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  1. 1. Textures can be set to Cast or Receive shadows. Hopefully this means I can use global directional lights to cast shadows in multible rooms instead of lighting each room separately?
  2. The preview print button in the print dialogue will create af pdf-file ready to be saved as well. If you include placed renderings, it will tend to be rather large in size. You can use PStill or PDFSchrink afterwards to adjust the resolution.
  3. You use Batch Rendering, I suppose? I usually name my batch rendering jobs with the same names as my sheets - except for an extra space. That way I have a good Idea of what is in the batch rendering dialogue. It is somewhat time consuming to set export options for each batch render job, because it does not remember the export settings - like the Export Image File does. I wish it did. And I wish I could just choose the sheets from within the Batch Render dialogues when creating jobs. Finally I wish I could include animations into a batch render - even animations created with Animationworks.
  4. Dont care if it is inprecise - II want it. Please.
  5. The link seems to take me the wrong place... What is this?
  6. Also - also, it would be nice with a 'select similar' menu item with side menu options like 'same line weight' or 'same object type'. This would provide a fast alternative to the custom selection command for ordinary selection tasks.
  7. No suggestions really, but you may want to try to change mapping stylefrom 'perimeter' to 'plane'?
  8. I dont know if this is a Mac only problem. But if I use VW to create presentation pages and type in a lot of text, it looks quite horrible on the printout. If I use Quark, Illustrator - or even Powerpoint for the same task, the text of the printout looks nice. >I don't understand this. In programs which don't have character spacing adjustment, isn't the character spacing the same in one program as in another? That's the way it looks to me, at least on Windows machines. VectorWorks doesn't seem to have any effect on character spacing.
  9. 'The space between the characters themselves is an integral part of the font itself and so cannot (to my knowledge) be adjusted.' It can be adjusted in a number of programs - like Illustrator - but it is not a feature I would look for in a CAD program. I must say, however, that VW does the job rather poorly - with character spacing that is noticeable displeasing to the eye. I do wish, that VW would fix this for the next version.
  10. If you do not have this option in the Model Menu, it may be because you need to include it in the workspace using the workspace editor. You can also use the sweep comand to create helix spirals, swrew thread etc.: Draw the shape of the section, place a locus to define the center of rotation, select the 'Model>sweep' comand and enter for example '7200?' as 'Arc Angle' and enter a value into 'Pitch', that corresponds with the added height of a single revolution of the helix spiral.
  11. The snap tools work very poorly with nurbs surface corners. I wish they didn't
  12. It really pays off to experiment for a few hours with Renderworks texture dialogue. With a little endeavour you can do things, that the program was never supposed to do. I have had success with the following procedure: 1. Make a new texture. 2. Set the 'Reflectivity' to 'Glass Reflextivity'. (this makes the texture transparent without using the 'Transparency' tab) Turn the transmission and refraction somewhat down. 3. Make an image file with a diagonal blueish gradient (or whatever effect you want). 4. Open the 'Transparency' tab and use the import the image as an 'Image Transparency* map. This you are not supposed to do, so the texture preview will look quite psychedelic. But when you render it with Final Quality Renderworks, it will make a very nice fake reflection - together with the 'real' ones to make it look more glasslike. Good luck.
  13. Just delete the cavity in the cavity setup.
  14. Another wish for the offset tool: When I offset a polygon object where one or more vertexes are fillet or spline points, the curves of the resulting object are changed into polygons. I wish they remained curves. If a fillet should become "illegal" in the process, I wish it would simply be changed into a corner vertex point.
  15. If the spline is planar, draw the path in 2D using the polygon tool, convert it into a nurbs curve, rotate and position it, select the path and profile curves and use Extrude Along Path. If the spline is not planar, convert the lines & curves into nurbs curves, rotate + position them in continuation using the 3D selection tool, compose them into a single nurbs curve, select path and profile curves and use Extrude Along Path.
  16. Ha ha - I think I may survive. From a productivity point of view it has always made good sense to stay with VW, although I am constantly struggling with its limitations.
  17. For Propstuff & BaRa: I see your point. BaRa, VW is not just a solution to me - it is a marriage that has lasted since 1990 and version 2.0. I may have spent as much time with the program as with my family. From this perspective it is not unreasonable to ask: "What are your intentions?". And for Richard: Please do take that break - elsewhere.
  18. Like other users, I have have contributed with wish list postings from time to time, hoping that they would be noted by Nemetchek. It would please me if Nemetchek would regularly issue a bulletin in this forum where you would make a statement regarding your ambitions and priorities for the future development of Vectorworks. Not just sales-talk but your ideas about how the fuctionality of the program is going to be upgraded. It would most certainly spark up a debate, but it would also give the many users of the program the joy of expectation.
  19. You should take a look on the AnimationWorks plug-in. If you can live with the rendering quality of Renderworks it is an ideal solution.
  20. For the next version of Vectorworks I would like to have better control over 2D bezier curves as well as for nurbs curves. The control offered in Adobe Illustrator would be ideal for VW, but less could do it: When I transform a 2D curve into a 3D nurbs curve, I get an additional control option - the ability to weight points. Why can I not have this ability in 2D? To a non-programmer it seems to be within the realms of possibility:-)
  21. When I add 3D objects to a photomanipulation, I import the original photo into Vectorworks, place it behind all objects on the same layer with the 3D geometry, and then fiddle with the perspective until it fits the photo. Then I adjust the "crop perspective" marquee to fit exactly to the corners of the imported image file. I then remove the image file and make a rendering with the exact same pixel size as the photo before I combine the two files in Photoshop, and voila - they fit each other like hand and glove. One irritating point is, that I have to zoom way in to make the fit in Vectorworks. So I would appreciate it if the next version of the program has a snap to point ability for the the "crop perspective" marquee.
  22. I do not believe openGL supports antialiasing - but if you make your imagefiles oversize - and then downsample them by an uneven ratio, it kinda works the same way. But if you want nice renderings ? get Renderworks!
  23. I just checked the function in version 8.5.2, and it works the way, I described. I havent kept an installation of version 9.5, but I am pretty sure it still functioned the same way as in version 8.5.
  24. This tool used to have 2 different functions: Used in plan view, I would get a dialogue prompting me to input viewer height etc. But used in a 3d view, I could use two points to define the axis of the next view. I utilized this second feature to manually unfold 3D objects converted to 3D polygons. Now, however, this function has disapeared from the tool: When i connect two points using the set 3D view tool - and using a 3D view - I get the viewer height dialogue, alas. I have no alternative procedure to unfold 3D polygon objects. Is this tool broken - or is it moved somewhere else? If it is broken - does anyone have different procedures to unfold objects? By the way: an automatic unfolding tool should be in the next version of the program.
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