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    i have just started to use 3D and am struggling a bit and wondered if anyone can help. i am basically trying to create a 3D landscape, the problem i am having is trying to create a slope on certain edges of the landscape, ie. i have an amenity grass area which adjoins a river, how do i slope the edge of the grass area down to the rivers edge? thanks
  2. For some reason the callout tool will not put a bubble shadow on the rounded rectangle, it has work in the past but have only noticed it not working now. has anyone else seen this happening, maybe since the upgrade to SP3 early last year?
  3. by the sounds of it, it might be a conflict between your server and VW, might be worth a call to tech support to see whether this is a known problem between your server type/version and VW
  4. well focal length describes what is in focus and what is not, ie foreground objects, and objects in the distance, maybe it has something to do with that. I know when manually setting up a digital SLR you can set the focal length to focus on the landscape or objects closer to you.
  5. just jumping in on this one, is it possible to bump up the numbers of plants on the tag manually if you think there should be a couple more or less in there than displayed, and this then auto corrected on the worksheet?
  6. i have had this problem quite a few times, was once sent a drawing from an AC user and could not get it to scale properly until after many many many attempts i found out it was using decimetres as its unit. i have also had a couple of instances where i could not scale their drawing at all no matter what units i selected on import making the drawing useless. you can get round this by manually scalling the drawing if you have an area that matches in both drawings that you know the measurement of, but this can cause all sorts of problems with symbols etc etc. i have never been called by an AC user and told they cannot scale my drawing, so i see this as a problem on their side!
  7. apple K if on a mac, CTRL K if on a pc
  8. whats wrong with shard, im guessing it is supposed to be like a shard of glass, which i think it looks like, i like it and i think it suits the design. spira, conica and vitra sound like comic book characters/ kids tv characters london has one of my favourite buildings, the gherkin, it doesnt matter what it is called, it looks amazing, and a bit like a gherkin. if this looks like a shard of glass why not call it that
  9. you have the option when importing to import only 2D or only 3D or both, you could try importing only 2D
  10. i think it is difficult to argue in either of the cases listed above. I know it sounds stupid, but crashing all depends upon what you are doing day in day out. I have suffered the frustration of constant crashing before when working with large site models for landscape analysis, it sent me insane as it took about half a day to create the model and then you would try and perform one task and it would crash. the key here is constant saving, and getting into this as a habit. we also use high res images (400-800 dpi) in a lot of our plans which can also cause VW to crash a lot. We also do a lot of simple 2D drafting, for which VW is seamless and does exactly what it says on the tin (well nearly anyway) as i say it all depends on what you are doing and how you do it, everyone works differently so you cant always expect everyones VW app to react in the same way. there are bugs in VW, but from what i have heard from others in the field using other software, VW is not alone and by no means the worst culprit.
  11. how do you use sub-classes? i have never seen this before, or is it only on 2009?
  12. i agree, this has bugged me for ages, i dont know why it was done like that in the first place
  13. i have always had problems combining/adding surfaces/objects, i find you have to slightly nudge things around to get them to join, although sometimes it just wont do it, and other times it adds them together but changes the shape altogether or cuts a chunk off. i have to use this function quite a lot and it really gets to me that a simple thing like adding 2 objects together can be such a pain!
  14. choose the 'one printer page' from the page setup menu and make sure you have selected the right page size as well.
  15. personally i would not waste your time with these resources unless you have no idea how to use the landmark series at all. i bought the book and training CD and did not like either. It has the basics, but not much more than this i found it far more useful attending a training day with a certified VW trainer, that way you can tell them what it is exactly you want to be able to achieve, and even take some material you would like to work on, it was far quicker and easier than sitting down with a book. on the down side it was a bit pricey and only for one day, so if you dont pay attention and make good notes then your stuffed another good resource is johnathan pickups manuals (archoncad website) these are far more easily followed and explain things in a clear manor. he also does user groups etc which focus on different aspects of VW so you might be able to focus in on the landscape stuff.
  16. spot on christiaan, exactly what i was trying to put across. this could lead onto a whole new subject of how sheet layers and classes are managed, and the ability to have sub-classes/ sub sheet layers as previously discussed in another thread i saw a couple of days ago, but i will leave that one for now.
  17. i totally understand what your saying, i organise my classes in this way because i have to otherwise i would spend ages looking for the class i want. this is all about time saving, i set up a sheet layer exactly as i want it, and then use the duplicate sheet layer command to reproduce all the other sheet layers i need and replace the viewport in it depending on what i need. i dont want to have to waste time renaming sheet layers, especially in some large projects where i can have nearly 100 sheet layers. when you duplicate the sheet layer VW automatically puts a number after it for you, why cant this be changed so you have the option of choosing where you want it alphabetically, numerically etc etc as suggested previously. if it cant be changed then it should give you the option to rename before duplicating, saving precious clicks i just want to save time, thats all
  18. i dont want to have to put lots of prefixes, i have 1 drawing code with say 30-40 sheets attached to it, all i want to be able to do is have W.0123_1-1 sheet 1 W.0123_1-1 sheet 2 W.0123_1-1 sheet 3 etc etc but instead i get W.0123_1-1 sheet 1 W.0123_1-1 sheet 10 W.0123_1-1 sheet 11 W.0123_1-1 sheet 12 W.0123_1-1 sheet 13 W.0123_1-1 sheet 14 W.0123_1-1 sheet 15 W.0123_1-1 sheet 16 W.0123_1-1 sheet 17 W.0123_1-1 sheet 18 W.0123_1-1 sheet 19 W.0123_1-1 sheet 2 W.0123_1-1 sheet 21 etc etc i am all for having the ability to move your sheet layers up and down as you like. I want to control the lists, not have VW do it for me!!!!!
  19. it all depends on whats in your drawing, and how you structure it. using symbols reduces file sizes, and purging your plan once finished reduces the size as well. using scans, jpegs, image props etc etc with also increase the size. i tend to use scans of OS maps quite a lot and this can push the size up by 30-50mb alone before i start to do any drawing at all. we also use jpeg aerial images as bases and to help convey proposed changes to the landscape, but we tend to reference these in to keep the file sizes down, but this can mean it can take a while to open the file in the morning, i did a tree survey recently and used aerial photos to help us as the topo was crap, and this took 17 mins just to open and reference the images in...
  20. i didnt think VW did a 64 bit version of their software yet, or am i miss-informed?
  21. now i know this is a simple request, and forgive me if there is an answer to this already but, when i duplicate a sheet layer it creates another with the same name but with a number after it, great, but when you start reaching double figures then the numbering is not sequential as 'sheet layer - 10' then comes straight after 'sheet layer 1' and so on this is only a simple thing, but is really annoying, can this be sorted out, or does anyone have any other suggestions?
  22. this has really pissed me off for ages, i totally agree. try explaining this to someone when training them on VW and watch the confusion spread across their face as they randomly click everywhere trying to change the arrowhead
  23. i had one plan in particular which was just a line drawing and certain sections of the plan showed the lines as almost double the line weight but really fuzzy, no matter what i did i couldnt get rid of it, i think the only thing that eventually worked was copying and pasting into a new file, but this was time consuming and very annoying. I cant understand why a simple line drawing with only polygons would do this, no colour or anything. I havent had it for a while, but im sure it will raise its ugly head sooner or later
  24. i have had the same problem effecting certain areas of a plan, have never worked out what it is though!


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