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  1. go for the i7, the video card is only used for openGL, the main rendering uses the CPU, so i guess the i7 would trump the i5 in that department, someone correct me if im wrong
  2. anyone have any idea when the new service pack will be out? i currently cannot use VW2011 due to the amount of incredibly annoying bugs, so i am back to good old trusty faithful VW2008.
  3. i have tried quite a few times before, but have found it either not to wrk completely or to produce something which doesnt even look anything like it should
  4. anyone from NNA want to pipe in??????? or is it too embarrassing??????
  5. will just have to wait and see if any of the service packs sort it out, if it doesn't, then im going to stick with 2008, its crazy that functionality decreases with supposed upgrades!
  6. im feeling your pain, its sending me loopy, there should be a function just to turn off the planes and work in 2D, would make life much simpler and helps avoid mistakes
  7. im sure there is a script someone wrote for this a while ago, it might still be floating about on the forum somewhere
  8. vincent, totally agree, having a nightmare with our templates and symbols converted from 2008 to 2010 to 2011, makes me feel like we should get a version we are happy with and stick with it (2008 in my opinion), and only bother upgrading if we see a new tool/function which would greatly enhance our capabilities, we may get left behind a little in terms of new bells and whistles, but we would be able to produce work on time and within budget as a result of not having to constantly deal with upgrade related problems
  9. thanks for having a look. i can also make this work in a new clean file, but not on any of my template files, which were created in 2008. i cleaned the file out before posting on here as we have a lot of in house symbols etc that we use, not looking forward to rebuilding our templates, as we have 4 that we use all the time! i should get excited about new versions of VW, but now i can remember why i hate upgrading so much, 2008 was very stable for me and it is now very tempting to just revert back to it and wait for further SP's to come out before i start rebuilding templates/symbols etc. a bit disappointed to say the least thanks again
  10. can anyone work this out.... attached is a template that we use, try drawing a large box, then a smaller one, duplicate the smaller one around the larger one and then try and clip the small boxes from the larger one, to leave a kind of castle turret like effect. every time i try to do it, it tells me that they need to be on the same plane, so i change the plane and the small boxes disappear. this has only started happening in 2011, everything was fine before this, even in 2010. any ideas?
  11. im sorry, but i have to agree that NNA should concentrate on the main VW software, having an app for the ipad is not a priority, sure it would be nice for the people that have an ipad, but im sure they are a small percentage of the VW user group. All users deserve to have a better working main program. sure they could release a viewer for the ipad with some ability to makes notes etc, but i dont think they should waste time rebuilding even a lite version for a bit of hardware that in reality very few people are going to use (with VW, not in general!)
  12. is anyone else finding that 2011 will not remember where you last imported an image file/pdf file from previously and takes you to your default finder page? this is very annoying also finding this is happening when exporting as well, is this a bug or did they just forget to do this on this release???? or is it just me????
  13. vincent, have just checked it and yes, its set to full.
  14. right, a file that previously worked fine in 2008 wont print properly in 2011. the jpeg base map prints as a grey box. i know from previous experience that this is sometimes due to the file size of the image file or the pixel size of the image. But if it worked in 2008 and wont in 2011 it looks like the parameters for this has been reduced. I gave up and redrew the file in 2011 to see if i could overcome this, but no, same result. I can print from a PDF of the file, but i dont like doing this as the colours dont print correctly from the PDF, i want to be able to print from VW. i did some more experimenting, and 2011 seems to struggle with importing image files that worked perfectly in 2008, they wont even show up correctly, just as a grey box. i have tried the image compression function in 2001, but this doesnt seem to do anything at all. I have to work on quite large bases, sometimes 35km radius, and these can be large in file size, sometimes up to 50MB, but 2008 handled these fine. Why the hell is 2011 struggling with this, isnt this supposed to be an upgrade, not a downgrade?????? i am currently having to use 2008 for a lot of jobs now as 2011 just doesnt cut it, this is very very very annoying, i wish we had waited 6 months for the patches to come out before wasting time setting everything up for 2001!! any suggestions would be very welcome
  15. rossford, i think it may have something to do with our templates which have been converted from 2008. will investigate and report back if i find out whats going on
  16. anyone else also having an arrow head appearing on polyline by default on any new class created??? this is very very annoying
  17. having the same problems too, but from 2008>2011. having to keep both copies on my machine for use with different jobs. I have also found that 2001 is slower with zooming and refreshing, and am having problems bringing in large image files, which were fine in 2008, but come in as a big grey box in 2011. had my first crash today (only been using 2011 for a couple of days now) and it crashed while simply trying to zoom in. hope this is a one off!
  18. i am having the same problems, but have noticed that the line is actually white while drawing, so you can see it if you are drawing over a base of some sort, but not when drawing normally. we have transfered our templates from 2008, not sure if this has caused problems, i hope not, dont want to have to rebuild them
  19. aha, i thought you were importing as a pdf. that will defo make it blurry, i have just tried that now on several pdfs, and every one came in blurry
  20. have you tried importing it as an image file to see if that makes a difference?
  21. multicore is a must, and is asked for again and again
  22. don, from what i have heard there has not been that much change in this module. I am hoping that 2011 will address this, but im not holding my hopes up. our office is still on 2008 as we have not seen any major improvements which would benefit our office enough to warrant an upgrade, but we will be going ahead with 2011 regardless in order to keep up with the pack, so to speak
  23. it is unbelievable that this is not already included, this is a must! and this should be applied to all imports, multiple imports of everything


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