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  1. If the corn decorations are all identical, you might consider using symbols. (Unknown to some, symbols can take part in solid operations.) Nice item. what is it?
  2. I have worked with the updated version a couple of days now, and I am very satisfied with it, thank you. The decision only to include the sketch rendering mode in the industry series is wrong, however, and should be reconsidered. Not all professionals are targeted by the existing industry versions. So the question is: I want to buy the scetch function. How do I do that?
  3. >Sketch is totally appropriate for 2D plans for landscaping Well, Dave it is totally apropriate for product design as well. Custumers tend to be intimidated by the look of a final quality rendering - they feel somewhat irrationally, that they can no longer influence the final outcome, because it is already finished. >How the ArtRW and Sketch features are divvied up among Industry products is not something I can answer. Other folks in the company can address that. You may not be responsible for this aspect, but since you have taken the trouble to answer these posts, I will ask you also to take the trouble to forward them to the correct terminals.
  4. You can use the 'Revolve with rail* tool.
  5. >Why is it that the interactive Sketch mode is only available with Industry series products and NOT RW?!! I second that question. I would hate to buy a pacakage aimed at other professionals just to get this feature. I am a designer - d - e - s - i - g - n - e - r, not a mechanical engineer or something else. And I would love to get this feature. If I have to pay for it, then let it be, but I will not pay for a whole package of unwanted features, just to get to this one. I did suppose this was why I bought Renderworks.
  6. >Among the other image prop improvements in 11.5 are that you can enter height and width independent of the image aspect ratio Alas, this is does not function as a workaround for changing the proportions of an existing texture.
  7. Nice feature - perfect timing, David :-) I notice, that I can now batch render from within symbols. I never knew, I wanted this, but now that I have it, I can't live without
  8. I often reuse symbols and elements from several older projects. Unfortunately I have not been very consistent in the naming of classes and this often results in a large number of classes in the file, I am working on. I have to track them down by opening every group of every symbol, unless I choose to live with the mess. Maybe there is a trick here, that I don't know. If not, I would like a find-& replace function with classes, so I can clean up their numbers. If I just delete them, they loose their attributes in a way, I cannot control.
  9. You should consider using hatches instead of patterns.
  10. Thanks propstuff for clarifying. I also mean twist, bend, bloat, punk, skew, free deformation etc. The way you usually achieve this is by grouping the shape, you want to work with inside a 'deformer'. Architects and engineers usually work with a rather limited 'shape universe' and VW reflects these limitations. I have chosen to live with them, because I prefer VW over other 3D packages. But there are still lots of shapes, that I can generate with pencil and paper, which I cannot easily duplicate in VW. So expanding the programs modelling capabilities would certainly expand mine as well. It might even make me a better designer ;-)
  11. A number of 3D programs have 3D deformation tools. I would like to see some of those in the 'Vectorworks Designer' package, which I presume is in the making. :-) :-o ;-)
  12. I can find no references to the terms 'FL', 'CL' & 'datum line'. Can someone clarify this? As a designer I often use nurbs surfaces and rounded edges. The seams of adjoining nurbs surfaces sometimes show up in hidden line & artistic rendering modes, but not always. Rounded edges are messy in hidden line and do not seem to follow any clear principle. Short of a perfect solution, it would be nice, if I could invoke a dialog in rendered viewports, where I could identify unwanted & missing lines, and get a corrected representation.
  13. It will not work - maybe in the next update this will be fixed. Make a symbol of the 2D representation. Then make a new symbol including the 2D symbol and the image prop. Put this in your symbol folder and use it like any normal symbol, but be sure to convert it to a group before rendering. This way you will keep the 2D representation in the correct location.
  14. =LENGTH(((SEL=TRUE))) in a worksheet seems to do it. Perhaps you should check this with another source before you trust this.
  15. ... But I still wish I could do the same without the 'offset duplicate' option checked.
  16. Thanks Damo - I have never used the 'offset duplicate' setting, so I didn't know this. Also thanks to Balemi for the neat trick.
  17. Illustrator has a very nice menu item which repeats the latest command. If I make a duplicate-offset (alt-click n' drag), I wish I could repeat that with a keyboard shortcut in VW.
  18. Also: I always use the same settings in artistic renderworks, but I cant make the into a default - or save them as a custom setting. As a result, I make the same movements and mouseclicks hundreds of times, which is frustrating.
  19. I wonder what you can produce with a CAD program, that requires the accuracy, you seek? I do a lot of material for proffesional printing and never leave the RGB universe. (With renderings the 'correct job' is a very floating definition)
  20. Works just as well without the point light. (Last post, I promise)
  21. Just made a starshaped one using Photoshops 'lens flare'. This is a neat trick. Thanks for stating the problem:-)
  22. Oops - sorry - I believe, I misunderstood your intention. But here is a thought: Make a gradient, circular transparency map (white in the perimeter, black in the center and an all white map of equal size. Create an image prop, and use the all white tas basis - and the transparency map as mask (greyscale pixels) Let all the options in the bottom of the dialogue be checked. Let the size of the imageprop be correspondent. with the glow of the ligtsource. Edit the prpo-texture and disable shadowcasting and -recieving. Put a point light in the center of the image prop with no shadowcasting and smooth distance falloff. Group them together - but do not make them into a symbol, and distribute them, so that the props do not cut into any walls. Actually this idea is new to me. I just tried it, and it is really cool.
  23. I have the same problem. I believe it is a well known issue, that will be taken care of.
  24. You can emulate this quite well by giving the LED lightsource a texture with white colour and 'constant' reflection - disable shadowcasting/recieving in the texture - and put a single lightsource within the shape. Make the LED into a symbol, so you can reuse it.
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