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  1. Thanks for the advice. All excellent techniques I will try all of them and post a resulting picture.
  2. I would like to know a work process to draw walls above roofs and openings as shown in the attached image. I have been piecing them together with 1st and 2nd floor walls, or multiple pieces on the same floor. Using this method they make visible lines in renderings (hidden line and some others). Also, I have not found a method to make the walls anything other than flat (horizontal) on the bottom (example, on top of a roof)/ Is there a good, easy, accurate way to do what I am looking for? Hank Whitehead Sony laptop Cor Duo 2 mhz, 8400 graphics
  3. Is there a way to get the service pack on CD? I am still operating with a dial up internet connection from my home office. I know...I know.....it's crazy. Nothing is available but cell service, not even satllite. CD of service pack? H Whitehead Beaumont, Texas V2208 Sony VAIO Intel Core Duo 2mhz
  4. I need a good process for creating custom shape countertops. (particulary angled cabinet sections) Creating base cabinets, with a 45 deg turn, and another 45 deg turn. I can get each cabinet in place as needed. How to create a countertop to cover the entire corner? No OIP options for that. I create a 3d Polygon and extrude to thickness. Looks good 3D, but in top/plan view, the extruded solid (countertop) does not maintain the properties of standard countertop. The extruded solid is wireframe only. What is the correct method for making custom shaped countertops that will display correctly in 2D plan and 3D? H Whitehead Texas 2 Mhz Core Duo, Sony laptop VW 2008 Designer
  5. I need to reinstall the adobe print driver that came with VW 2008. I installed it on a new Sont PC that also had ADOBE 8 Professional 30 day trial. When the adobe trial ended the print driver does not work. I have uninstalled the Adobe application. Is there a way to reinstall the pdf print driver that came with VW 2008 without reinstallaing the complete software package? H Whitehead Beaumont, Texas
  6. Which field should be set to zero? I was trying to set the jamb thickness to zero, and it makes a zero thickness jamb, with the door leaf still in place. I'll try it again this evening and report back.
  7. I am wondering if someone knows of a quick/accurate way of creating fascia and soffits. I know how to use the creation feature in the roof tool. That will not apply well to multiple level and complex roofs (which are typical). I have been trying to extrude polygons but I have spent way too much time on facias and soffits (I do fumble around in the 3D drawing mode, maybe that is my problem). To draw 3D polygon and extrude, is it best to move the working plane and work from there? (that is not very quick) The available instructions don't go in to very much detail. Should I draw in a vertical plane and extrude horizontal? or draw horizontal and extrude vertical? I need the fascia and soffits to be drawn accurately for elevations, sections, and details (I am hanging on to the belief of making the model correct, and not re-detailing on sheets) Thanks for any help.
  8. I tried that, and I must be doing something wrong because it didn't work for me. Do mean set the jamb thickness to 0? That doesn't seem logical. Can you help me with the exact procedure? Thanks
  9. This is a little basic and unrelated, but how do you do a cased opening?
  10. Pat that is correct, but when I set the Layer Options to "grey others" the photo (which is on a separate layer, with visibility turned on) turns to a box with an X in it. So the only way to trace over it is turn Layer Options to "show others". Am I doing something wrong with my image import, or settings?
  11. The column feature works well, but: Is there a way to change the column base and cap style to display common designs that are available today? (Ex. tuscan, attic, etc.) Or do you have to draw or insert symbols for those? If you do that with symbols then they won't move or resize with changes to the column will they? Thanks
  12. When I gray others, the imprted image turns into a rectangle with an X in it. The only way to view the image is to have its layer active, or while other layers are active - to "show all". I can work with it that way, if that is how it is supposed to work, but it seems that I should be able to grey that layer and still see it. PS. I really like the software. I am learning to apply my work flow to it and adjust my workflow based on the software capabilities. thanks
  13. I import an image file into a reference design layer and scale it appropriately. I then change to the design layer that I want to work in (above the reference layer) and want to trace over the image, but when I have the layer view option set to "grey others", the image in the reference layer shows up as a grey box with a X in it. I can see the image if I change layer view option to "show others", but then I show all others, which I don't want to do. Can someone give me a pointer? I may eventually want to have multiple reference images that I want to trace over, showing only the image I want at a time. I can manage the situation by setting layers to "show others" and hiding all not needed layers, and setting reference layer to lower opacity, but it seems like a workaround. Thanks
  14. I am a new Vectorworks user. Making headway learning the program. When creating complex roofs, I am tryinf to learn how to edit (trim, combine, edit) roofs that are created by VW. Example. how to trim a created roof at a 2nd floor wall. How to combine two roofs (different pitches) where they meet and delete roof surfaces behind. I see how to enter the EDIT GROUP mode, but when you get into that the other layers are not visible to snap to so you can create a shape to cut out of the roof. Thanks for any help.
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