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  1. By the way: It would be nice, if I were able to replace 3D loci with symbols
  2. It would be great, though, it it was possible to make a 'section viewport' - as an option with the 'cut 2d section' and 'cut 3d section tools.
  3. I don't know a whole lot about repetitive stress injury, as Adin clearly does. I handled my own symptoms by buing a Wacom digitizer, that I use for a while everytime the problem arises. The digitizer is in many ways inferior to the mouse, but it takes care of the pain. I believe somebody once told me, that mouse disease is caused by the fact, that one uses muscles designed for 'coarse motor functions' to do 'fine motor function' work.
  4. Thanks for the tip, Jan. As for the tap-function, this is actually a health issue: In this country a number of people have been disabled by a phenomenon called 'mouse disease', which arises from using the muse too much. (I think it is much like a tennis elbow). I have had problems in that direction myself.
  5. 1. A menu item, that makes all palettes 'jump back' to default positions, that can be specified. I often get them all clustered up in the process of working. 2. I use the 'set working plane' tool quite often, but I don't much care for the working plane palette. I have to use it, however, for the purpose of pressing the 'look at working plane'-button. I would like that button also to be present in the mode-bar of the 'set working plane'-tool, so I can ditch the palette. 3. For reasons beyond my comprehension, I still cannot tab my way into the object info palette. I have put it on the wish list several times already. A simple shfit-tab would be adequat. This may seem like a minor item, but it makes a huge difference in the amount of time spent with the mouse in the hand..
  6. VW 11 does import Iges, and does a very nice job of it. I can't remember if that goes for 10.5 as well.
  7. Tools that emulate 'real world' processes would be very welcome. If I have a plane nurbs surface, for instance, and I want to bend or fold it, this can be quite tricky and time consuming.(Just follow Snowmans 'need help with 3D modeling'-topic for an example). It would be nice to specify an axis and a radius, and be able to fold an object.
  8. Image map of the jpeg from the client importet as image colour reflection set to constant - if it needs to look 'back-lit light sign-like' set plain transparecy to 10-30% or reflection set to mirror - If it needs to look shiny - amb 60% dif 80% spec 90% reflec 10-15% set plain transparecy to 10-30% or Try out the new translucency setting - I'm still not familiar with it set plain transparecy to 10-30% Good luck
  9. If I wish to edit a trimmed nurbs surface, like - say - move a hole, there is no tool for this. I would like to supplement the 'Untrim' button with a 'remove hole' - which allows me to point out a specific hole.
  10. Make a copy of the file and convert the shape to generic solid. (Keep the old for making corrections) Create a simplified representation to use as symbol for other projects. If you need the extra accuracy, you can replace the simple symbol with the detailed.
  11. I second lambertos motion for an unfold function. I have done a lot of manual unfolding and it is quite tiresom.
  12. I just spent an entire day creating lots of textures. In the next version, I would like to have drag and drop texture creation this way: I drag an image file from Finder to the working space. Then I scale it. Then I control-click it and get an option between creating a 'Renderworks texture', a 'Renderworks background', an 'Image prop' or an 'Image*, useing its present size as the resulting size of the ressource. No extra dialogues are needed. If I want to change anything, I just double-click the ressource.
  13. Draw a slanting line and a centerpoint. Sweep the two with a pitch. Extract the top and botom curve of the sweep. Rotate the top curve somewhat. Then loft the two into a surface.
  14. My collegue is using FormZ and thus we have an ongoing religious war over which program is the better deal. Today I lost a major battle of that war: I imported a 3D mesh in dxf-format. When I rendered it with 'final quality renderworks', I could clearly see the polygons that made the mesh. My collegue did the same thing. But when he rendered it, the result looked smooth as a babys bum. I want Renderworks to be able to smooth the output of mesh- and poygon based objects. Thanks
  15. Have you tried to export from illustrator as DXF? (version 9/10) It is not as good as one could wish for, but it beats your current method.
  16. If the geometry consist og planar faces, just cornvert it to 3D polygons, and map the sides.
  17. I second the question. Is there any way to change the image export defaults?
  18. >the offset and rotate tools work the same way if you hold down the control/command key. Thanks for the tip. I really should read the instructions before I come in here barking... To save face: When I change the mapping from perimeter to plane or cylinder, the initial orientation of the map is often such, that I cannot flip or rotate it into correct position using the buttons or entry fields, even if it is off by 90?, ? because these control only the x/y orientation. So the suggestion to orient the initial map relative to the view used in the workspace is still valid. Alternatively the flip/rotate buttons could be supplemented with a button, that rotates the texture on the third axis.
  19. If improving tolerance or reliability would mean sacrificing precision in 3D operations, I for one would be willing to accept that - given some sort of warning when precision is diminished - or given the ability to adjust the precision/tolerance setting in the document prefs.
  20. Mapping textures with VW 11 is a nightmare. I have just spent 1/2 hour trying to apply a simple cylinder mapping with the atribute mapping tool as well as with the mapping dialogue, and I did not succeed. The former mapping tools were kinda clumsy, but this beats anything. Please Nemetchek: Fix it. A good suggestion would be an option to orient the map relative to the view in use when the mapping dialogue is invoked. But simply getting the rotate tools to work as they are supposed to would go a long way. Sorry for the ranting tone, but I am fairly pissed.
  21. Top 5 wishes for 3D modelling: 1. Better 2D to 3D compatability: I'd like to be able to convert 3D nurbs curves into 2D splines and back again as I see fit. I'd like to have interactive weighting control by a slider or something like that. (I would wish to have weigting control of 2D splines as well.) 2. Some sort of 'hypernurbs' tool, that allows me to work with several nurbs surfaces at a time, keeping their edges stitched together. 3. I would like the extrude along path tool to become more tolerant of my design wishes. More than 50% of all attempts with this command fails. Also I would like a 'twist' function to be included, so I can twist the profile as it is extruded along the path. 4. The 'fillet edge tool' gives me error messsages all the time. In FormZ this tool is extremely tolerant, and will round almost anything. I'd like to see that in VW as well. 5. I would like to be able to move multible points on Nurbs curves with the '3D reshape tool'. Also I would like to be able to move the points relative to the screen instead og just the XYZ-coordinates. 6. Oops here is another one: Snap to the points and contours of a trimmed surface. Keep up the good work:-)
  22. 1. The extrude along path command is not really working too well. I try to avoid using it, because most often it will give me an error message. I would like this tool to become more tolerant of my design wishes. Also I would like a 'twist' function to be included, so I can twist the profile as it is extruded along the path. 2. The 'fillet edge tool' gives me error messsages all the time. In FormZ this tool is extremely tolerant, and will round almost anything. I'dd like to see that in VW as well. 3. I would like to be able to move multible points on Nurbs curves with the '3D reshape tool', and I don't understand why this remains an issue. 4. I'd like to be able to convert 3D nurbs into 2D splines and back. Regards
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