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  1. Petri: "softwaretically-challenged architects..." what a great term ! : )
  2. i wrote the last message unaware of the last 2 replies.. islandmon: by saying "Then you simply declare that the 00 Elev = MSL+( the actual elevation above Mean Sea Level )." you mean a textual note in the layout right? or that's some obscure and hidden vectorworks command? By the way: We in Portugal now have to give our projects in dwg format to some cityhall's, with the topographic info in the right coordinates, in order to get the licenses checked and approved. (i yould like to know why a copyrighted format is required in a public service! grrr...) So, That's why i was working in this way, but i can adapt! Thanks once again!
  3. well...eheh.. one 10th of a millimeter wasn't intentional.. the problem, Petri, as i don't know what's the best way to work! i'm trying to put my model (slabs and floors, etc) with the insertion point at 56,2m height - witch corresponds to the real topographic height of the building's implantation. The result of my endeavour is that the site model appears with the surface at the "real" height, and my model (slabs, floors, etc) doesn't appear at the 56,2m high, but way below. i would like to have my house in top of my site model.. thanks!
  4. thank for replying, The image sent was produced with stack layers on. That elevation you mentioned Robert, of 56,2000m, is the real elevation that the interior surface of the floor has in relationship to the 0m/sea level. I was trying to work in top of the topography. I don't know if this is the right method of working. Thanks
  5. Hi everybody! My site model is placed with the real height relativity to the zero plane, and in my "model setup" for the levels of the building i have the same coordinates that would put my model in top of the terrain. What am i missing here? thank's!


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