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  1. silly question, but have you tried all the usual things like projection, plane, scale etc etc
  2. sorry, should have made myself clearer, i use the TIFF with the TWF georeferencing file, havent used iTIFF before. all you do is drag and drop into VW, or maybe use the import image function if 2009 doesnt support drag and drop, cant really remember
  3. yes you can, i use georeferenced image files all the time, it should scale and locate automatically
  4. has a gradient with only one colour been added to 2012???? ie fade to nothing rather than white???? i know this has been wished for many times
  5. FAROOKEY this is excellent, thank you very much for your help, it worked perfectly. I think this may be helpful to a lot of people. thanks again
  6. i look forward to seeing how this works farookey. thanks
  7. yes i have the id label tool, had a quick look but cant see how i can link this to the info i have in the data tab for the object. PS these are not symbols, but lots of polygons and polylines with records attached
  8. Hi I have lots of objects with data attached. I want a certain bit of that data (ie the object name) to appear on the object itself as text. so for example, i have 20 objects with lots of data attached to each of them, each one has a name (code : examplename) held within this data. what i want to do is to have this specific data appear as a text label on the object itself. is this possible without scripting??? i only have the landmark and fundamentals packages. i know there is a space tool that can do this but i dont think i have it with my config. can anyone help? thanks
  9. im sure this has been asked for before, but i will ask again, please can we have the option to just have 1 colour in a gradient, so it can fade out to nothing. selecting white is not an option, it just doesnt cut it!
  10. check you CPU usage, and if its still being used then it hasnt crashed
  11. monkey

    Origin moving

    use world origin puts it in the right place in the world, simple as that, so you can use x & y co-ordinates as 6 figure OS references (easting and northing), so basically your origin is set at 0,0
  12. excellent, thank you, the coordinate formula worked perfectly, very useful
  13. i have multiple instances of the same symbol, and i would like to create a report listing the X & Y coordinates of the symbols, can anyone point me in the right direction please?????
  14. we have the MPC5000 and it seems to print photos pretty dark, this can be very annoying, have had it calibrated several times, but nothing has changed. we used to have the oki 9800 and the colour difference between them is quite stark. i would suggest getting one on trial first. we may just have it set up wrongly, but no matter what i have tried, i cannot get it to print how i want it.
  15. i think you would have to simplify the object instead, rather than re-scaling
  16. Hi i am interested to know if anyone has used camera match for producing photomontages in a landscape context. Basically i would like to produce montages of proposed developments (solar parks / biomass plants etc) which are usually located in the countryside, so there are really no buildings etc to have as reference points. can you use the length of hedgerows etc instead? I have had a look on panzercad and all the examples seem to be of buildings in an urban context. thanks
  17. i have to agree with Cal, i have been left very frustrated with the poor quality of VW2011 release, i have posted many problems here on the forums and have found that others too are having to deal with inconsistencies and features not behaving as expected. A glaring example is the fact that an image that could be imported into VW 2008 now cannot be imported into VW 2011 as it just comes through as a grey box! i Too now have to revert back to a previous version to get my work done because VW2011 just cannot hack it
  18. im having problems where VW decides to change the font of an existing text box when i start to edit it, very annoying
  19. good idea cipes/bcd, but i must say that it is very annoying that i have to do this. i dont think i ever had this problem in previous VW releases, but maybe it has only reared its head due to me not sorting out my snap preferences properly
  20. no good for me, i need quartz for transparency
  21. cipes, the snap box size totally eluded me, i think that will solve most of my problems. I have used the smart cursor settings before, but i still cant get it quite how i want it. any idea why it still snaps to text?
  22. i really dont like the snapping in 2011, it feels very clunky for some reason and doesnt seem to act like it did in 2008. for a start it keeps snapping to the edge of text boxes, why on earth anybody would want to do that i dont know, but when i am trying to draw over a survey plan its is a nightmare as i keep snapping to the levels all over the plan. i have tried checking and unchecking options in snap preferences to no avail, i may be missing something here. i also cannot find the snap radius option that was in the preferences menu in 2008, which allowed you to set a pixel radius, anybody know where this has gone or what it has been changed to. if anyone has any ideas of how i can make the snapping better, please pipe in and give me some clues. thanks
  23. i have had this problem since upgrading to 2011. images that were fine in 2008 will not work in 2011, can only think its a memory issue. for the moment i have gone back to 2008. have submitted a bug report anyway


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