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  1. Hallo again to my oldest nemesis. For years I have tried wishing, suggesting, begging, pleading, sarcasm and ranting in order to get a fix on this most annoying feature, but there it is again in VW2021. Who do I need to bribe? Otherwise good job on the update.
  2. Today at this very minute of this hour of this day, I finally received the attached pop-up message for the ten millionth time! I am so happy and grateful for the advice. A huge congratulations is in order to the programmer who wrote it, and the team that allowed it to remain in VW for all these years. I especially appreciate the amazing feature, that the application automatically deselects the heretic object, that caused the message. It is only fair, that I should have to reselect the bugger before converting it into a proper layer plane object. Some may argue, that a different dialogue would allow me to do this in an easier way, but then it just wouldn't be VectorWorks πŸ™‚ Feel free to share any similar favorites of yours!
  3. On one of my iMacs with VW2020, object history has stopped working on objects, that are slightly complex, and the highlight and modify buttons on the OIP are dimmed. Have I accidentally changed some setting to get this phenomenon?
  4. Blank - issue resolved itself
  5. You can use duplicate along path to place copies of an object at equal distances along the ellipse. If the duplicated object is a short line segment, you can use the lines to trim the ellipse into equal sizes (lengths).
  6. Unless my setup is somehow flawed, anyone should be able to replicate the issue. But I attach an example: Go to the sheet layer and render the FQR viewport in the center. Go to the design layer and disable 'Use Textures' in OpenGL Options Return to the sheet layer and render again – if the textures are gone, you have replicated the issue. If you can do the same on a file of your own, the issue may be universal. I use an iMac. OpenGL test.vwx OpenGL test.pdf
  7. I quess this is a rare problem: Suddenly all my final quality renderworks viewports failed to render properly – transparencies were missing, etc. When I entered the design layer, everything looked looked right and rendered perfectly. I battled with the issue for several hours, then remembered, that I had disabled textures in the OpenGL option menu. I switched it back on and yes, that fixed the issue. So: OpenGL settings are somehow linked to Final Quality Renderworks in viewports.
  8. I get the same thing on a texture by texture basis. I change the settings of a texture and i a random sort of way, that texture will crash and render black. There is no other fix than to delete the crashed texture and replace it with another. Dave, is this a registered bug?
  9. I have been working with VW 2020 for some time, and it has been a pleasant surprise. Modelling 3D objects has become a lot faster. I applaud the decision to fix errors and make basic features better. Thanks for the good work
  10. 171,4 degrees compared to what?? I am not sure as to when this dysfunction entered into the workflow. I want the floating data bar to refer to global angles – not some randomly selected existing line. Like it always used to do. I hope and pray, that I have overlooked some setting, that gives me just that πŸ™‚ I fear that some wise guy just made this change for some ill reason 😞 Pretty please tell me, that it is a setting – and where to find it.
  11. In VW 2019: Import vector logo as PDF with snap to geometry selected. Convert to group. Ungroup. Delete pixel layers. In the background you will find the vector geometry. Often with errors, but sometimes everything will be there.
  12. So the STEP export function does not work and has not worked in the latest few versions. I encounter hundreds of similar errors in VW 2019, some small, but others quite significant. I reported several errors in the past, but mostly I did not see them getting fixed. Here are a few more: Backup files never works if you include complex objects. Geometry gets lost in the compression. Yet I cannot choose to make uncompressed backups. The 2D/3D selection tools has never worked properly since the 2D selection tool was ditched. Yet the 2D selection tool is not included in the legacy folder. The floating data bar has several random inconsistencies and often displays incorrect values. Drawing 2D objects in ,Screen Plane Only' mode is somewhat predictable. But every few minutes the app randomly changes itself into the 'screen-aligned' mode, where rules subtly change. The list goes on, and I have to be careful here, because I am given to ranting. I think the annual updates combined with the service select system has created a stressed situation, where basic errors are not corrected, because all effort goes into new features. The growing list of uncorrected errors is a big problem for me. It stops me from doing what the application is supposed to let me do. As a service select member I am willing to forego new features for one year, if the errors get fixed. Am I alone in this sentiment?
  13. And not just openGL... Random objects disappear from redraws in wireframe - and it happens both on the Windows 10 PC at my job and the iMac at home. In OpenGL it happens almost all of the time, that random objects are not redrawn. When I render viewports, I often find that the results reflects an older version of the geometry rather than the present. I guess the "instant redraw" thing that was advertised with the release of VW2019 is seriously flawed. How can I force a complete redraw?
  14. Hi again Somehow the issue has resolved itself. I have no idea, why, but if it returns, I will get back with the requested information. Thanks.
  15. I am trying to migrate my VW 2019 to a Windows PC. It mostly works the same as on my iMac, but Renderworks renderings produce all white images, and HDRI images do not produce a reconizable preview in the ressources window. Am I missing something? I believe I have pasted a screendump below this text, that describe the PC. Please help, I am on the clock.
  16. OpenGL does not redraw all objects in VW2019 (iMac late 2015). It randomly skips some of the geometry which becomes invisible. I can force a redraw by altering the the detail settings in the options menu, but it is annoying. Does anyone know a fix?
  17. If you import a PDF – or drag and drop it into a document, you can ungroup that PDF. The ungrouped version contains a raster image, a rectangle for crop and a copy of all vector graphics translated into VW polylines. Prior versions could do the same, but vector curves would not look right. Now they appear to be perfect. So this gives us a safe way to get logos and content from illustrator into VW.
  18. If you import a PDF – or drag and drop it into a document, you can ungroup that PDF. The ungrouped version contains a raster image, a rectangle for crop and a copy of all vector graphics translated into VW polylines. Prior versions could do the same, but vector curves would not look right. Now they appear to be perfect. So this gives us a safe way to get logos and content from illustrator into VW.
  19. I updated to SP 1 yesterday and today I crash and have to restart my iMac (late 2015) every 15-20 minutes. The problem seems to be in working with ressources, and in particular HDRI maps. How do i revert to SP-zero? Regards
  20. Take a look on the corner details of the attached polyline. It is not represented accurately. Some vertices are skipped and some roundings are not shown. This did not occur until VW 2018 – now I get it all of the time on all polylines, that are slightly complex. Is it a known issue? Is there a setting, that I can change to fix it? Exported DWG's are OK – apparently it is only a redraw issue
  21. Not much response from VW employees... Just as well, I found the culprit myself. It was an image prop, where I had flipped the content of the image and the mask the from within the VectorWorks texture dialogue. I am surprised, that this could crash not just the app, but the entire computer. So don't do that.
  22. Thanks, Art V – I will try to get someone at VW to look at it first – there may be a confidentiality issue, if I ask you to do it.
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