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  1. go for a mac, forget that PCs exist, i have run VW on both, and macs are way ahead of the game, graphically and in terms of ease of use. it may cost a bit more for the mac, but i think it is worth it.
  2. I would like to see some amendments to the colour pallets. basically when you choose a colour either manually or by setting up a class, if you want to change that colour when you press the colour on the pallet it does not remember or indicate the colour you chose previously. so for instance i can have a circle which is red from the 'classic vectorworks' colour pallet, and say i want to change it to a lighter red, when i click on the colour pallet it does no highlight that red colour from the 'classic vectorworks' pallet, it will just go to the pallet which is at the top of the list. please can this be amended hope this makes sense.
  3. i am receiving the 'failure encountered during disk I/O operation (Failure on attempt to open file' message when i try to save a current file. i am also noticing that VW is creating a backup file when i know that this option is turned off, very annoying as i keep having to delete these files all the time, in some cases it can create up to 10 back up files in an afternoon.
  4. katie, i am saving to a network, windows 2003 server
  5. i am having problems creating hatches on VW2008. if i right click in the resource browser and go to 'add new hatch in xxxxx file' and do the usual to make the hatch as i want, it all seems fine until i press ok and then no hatch appears in the resource browser, the file thinks its there as when i try and make another, i cannot use the same name. this has been happening on both macs and PCs. anyone else having this problem?
  6. have you found a way to lay the aerial onto the height data? if you purchase you aerial photo from somewhere like getmapping then the aerial comes with an additional file which is a couple of K, then when importing the aerial VW promts you and asks whether you want the aerial to scale, nad it will line it up exactly with your data if using co-ordinates. it is important that this additional file is kept in the same folder as the aerial
  7. I also get this error, although i am using VW2008 and on leopard. the only bit that pops up on my screen is the 'failure on attempt to open file' and this only happens when i save the document, it saves fine and i havent noticed anything else untoward from this error, but still a bit annoying when you have to click 'ok' every time you save your plan
  8. im saving to a server, windows 2003 server
  9. i have just installed VW2008, firstly i tried it with my old OS X operating system, and it crashed when i tried to save a file. i then upgraded to leopard OS, have installed all the patches, updated all software on my mac, but still VW crashes when i try to save, sometimes i can save once, but when i try again it crashes, is anyone out there experiencing this same issue, and can anyone help? i know about the issues there have been with the new operating system and VW2008, but thought that was sorted with the new patch.


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