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  1. its insane, you pay a lot of money (especially when you are a one man band) and expect a finished product, which VW new releases never are. they arent even the finished product after the service packs......... maybe one day NNA will be able to produce a version on VW which is bug free after all the service packs..... MAYBE
  2. well that has put me off upgrading to 2009, why is this stuff not sorted out before release.
  3. monkey

    HP T1100

    we recently bought the T1100 and it works well, we have 25+ macs networked and 3 PCs with no problems what so ever. prints quickly, and can achieve great colour quality. economy mode is great for simple line drawings and BW prints, and it can print as quick as they say. High quality prints do take their time, but are well worth it when you tweak everything to the max and use high quality paper. Its the best plotter i have ever used
  4. monkey

    Image props

    you could try www.turbosquid.com there are a few guys on there that sell shrubs, trees etc, but you have to hunt around for them. Some of them may be 3D models.
  5. i have had this problem too, but i have found that moving some of the end vertices a tiny bit rectifies the problem, but only sometimes. I have found that when this doesnt work i have to re-draw the object and then for some strange reason it work again.
  6. i have found exactly the same problem when creating site models. the bigger the site the slower the machine is to reacting to the changes you make. One excellent tip i found was using a site boundary to get rid of any bits of the site model you do not need, simply copy your site boundary, select your site model, then go to 'edit group' in the modify menu and paste your site boundary in place, then exit and update your site model, now you should only be left with the area you need. this tends to speed things up a little if you are dealing with a large site.
  7. If it helps, i have a script that creates spot heights from text, basically if you have levels on your 2D topo plan you can use the script to create spot heights (stake objects) which can then be used to create a site model. you can then even turn your spot heights into 3D loci. this should give you a good site model. let me know if you want it and i can email to you
  8. you could try taking it into adobe illustrator and turning the image into a DWG or doing a live sketch, i sometimes use this with PDFs and then bring into VW
  9. have you updated to SP3? i had the same problem until i updated
  10. one seat, you can re-install as many times as you want to, you cant use the same license on lots of computers
  11. we had this same problem when we changed servers............ but just bit the bullet and only manually re-referenced files when we came across them.
  12. right, i have solved it, there were no bits of data lying off the screen and the height points i had were fine (validated fully). The funny line coming off the DTM do not show up in the viewport and do not print, so it looks like it is some bug of some kind or graphics glitch. will submit a bug report anyway. thanks for the suggestions
  13. i have tried looking for random data points off page that could be affecting it but there are none, besides when i select the data to use when generating the site model i only drag and select the height data that i can see in the centre of the page. anyone else have any ideas? i have even tried placing a polygon to edit the extent of the site model (as explained by Johnathan Pickup on his site) but this doesnt help either. dont know what to do!
  14. hello all, I have just made a DTM of a site i am working on. I had to go about it in a different way than normal as all i had to work with was a 2D topo with 2D crosses and height text. I ran a script which i found on this site ages ago which turns the height text into stake objects with height values, from this i can then create a site model. It all worked well as per usual until i tried to give the site some elevation colours. basically there are a couple of thick bands which run off the screen to infinity. I have tried the 'validate 3D data' which says i have duplicate points, i have gone through the data to delete these, but it still keeps saying there is duplicate data. I am unsure if this is the cause of the problem. the 3D model looks fine, its just the 2D with coloured slopes which is not working. the file is about 60MB and wont load onto the site, so i have added an image to help explain what i am on about anyone have any ideas?????
  15. look at the pallet which has you fill colourl and outline box and line thickness, under that is 2 arrow markers, uncheck these to get rid of the arrow
  16. monkey

    VW 2009

    it is true, there are bugs on both platforms (i sue it on both pc and mac in our office) but i tend to find that the bugs and shortfalls on the pc are harder to handle, thus im a mac man all the way
  17. cinema 4D is a seperate software package., it is quite pricey and works differently to VW, but is worth the trouble and the cost, especially if you are looking for high quality renders with lots of detail. you can import VW models into C4D and render away
  18. right click in your recourse browser, and go to 'new resource in (file name)' and select new hatch. you can just duplicate hatches already there if that is easier.
  19. mac over PC any day of the week!!! thats if you have enough pennies. we run VW on both platforms in our office and i am continually having to solve problems with the PC's. Im not bashing PC's totally ,i run VW on my home machine which is a PC, but i use a mac at work and it is far more fluent with VW, and just plain easier.
  20. you could try turning duplicated things into symbols which will reduce the file size quite a lot if there are numerous duplicates, by this may take you some time. Try deleting any unwanted sheet layers as well.
  21. Surely VW 2009 will be coming out soon, why dont you hang on until that comes out, I know it will probably be initially a bit buggy, but will save you having to upgrade again for a while
  22. i always use activity monitor to check crashing etc and the main VW app only ever uses one core. this really needs to be addressed with future versions as it is just holding back its potential
  23. silly question, but are you measuring a constrained length, ie vertical, horizontal etc, if not you need the unconstrained tool
  24. i have only ever seen this on images i have imported into vectorworks, they turn to a grey box with a cross through it if the pixel resolution is too high, the only way i get around it is to reduce this in photoshop. you sure you dont have any images lurking in your drawing?
  25. you could try purging everything once you have finished your plan, but unless you have huge amounts of symbols, hatches, textures etc which arent used, then it wont decrease by a huge amount.


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