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  1. i have tried reducing the file name to 1 character but that doesnt work. when i try to use adobeupdate, it gets to half way through the install and it just sits and does nothing, left it overnight, and nothing. i have actually updated to 10.5.6 OSX so will give the plugin a try will let you know the outcome
  2. this is the log i have, not quite sure what to make of it though 03/02/2009 15:29:34 VectorWorks[4526] Error loading /Library/Printers/PPD Plugins/AdobePDFPDE700.plugin/Contents/MacOS/AdobePDFPDE700: dlopen(/Library/Printers/PPD Plugins/AdobePDFPDE700.plugin/Contents/MacOS/AdobePDFPDE700, 265): no suitable image found. Did find: /Library/Printers/PPD Plugins/AdobePDFPDE700.plugin/Contents/MacOS/AdobePDFPDE700: mach-o, but wrong architecture if it was missing a plugin then im assuming the function would not work at all, but it does, it just sometimes doesnt. islandmon, do you know what any of this means?
  3. For some time now i have been having problems exporting to PDF, it looks like it has done it until i look for the file and its file size is zero KB, meaning it is corrupt. it does this randomly with different files, and once it has started on a file it wont go away, i then have to use the other 'print to PDF' function, which mostly works but sometimes also starts coming up with this zero KB file. I have ended up having to export to an image file several times to overcome this, which is really anoying. has anyone else come across this at all? it has happened on more than one machine in our office as well.
  4. have a look on turbosquid website, there are loads and loads of plants available
  5. I have to say that vector depot is a crap website, not the stuff on it (well not all of it), but the way it is built, organised, and kept up to date ( or not as the case may be ) if you sift through the crap there are occasionally a few things you would pay up to use, but because the website itself puts me off, i dont bother going there any more and look else where for my CAD needs. This could be one of the reasons it hasnt taken off.
  6. I have never ever heard of anyone using 32GB of RAM, ever. it must have cost thousands. And even with 200MB photoshop files, you would never use 32GB of RAM whatever you do, you would have to be using many many programs at the same time with huge files to use that amount of RAM.
  7. i agree with with both J & P, but due to VW using a new 3D kernal etc in 2009 i think it would be better to wait until 2010, as more of the bugs and oversights will have been ironed out. I think it also depends on what module you use in VW, i like you use landmark and renderworks, and have scoured the forums on what people think of landmark in 2009, and to be honest it doesnt seem like there has been a huge leap in what you can do with landmark, so i have decided to wait until 2010 or 2011 before i upgrade, depending on what changes and improvements are made. I have been waiting for ages for them to do something with ZVI analysis as the current one is pretty poor, so as soon as i see that on the list then i will be upgrading
  8. why dont you use a stipple with ovals in it, there is an option to do that, i have done it myself before for gravel and such things, stipples can be a pain, not sure what they are like in 2009, but give it a go
  9. Hang on a minute, you have 32GB of RAM?????????????? what kind of computer can hold yet alone access that amount of RAM? are you using alien technology?
  10. i recently bought a BFG Nvidia 9500 GT 1GB card for around ?60 (probably about $100-$120), which was an upgrade from a 256MB integrated card, and this made a huge difference to my drafting etc (which was poor to begin with due to an integrated card), but little difference with rendering, a bit quicker but not that much. I did look at the high end cards and contemplated it for a second until i saw the price!!! i tend to use my machine for gaming as well as CAD work, and have found this lower end card does the job really well. I know there are newer lower end cards out now from Nvidia so they might be worth checking out. you have to be careful when buying cards as some of the lower spec ones do not offer pixel shading, open GL, and a few other things which are important when using CAD software, especially VW.
  11. if you go into VW preferences there is an option called 'flipped text' or 'rotated text' something like that, this will stop the text from flipping all the time.
  12. i do repair permissions on a weekly basis, the most common crash i have is when clipping complex shapes, and i have learned to save before doing these kinds of operations, but its when VW decides to pack up when doing a common task like nudging something that it sends me insane. my system is setup exactly the same as everyone else in our office, some people suffer crashes and some dont. i know that files can be corrupt and copying to a new one can sort things out, but this is a right royal pain the the arse when deadlines are tight, and so are budgets in this bloody credit crunch time we live in now, so i dont want to have to waste time copying files across all the time. i rarely had a crash with 12.5.3, and have tried going back to it, but i miss the functionality of 2008. from reading comments about 2009, i am staying well away until they have at least completed 2-3 versions with the new parasolids kernal, and wiped out all the bugs which have been present since 2008 (i can see from current posts that the screen flicker issue still hasent been sorted out yet!!) i learn to deal with VW and its quirks, but this doesnt mean it doesnt piss me off a lot. my mac has almost been literally thrown out the window on more than one occasion. one day i hope this will all be gone....... haha never
  13. just thought you would like to know, VW just crashed twice today, once when simply trying to move a revision cloud slightly to the right using nudges, and again when double clicking to edit text that is already there, both on different files.!!!!!!! surely AutoCAD does not crash when doing things like this. this is like me falling over when standing still!!!!!!!
  14. why dont you use the 2D double lined polygon and then use the polysmoothing command under the modify menu. thats what i would do, or the offset option, not sure on the 3D though
  15. Bonus i have the latest SP, 256 graphics card, about 100GB free on my hard drive. I would usually expect VW to crash when doing site models etc but it doesnt. for some strange reason it seems to crash when doing simple things. I have tried to work out exactly what is causing it to crash, but it seems to be different things all the time. i have probably had about 10 crashes in the last 6 months. i tend to use high res images in my drawings which may account for some of it, and file sizes tend to above the 20Mb mark. one things that always crashes my machine is the 'import single DWG/DXF' i have submitted it as a bug but not heard anything. i can use the normal import option for importing more than 1 DWG. very strange as i have not heard of anyone else coming across this. i have learnt to deal with the crashes and backup constantly. i suppose it all depends on what your are doing day in day out.
  16. sounds like this could be a legal issue, as if NNA knew about the screen flicker and the corresponding health issues, and have not put warnings on the new 2009 software, then this could amount to serious court action if someones health suffers from it.
  17. i would like to know whether AutoCAD crashes as much as vectorworks? can anyone comment on this? VW sometimes crashes when i do something as simple as try and move around my drawing, or try to type some text!
  18. it is because VW peeps want to check you are running a legitimate copy of VW, and by connecting over the tinterweb they can do this. It is very annoying, but it means that people who have hooky copies cannot upgrade to new service packs. thats what i think anyway
  19. the problem i think you have is that you dont have renderworks, is that right? from what i have seen, you need renderworks for all the 3D trees etc, you can use the 2D versions, but im sure thats not what your after.
  20. i have a script which simplifies polygons if you want it, i dont use it to be honest as i have never needed it, there are also a few other scripts on there which you might find useful for day to day workflow
  21. well if 2008 is anything to go by then it looks that way, i suppose it will be the usual 'well these bugs have been addressed in 2010, so upgrade to that'
  22. i could understand them releasing service packs less often after a year, but to just stop when there are still major issues with the software is wrong in my mind. I know they are busy with 2009, but it makes me feel like i have been swept under the rug
  23. is that it now, are we going to have any more service packs for 2008? or are they finished with the users who still work on 2008?
  24. Ok i agree that not all bugs can be fixed (was a bit peeved at the time i wrote it..... due to a BUG!!), but when simple tool stops you from doing what you need to and what it was advertised as being able to do, then it is not acceptable. I can find workarounds, but why should i? the tools should do as it is supposed to do, im not asking it to re-define the laws of physics, just bloody clip one thing from another without ruining everything on the page! rant over
  25. all bugs should be fixed, i can see NNA building up a bad reputation within 5-10 years as a company that cannot produce a clean version of software (even after numerous service packs), and many users moving onto other more reliable CAD software. dont get me wrong, i like VW but its unreliability scares me sometimes and certainly costs me time and money, all of which i feel like claiming back off of NNA!!!!!!


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