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  1. 1.2 million comand-periods on my keyboard to stop an ongoing animation rendering and nothing happens. I just wanted a few seconds of preview and, well, it does say 'Press Comand-. to Cancel in the bottom of the 'Generate Animation* window, but that is simply not correct. The problem is, if I force quit the program, I will have nothing in my movie file, just a big empty blank file. So at last in desperation, I try to pull the dongle. I figured, that I might get some kind of save-window before the program quits. But it does not quit - it just keeps chewing those animation frames. Sigh. The version is 12.0.1 on a mac
  2. http://www.the3dstudio.com/default.aspx have a fair number of free 3D objects in the 3ds format
  3. This is wonderful news. I have felt somewhat cornered as a Mac-user for some time. The major new software developments have put Mac second for years now and often bypassed the platform altogether. But then again: Mac simply feels like home to me, and its ease of use has allowed me to excel in areas, where I have no formal training - production of DVD promotions, making music in Garageband etc.
  4. I just upgraded to the architect pro solution, so I don't know if this goes for all versions, but I have a 3D parabaloid object tool in my toolbox.
  5. Derzi, I have the same problem, and it is driving me #%?!... Let's hope it will be fixed soon.
  6. Indefinately is not normal. But I have experienced long waiting times, when the program updates a large number of drawing objects to new class setings. Longest for changes in line and fill styles, shorter for changes in textures.
  7. I wish, I could replace any object with a symbol. Used to have this feature in an ancient version of Studiopro, and it proved useful in all sorts of situations, especially when working with imported files. It should be fairly easy to implement.
  8. I wish me a library of 2D and 3D arrows - some of them parametric - for making assembly instructions and the like.
  9. The 3D part of the new 2D/3D rotate tool doesn't work properly. Angle inputs are ignored, snaps are flimsy at best. I have developed the annoying workaround of drawing a 2D line and co-select it every time, I need to rotate something, in order to get the tool to do the job. Please, NNA, put the olkd 2D rotate tool into the legacy folder of the workspace editor. In fact, put it into the download section of your site, so I don't have to wait for the next update.
  10. Dave, whats the deal with exporting viewports? I am never quite sure, what I get. If I want to use a single viewport image from a sheet ? in the exact resolution and quality, that it is stored in, what is the best way to go around it? Lets say, I don't want to re-render it, because it just took me an hour to get it done. It would be nice, if I could just option-click it and export, what is stored in the cache, but sofar, I have found no indication, that this is possible.
  11. There is a change in VW12, which is probably unintended: In earlier versions, there was a feedback when I invoked the 'Set Perspective' menu item. The default value would reflect the current setting of the perspective. Now, in 12, it just reflects the latest entry. This is not good, when you do a lot of photo-manipulations, like I do, because it slows the process down. Unless you have some new trick up the sleeve, please fix it.
  12. I agree. Actually, I have noticed, that it is often easier to fillet extrudes (& sweeps) after the extrusion, than filleting the 2D shape, it contains.
  13. Thank you. That was relatively painless. Any way to get the vectorscript feedback message to appear in the mode bar rather than in a separate window?
  14. The snap to edge option under the snap to object in the constraint palette is often very handy, and often it is not. I turn it on and off 20-30 times every day, yet it is hidden in a submenu. I would like it to become a tool palette item in its own right - or a keyboard shortcut to activate it. Please.
  15. Mike - hey thanks for that tip about unlocking the layer link. I've been uninformed about that for years. Turns out, I can even rotate & reposition the links like symbols. (Not that I know, why I would).
  16. While waiting for a proper solution here is another workaround suited for a limited amount of jobs: Make symbols of every rotated object, as soon as it has been drafted. Unrotate the contents of the symbols and re-rotate the symbols themselves. Then by doubleclicking the symbol, you get a horisontal/vertical view of the contents. For reasons unknown, symbols often update much faster on screen than the very same objects represented as pure geometry.
  17. Workaround: Render the image in tiles one at a time using the marguee option with sufficient overlap, and collect the tiles in photoshop. Unfortunately the marquee option is greyed out in batch rendering, but for perspectives, you can use the perspective window handle to make each tile a separate view. This method is acurate enough if you know your way around Photoshop.
  18. I hate that interactive zoom tool. Its good for absolutely nothing. Yet it manages to make itself the default mode every single time, I look the other way. I have found no way to fix it. Other irritating defaults, that can't be fixed are the double line/double polygon tools. They default in making lines everytime I look away, and I always use polygons. So I wish, it would go away.
  19. I'm not. I cant seem to make a simple rotate or flip of 3D objects in screen plane anymore. What happended. What am I missing? I used to use only the 2D tool.
  20. Do you apply translucency to objects, that have thickness? I believe it needs to have that. For simple backlit graphic surface effect, I use 'Constant'. I use translucency often for fake fake etched glass effect on lamps. I seem to spend hours to get that particular effect right, but other than that, I have no issue with translucency.
  21. 'Our jobs live or die by a few hours of profit margin.' Skot, this is a symptom of crisis. Chances are, it will not become better, unless something is done about it, but worse. And sooner or later it will be like like the old tailor working 16 hours a day, failing to compete with the new tailor downtown, who has bought a sewing machine
  22. Skot: ' I'm still trying to see how a 3D model of a house/small commercial building can possibly be a cost effective way to create drawings.' I don't know about cost effiency, but to me, 3D is the only way. It is just a different way of thinking. I simply don't have the capability of former generations to hold a complete image in my head of how a building or a design would look like in real life. So I create that image with VW. The great advantage for a lesser spirit like myself is, that I can test and evaluate a number of variations, before I settle with the final solution - and at the end of the day, I can do it faster, than many 'old school' professionals do a similar 2D projects - as plans, sections, perspectives and presentations are all handled within the same workflow, and all changes in the design are implemented throughout the drawings almost automatically.
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