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  1. i missed the explanation on 64 bit and memory issues, anyone got the link? thanks
  2. this happened to me as well, transferred from mac pro to iMac, and got lots of red crosses where tools should be. they way i got around it was to copy and paste the plugins from a backup file i keep. it did happen few few more times for a couple of days, but it has been fine ever since.
  3. I do kind of agree with Tom a little here, viewports are part of the fundamental features of VW and you would have though that there would have been a button or shortcut already there out of the box, but on the other hand, when i first started using VW many many years ago, the very first thing that frustrated me was shortcuts that were different to other bits of software i was used to, so i changed them all, its dead easy and makes you work more efficiently....... if you are not using shortcuts for everyday tools, commands etc then you are not maximising you time!
  4. Try setting the dpi of your sheet layer to 300dpi or more. there may also be some more setting in the jpg export options, i know in the later versions there are. the other option is to export as a pdf and then save that as a jpg
  5. why not have it that when something is created on a sheet layer using a class it automatically creates a sub class with a prefix such as 'SL - ' or something similar
  6. users have been asking for this for years now........ and everyone hopes that next year will be the year...... i am not holding my breath anymore, its pathetic!
  7. fonts will obviously be a problem..... have had to deal with this for many years in our office
  8. make sure you are NOT on show snap modify others, then select class you want then select all
  9. there is an option to add a prefix to any imported DWG classes/layers, been there for ages, thats how i organise imported files. so if its a topo survey, they come in as topo - xxxxxx, architects drawings as Arch - xxxxxx, and so on
  10. how big does it say the file will be when you press the update button in the image export dialog box? maybe try changing the DPI, or the compression settings. have you tried different file formats.... jpg, tiff etc? only other thing i can suggest is to PDF it and then if you really need as an image file, save it as a jpg from the PDF
  11. the file size of the export may be too big.....
  12. i am still on 11 and i can tell you that the RW camera doesnt work very well in this version..... very erratic behaviour, not updating properly, cameras disappearing randomly........ so it has probably not been fixed still! i think this tool could work incredibly well, i have compared it to similar functions in other programs like GIS and it seems to offer much more...... just wish it would work properly. Would also be useful if it would generate cylindrical images as well...... so you can match models to panoramas. I also think that you should be able to take snapshots like you can with site models
  13. i dont think so..... although there may be a script that someone has written..
  14. monkey

    Modify circles

    yup, draw a circle, the use a polygon to clip the parts off you dont want, under the modify menu
  15. i have multiple files open at once, do it all the time, and can have prob 4-5 open at once, only crashed on me a few times when switching files. if it is the case that this is a major problem for some with heavy files, then its a complete joke, i have not heard of another piece of software that has this problem..... another major failing of VW
  16. top left there are modes you can check for the amount of edit points, you have somehow selected no edit points....iv done it before...
  17. never knew that, great for speeding up work rate
  18. it infuriates me when i see people drawing with Show/Snap/Modify Others. I can always tell when this approach has been used when opening someone else's drawing, as the whole thing is a mess, nothing is on the right layer which means figuring out what someone else has done takes a while to edit and put right. When updating plans with new layouts, planting etc its a nightmare. I always teach people to only use this method when they cannot work out what layer something is on, just to select it, and then move back onto Show/Snap Others. Using Show/Snap/Modify Others continually is now accepted as bad practice in our office. I guess it depends if layering, organisation and ease of updating are important enough in your workflow to take this approach on all the time.
  19. Alan / christiaan we have one we use all the time, called VB XY. its doesnt allow you to position the text as such but you can rotate the text around the central axis, or you can decompose and then move the text. think we got it from vector labs, or possibly from this forum. we currently use it on VW11, but im sure it would work on 13. pm me with your email and i will be more than happy to email across to you
  20. looks very good, and quick.......
  21. steve, this happens to me all of the time. It is due to the size of the image, either file size or pixel size. You have to use photoshop to reduce it. From what i can remember, VW cannot handle images over 15,000 pixels wide, and struggles with large file sizes as well. I have worked on many files where the image is there one second, then i navigate away, come back and its gone! I now always try to reduce my files down as much as possible without losing too much quality.
  22. i thought text sizes did change with scale as long as you put the text in the annotations within the viewport
  23. not sure if the integrated graphics card will be much use


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