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  1. Like other users, I have have contributed with wish list postings from time to time, hoping that they would be noted by Nemetchek. It would please me if Nemetchek would regularly issue a bulletin in this forum where you would make a statement regarding your ambitions and priorities for the future development of Vectorworks. Not just sales-talk but your ideas about how the fuctionality of the program is going to be upgraded. It would most certainly spark up a debate, but it would also give the many users of the program the joy of expectation.
  2. You should take a look on the AnimationWorks plug-in. If you can live with the rendering quality of Renderworks it is an ideal solution.
  3. For the next version of Vectorworks I would like to have better control over 2D bezier curves as well as for nurbs curves. The control offered in Adobe Illustrator would be ideal for VW, but less could do it: When I transform a 2D curve into a 3D nurbs curve, I get an additional control option - the ability to weight points. Why can I not have this ability in 2D? To a non-programmer it seems to be within the realms of possibility:-)
  4. When I add 3D objects to a photomanipulation, I import the original photo into Vectorworks, place it behind all objects on the same layer with the 3D geometry, and then fiddle with the perspective until it fits the photo. Then I adjust the "crop perspective" marquee to fit exactly to the corners of the imported image file. I then remove the image file and make a rendering with the exact same pixel size as the photo before I combine the two files in Photoshop, and voila - they fit each other like hand and glove. One irritating point is, that I have to zoom way in to make the fit in Vectorworks. So I would appreciate it if the next version of the program has a snap to point ability for the the "crop perspective" marquee.
  5. I do not believe openGL supports antialiasing - but if you make your imagefiles oversize - and then downsample them by an uneven ratio, it kinda works the same way. But if you want nice renderings ? get Renderworks!
  6. I just checked the function in version 8.5.2, and it works the way, I described. I havent kept an installation of version 9.5, but I am pretty sure it still functioned the same way as in version 8.5.
  7. This tool used to have 2 different functions: Used in plan view, I would get a dialogue prompting me to input viewer height etc. But used in a 3d view, I could use two points to define the axis of the next view. I utilized this second feature to manually unfold 3D objects converted to 3D polygons. Now, however, this function has disapeared from the tool: When i connect two points using the set 3D view tool - and using a 3D view - I get the viewer height dialogue, alas. I have no alternative procedure to unfold 3D polygon objects. Is this tool broken - or is it moved somewhere else? If it is broken - does anyone have different procedures to unfold objects? By the way: an automatic unfolding tool should be in the next version of the program.
  8. I have run into the same problem. The strange thing is that it sometimes works fine on non-planar path objects - sometimes it does not.
  9. The letter-spacing (The correct term may be tracking?) could do with a work-over as well: When I print the documents the text is very unevenly spaced.
  10. It would be nice to be able to use the smoothing angle of the document preferences to smooth the representation of polygon- & mesh objects in a final quality renderworks rendering. I sometimes use meshes imported in the dxf-format in illustrations - for instance a car. But I have to give the resulting renderings quite a bit of Photoshop to take away that polygon feeling.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up BaRa. Personally I could live happily ever after with the lack of acuracy of a polygon tesselator (weird term). I suppose it would be no different from the inherent inacuracy of mesh objects, which worked fine with me until recently. But if it could not be converted into true nurbs surfaces, it would be somewhat like a one way street with a dead end.
  12. Check out Cinema 4D ? basicaly I guess it any number of nurbs surfaces knit together, so they can be edited as one object.
  13. I am trying - but failing - to understand this: What is HDRI - in fairly simple language?
  14. I am very pleased with the new modelling features in version 10.5. Here are a couple of wishes for nurbs in 11: 1. The ability to change a planar nurbs curve into a surface - and the edges of any nurbs surface into curves. I can do both of these today, but it takes several clicks. 2. The ability to chose method of conversion when extracting a nurbs curve from a solid: When I try to extract very simple curves, I get very complex results with lots of anchorpoints - a lot more than is required to describe the shape of the curves. (To prove this extrude a simple planar nurbs curve and extract its egde: the three or four control points have now become dozens!) I would like to be able to chose between methods of extraction or choose the acuracy af the resulting curve, so I can get some control over the complexity of the curve. (Or you could just fix the problem :-) 3. Hypernurbs! 4. Speed! ? Working with nurbs has become frustratingly s l o w!
  15. Thanks. The great thing about "select same line color" - or the similar commands in illustrator is that it takes just two clicks: 1. Select an object. 2. Select the comand. Its a lot faster than the "Custom Selection" dialogue.
  16. I have seen some 3D programs, that can do the first. I would really like to see that in VW.
  17. - like in Illustrator. This command would be particularly nice when you import a complex geometry with lots of detail and layers.
  18. You may consider to use the connect/combine tool. It will connect or combine not only two lines, but also two arcs or a line and an arc. By the way: make sure, that the "snap to grid" is disabled when you manually try to connect two objects.
  19. You may consider to use the connect/combine tool. It will connect or combine not only two lines, but also two arcs or a line and an arc.
  20. I second that question: When is the next release expected?
  21. I have the same problem. After reinstalling system 10.2.6 on a dual processor G4, I installed vectorworks in full i order to get the dongle driver working. During installation I got this message: "The installation of Mac OS X dongle drivers failed because the installer could not achieve full administration privileges on this machine." The log in and password were correct and I do have admin privileges. What is wrong? PS Duby: I can still use VW under Classic - perhaps You can too until it is fixed.
  22. Try out AnimationWorks from OzCAD. Its simple, inexpensive and good, and it will do the trick.
  23. Oh yes and one more thing: The ability to resample a texture within the texture dialogue. It is really cool, that I can import a Photoshop file directly into a texture, but often they are too big. To cut down on rendering time it would be nice, if I could downsample the texture after import. Thanks again
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