in my opinion, VW is not a substitute for any dedicated GIS package such as ESRI ARC etc. It can handle GIS data such as shape files, so you can collaborate with people using GIS software, but thats about it
  12. are there any RGB /CMYK settings in there somewhere that could help?
  13. i think you can just either ungroup, or apple 'k' / ctrl 'k' the dimension and the you can edit the text thats already there.
  14. monkey

    xfrog 3d plants

    i dont think so, i would suggest designing in 3D in VW and then exporting to C4D and putting your plants and trees in with that bit of software, the trees you can use in C4D are far superior, try downloading a few from turbosquid. you should then be able to put on textures onto everything else in C4D as well renderworks is good for quick easy rendering, but if you want high quality presentation stuff then in my opinion a separate renderer is required
  15. is it symbols that are not appearing? maybe it is not allowing second instances of the symbol with the same name and therefor is not allowing them to paste in. Try putting a prefix on all the classes of each separate DXF. just a thought
  16. monkey

    xfrog 3d plants

    i think you do need renderworks for any 3D image props, otherwise you get a grey box instead of the image
  17. get the best you can afford, it will always help with future releases that will no doubt require more and more processing power! graphics cards is another matter, i always stick with nvidia even though there are plenty of other good cards out there, i just never have problems with the nvidia cards i have bought using them with VW so i have stuck with them, probably pay more, but it works so i dont care. from what i understand from previous threads on the forum, renderworks will use more than 1 core, so if you can get a quad core then go for it, dual quad may be even better. all in all, get the best you can, or stump up even more and get a mac, they last a hell of a lot longer in my opinion and have far less problems with them (please lets not start a pc vs mac war, its only my opinion!)
  18. i dont think you can darken it, you could increase line thickness though, that might help with the printing. only other way is to photoshop it
  19. are you setting your sheet layer DPI high enough?
  20. totally agree with you, i have had to do this many many times. I also think the image export could be made a bit slicker as well, sometimes no matter how high i put the DPI my files come out blurry, this often happens when i have exported several images at a set DPI and then change it for the next one, the only way to get round it is to close VW and re-open, very annoying
  21. hello i am using some 2D side on image props of trees, everything is fine except when i come to print there are white boxes on some of the trees blocking out half of the tree, i have tried printing from pdf with no luck, i cant post an image as it looks fine on the pdf, it just buggers up when it prints. anyone got any idea on whats going wrong. the trees im using are from within the VW library of photorealistic trees
  22. use photoshop, get rid of the background and save as png, always works for me
  23. totally agree, i have to do this all the time


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