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  1. you can have the license transferred over to you. you need to get the seller to contact NV
  2. there is a script for this available, think its on vector labs website.
  3. i would have thought that PNG would have done it. maybe try photoshopping them
  4. we have had this problem with several files, couldnt work it out, so imported into GIS via dwg and exported to shape file. I have however managed to get it to work from vector works many times before, it seems though that some files are a bit iffy.
  5. is this saving to a server? i had this a couple of times, and saving to the desktop worked.
  6. looks like similar tech to google street view
  7. the film which you can apply to the glossy screen is awful, not worth bothering with. I have the glossy 27' and i have to say its is very very annoying.....but i had no choice, company bought. i have heard of some people just removing the glass as it is only held on with magnets......but i think my IT guy would kill me if i tried that
  8. monkey


    hmmmm, doesnt sound useful to me, but there you go.... im sure someone finds it useful. i transferred everything from my old mac to my new one, and its seems like VW has decided to go mad. all my saved presets and preferences have reset themselves, and for some reason all of my plugins have gone, so in my tool pallet all i have are lots of red crosses...... may be why hatches reverted to page units and i didnt notice. thanks for the help
  9. monkey


    stan thanks for that. i did try exactly what you did, but something must have gone wrong, because the hatch didnt work out to be .45m. also the repeat and offset angles are a pain, i kept on getting the warning that i couldnt do that. makes no sense to me, but there we go. i have always created hatches by just dragging them, but i now have the need to create accurate hatching. i will persist thanks worked it out, was set to page instead of world units. why on earth would you want it set to page units??????
  10. monkey


    cheers jonathan, they are much easier, but i still want to know how to use the hatches properly. it seems to me that they could have made the interface a lot easier to use. i consider myself fairly intelligent, but this tool infuriates me beyond belief. i have watched people struggle and struggle with hatches and they usually accidentally get there in the end or give up. even the example they give in the help menu of creating a brick makes no sense at all, and no explanation is given either. i may just be missing something here, but i am self taught on VW so have to work things out for myself
  11. why oh why are hatches so complicated to create, its unbelievable. this could have been made so so simple, but no, they wanted to make it as hard as possible to understand. all i want to do is make a block paving hatch which is 0.45m x 0.45m the help guide is totally useless as well. can anyone explain in the english to me once and for all. thanks
  12. thanks for the tips, i will investigate
  13. thats incredibly annoying..... just played around with it. what we want to do is basically turn off all of the classes we dont want in a file and then reference it in...... which seems to be fine, but then when we want to replace the dwg in the master file, it looks like we have to go through the whole process of turning things off and on again, before we then update our reference in our working file. is there any way round this
  14. can you reference in a dwg file into VW, which then autoupdates if that DWG is updated replaced??? have checked out workgroup referencing, but not sure if its quite the same thanks
  15. duplicate object along path hasnt worked for me since the introduction of screen and layer plane........ it just seems to disappear when i try. gave up on it a long time ago
  16. i have had many problems with the dtm tool. have tried it on bigger badder machines and it didnt seem to help very much. i have tried to create models of very large sites using 2m resolution height data and it takes hours and hours, then its a nightmare to work with after that. i now only ever use the dtm tool for smaller sites and use less high resolution height data...... i think the tool needs a rework..... its seems very clunky to me at present. maybe being able to reference in the data like some GIS packages do would help, as they seem to have very little problems using this kind of data
  17. i have to say, VW is terrible when it comes to exporting image files, it always has been, not sure about 2012, but from what you are saying, its probably the same. i only ever use jpegs on export, but have to play around with the dpi setting every time to get a decent output. sometimes i can push it up as far as 600-800dpi, and other times it wont go higher that 250dpi. also, i can only ever get it to work on the second highest compression setting, it will not ever work on the highest. any reason you cant use a pdf? you could always bring it into photoshop and flatten and save as jpeg or other image file
  18. i think kevin is right here.... there is no reason why the pdf's should be so big just because they are vector based. we use a lot of OS mapping in our drawings, and funnily enough, the pdf always seems to be roughly about the same size as the mapping image....... so even though the viewport only shows a small part of the mapping, it looks like VW is exporting the whole thing! and before you all say......reduce the original image.....we do, its just we use 35km radius from our sites quite a lot so there is a limit to how low we can go sucks like hell
  19. i know this has been said many many times, but myself and our graphics team seem to spend the majority of our working lives reducing PDFs exported by VW. i have never come across a bit of software that makes PDFs with reasonably low settings soooooo bloody big!!!! we are all becoming tired of it, and are now moving to other pieces of software to do what we would have originally done in VW, purely because of the PDF issue. our output may not look as good as it would have done in VW, but its a hell of a lot quicker! NNA, you must be able to sort this out.......surely.......it cant be rocket science!!!
  20. it will probably be do to with the pixel size of the image you are using, try reducing it in photoshop. this sometimes happens to me with map bases, and they come into vw as a big grey box with an x in it
  21. see how many verticies are in your polyline, and if loads reduce them
  22. monkey


    im still on 2011, can actually say i preferred 2008, and dont think we will be upgrading for quite a while, the upgrade has always been a let down. I quite agree, VW needs to be more streamlined, it needs to focus on what it does best and stop trying to do everything. I imagine the app would be a very lite version, so would be interesting to see how useful it would be compared to say using 3D PDFs. wonder what the cost will be as well, and how much of the effort has been redirected towards this rather than on the next upgrade for the main version. I wouldnt be surprised if the next upgrade hasnt changed much at all from 2012. again, this is all speculation, and i could be talking out of my *&%@, but VW has a habit of of raising hopes and then dashing them with the final product ( or unfinalised in my opinion)
  23. monkey


    i wonder if it will actually be stable, or riddled with bugs like the main version. a bit annoying that they still cant get the basics right before embarking on supplying a version for mobile devices........ but i suppose they have to keep up with the competition, although i think its going to be embarrassingly badly put together!
  24. hi i have had this problem before. i am in the uk and generally use OSGB36 co-ordinates. i came across this problem when someone sent me WGS84 co-ordinates and i tried to put them into VW, and it put things in the wrong place. the way i got round it was to convert WGS84 to OSGB36. someone may be able to shed some light on why this is.........
  25. it may actually be the size of the image/pdf, this happens when you try to import a large file size image, or one that exceeds the pixel size allowed by VWs. i always try to reduce the file size of my images before i use them in VWs.


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