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  1. The interface for subdivisions is actually quite good. Editing meshes is a mess - until you convert them into subdivisions with 0 iteration - then they can be edited with subdivision tools and converted back to meshes . It is a handy tip, but all texture information of the mesh is lost. I wish, I could just click on a mesh to get a tool set similar to that of subdivisions. Also: Invoking the reshape tool on a subdivision does nothing. Why does it not just simply take you to the subdivision toolkit?
  2. "Of course, you lose all Subdivison functionality once you convert it to a Generic Solid" But not, of course, if you convert it to a regular solid. There is a best practice for this: Go to Front view. Draw a small rectangle from bottom left and up. Extrude it to 0. Place it in front of the subdivision. Send the rectangle to back. Add solid the rectangle and the subdivision. Apply texture - in any other mode than perimeter, the texture is now oriented according to the extruded rectangle, and can be easily scaled and repositioned with the attribute mapping tool. Enter the solid. Delete the extruded rectangle. Exit the solid - the mapping remains the same. And the subdivision can still be edited, but if you ungroup the solid, the texture mapping is lost.
  3. Rendering PDF's online via the publish menu and the Vectorworks Cloud in Service Select works fine. Any other format - like PNG images with transparency - does not work for me. I get random errors, that I do not understand. Batch rendering - on the other hand - is straightforward and very easy. But batch renderings are not supported by the Vectorworks Cloud, so I have to pause the workflow in order to do them. Is it very, very difficult for the programmers to add Vectorworks Cloud Rendering support to the batch rendering submenu? If not, I wish they would do that.
  4. I am going to bump this. I do not think Vectorworks developers have a clear idea about how fast full-time users like myself actually draw. It is not: "Hmm - now I am going to use this tool to perform that task..." The reality is: "Clicketyclickclickclick clicclickyty clickclickelick clickclicketyclick" In a very, very brisk pace. As a result, fragments of palettes are constantly being torn off left and right, because not all clicks fall at the exact, intended location. So every few minutes I have to relocate pieces of palettes and re-attach them in their proper position. Do anyone working at Vectorworks comprehend how desperately frustrating this is? Will anyone tell them, so I can get a fix?
  5. The 'rearrange palette feature' is the worst mistake by VW decision-makers in the 3 decades, I have used this software I would like the feature to disappear, but I guess that is not going to happen. So can I please have a button to lock down the palettes in any configuration? I am willing to pay extra for this, because I waste hours every week trying to locate fragments of a palettes, that have been accidentally torn off. Can anyone provide a fix? Any third party programmer?
  6. Will you please just provide an effing off-switch? Put an off switch on it. Come on. Let me kill the abomination. OOOFFFFF SSWWIIITTCCHHH Comprende?
  7. I need to find a shortcut to faster renderings of objects in an interior space. So I tried to import a panorama created in Renderworks back into VW as an HDRI background. The idea being, that I get the lighting and reflections right, so that I can make a composite in Photoshop, where the interior space and the objects on display have been rendered separately to save (a lot of) time. It sorta works. I need to rotate the HDRI 90° to match the camera view, but then it does so with great accuracy. But the dynamic range is missing and the reflections are dull as well, even if I change the setting to 32bit/channel Does anyone know how to cheat and get a decent result? regards, Kaare
  8. I spend hours every week trying to locate and reattach palettes, that have been accidentally torn off and moved, because that is what they do all of the time, and they cannot be locked down. And I do not even have palsy! I never heard of anyone who use this 'feature' for its misconceived purpose, so why is it still here? At least provide us with an off-switch, please.
  9. I spend hours every week trying to locate and reattach palettes, that have been accidentally torn off and moved, because that is what they do all of the time, and they cannot be locked down. And I do not even have palsy! I never heard of anyone who use this 'feature' for its misconceived purpose, so why is it still here? At least provide us with an off-switch, please.
  10. I suppose this is a known issue, but I cannot find it in any forum: in certain files, opengl misrepresents geometry in symbols by drawing it in the wrong location. The geometry is seen to jump when going from wireframe to opengl - but it cannot be selected in its new, false location. When copy-pasted into a new file, the geometry is represented correctly in opengl. I am not sure, but I remember this issue also occurring inside solid operations, that are not part of symbols. I have seen this in several versions and also in VW2021. Is there any fix?
  11. I use HDRI for most presentation renderings, and I use the same 3 or 4 all the time, because they are the only ones that consistently work well. When I try out a new one from HDRI Haven or such place, they almost always look wrong in scale. Like if my object is a tiny miniature. It does not make any difference that I scale the objects, but if I make the perspective extreeemly wide, I can get the right scale compared to the background, but the renderings are of course useless. Has anyone found a workaround for this? Should I put something in the wishlist in order to hopefully get a fix at some point in a distant future?
  12. Thanks, I'll give it a try. I am looking for something more akin to arrows in Powerpoint 🙂
  13. I think most users have used arrows with fill to illustrate flows or movement. They are not hard to draw, but it would be really nice to have a tool, that creates parametric arrows based on 2D lines, arcs and polylines.
  14. I use the boomerang a lot, when I fillet corners. I select accessible corners then press spacebar, then pan or select the flyover tool to make new corners selectable etcetera. Now with VW21 I often have to start over, because the boomerang mode fails to remain active when selecting the flyover tool. It is not a consistent error, and I am not sure why it sometimes works and other times it does not. If anyone else gets this error, please say so, perhaps it is a bug.
  15. When I move a 3D object in the screen plane, I often find that it makes unwanted jumps in the plane perpendicular to the screen plane as it snaps on to some geometry. For example: I move an object in the front view and snap it onto the edge of some other object. When I inspect it in top view, it has moved to a different position in the Y-direction. I did not want this to happen. Can I activate some constraint to stop this from happening? Can I use a different procedure without too much extra effort? Please advise, if you have a solution.
  16. There are days, where e v e r y single interaction with the OIP in VW21 releases the frontmost tab and makes a mess out of my desktop. I hardly think anyone requested this pestilent feature. I for one hate it with every fibre in my body. Please provide me with a lockdown mechanism, so that the OIP and navigation tabs remain where they are supposed to remain - and please do so before VW22. And for future reference: Please provide users with a choice, whenever you make 'smart' improvements to something so fundamental as the OIP.
  17. The tabs of my Object Info and Navigation palettes are jumping out of their sockets every second time I try to move the palette. This is very frustrating. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time to be able to move the tabs freely, but in real life, it is not. So hopefully I can lock the tabs down for good, but I cannot locate this function. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  18. Hallo again to my oldest nemesis. For years I have tried wishing, suggesting, begging, pleading, sarcasm and ranting in order to get a fix on this most annoying feature, but there it is again in VW2021. Who do I need to bribe? Otherwise good job on the update.
  19. Today at this very minute of this hour of this day, I finally received the attached pop-up message for the ten millionth time! I am so happy and grateful for the advice. A huge congratulations is in order to the programmer who wrote it, and the team that allowed it to remain in VW for all these years. I especially appreciate the amazing feature, that the application automatically deselects the heretic object, that caused the message. It is only fair, that I should have to reselect the bugger before converting it into a proper layer plane object. Some may argue, that a different dialogue would allow me to do this in an easier way, but then it just wouldn't be VectorWorks 🙂 Feel free to share any similar favorites of yours!
  20. On one of my iMacs with VW2020, object history has stopped working on objects, that are slightly complex, and the highlight and modify buttons on the OIP are dimmed. Have I accidentally changed some setting to get this phenomenon?
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