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  1. Hi! Unfortunately it concerns every kind of fog (lit fog, ground fog and normal fog).
  2. Hello! Thanks for the advice but I think it is not the matter of a VW verison. Might be a bug. I put the image prop as usually (there has to be a mask transparency otherwise there is no object dispalyed). When the normal lights are turned on - shadows are displayed properly but only when I turn lit fog, it seems like the program has a problem with transparency and of course it's wrong... If anyone likes to try it by himself and share his opinion (solution:) would be much appreciated:)
  3. Is VW2008 so limited that it can not render the image prop properly when lit fog is used? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi! Could anyone explain me please, why the image props can not be rendered properly when the lighting is set? I mean, the boundary of an image is seen - just like there was no transparency, and there is no light seen on the field which should be transparent. I know that I can turn off the lit fog but it's so limiting then and there is a lack of reality. Is it really a no way situation? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all! I would much appreciate help with describing how does it all work with the plugin between vectorworks and cinema 4D... I mean for example I have VB EXTERIORS 3D Plants which I can open and render in cinema 10R but I would like to export it to vectorworks - I tried that but only dxf files can be exported and this is the only possible file that can be imported in VW.. the problem is it doesn't open the textures which are fundamental! Is it feasible to export the file from cinema to VW 2008 with textures or am I asking too much? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! Does anyone have any idea how to create an appropriate lighting of plants in landmark? I mean, so called 3D objects (xfrog plants) are image props so if I want to create a nice lighting from the ground directed into the sky it doesn't affect the plant in an appropriate way, right? Or maybe there is some trick I don't know... Any advice?
  7. Hi! Does anyone know or can suggest a company that sells a huge library of plants (especially shrubs, annuals and perennials) made as image props or mcd files for landmark2008 - except xfrog libraries which don't have those enough. It could be any other kind of resource with simple photos of plants with black or white background, so creating image props would be very easy...? Thanks in advance!
  8. Can someone explain me what happens, please? When I sometimes open my project my plants don't have any filling. I noticed that entering the 2d edit plant tool restores the plants. The thing is that I really can't do this to every plant in my project because it takes a lot of time. Is it a bug?
  9. Thank you! My point is that (you probably will agree)there is still a lot of plant material missing. Few examples which I need immadietly to show my client in 3d are Cornus stolonifera 'Flaviramea' (the yellow winter effect), Potentilla fruticosa 'Abbotswood', Cotoneaster suesica "Coral Beauty'. I really don't know where should I look for those plants... I thought using VW 2008 will let me forget about the pencil:) Or am I asking too much?
  10. Can anyone tell me how can I put 3D hedge in landmark 2008? Where are the examples? Xfrog library is ONLY trees library! Please, if anyone know where I can get (or buy) 3D plants (shrubs, perennials and groundcovers) like xfrog quality?? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone solved the problem with rendering a landscape wall bezier in final quality renderworks or is it just a big bug?
  12. I would like to paste some 3d shrubs in my project to make a visualisation but unfortunately I can't find any in my libraries. After marketing trick of a big amount of plants in landmark 2008 I'm really disappointed... Could anyone tell me how is it possible that there are no shrubs like: Cornus stolonifera or Berberis thunbergii which are basic shrubs? I'm not even mentioning about groundcovers and perrenials!!?? Of course, there are many trees but where is the rest?
  13. Thanks a lot - adjusting the height takes a lot of time but it works fine!
  14. How can I make the DTM model to compose with the road(NURBS) correctly? The road was modified with edith path->and the points were given a heigt so the road is a slope. I tried with send to surface and update the DTM but the effect is wierd. Also create a PAD for dtm is turned on.
  15. Is it possible to fill the whole part of the roadway(tee) with texture?
  16. That is strange for me because I was used to use it all the time in CorelDraw X3 (there is no problem with exporting opacity in any image file...). The pdf format in VW2008 changes colours a little as I noticed (gradients mostly:(
  17. Sorry for asking one more time but I didn't get any response...so could anyone tell me how to keep the opacity while exporting to image file?
  18. ginger04


    Does anyone know why the opacity is not being exported with an image file export tool? And why it changes the colours a bit? Any suggestions to keep everything like it is on my screen?
  19. ginger04


    It comes out every time after working few hours with landmark 2008 when trying to edit plants: "A required resource was unavailable" and the program hangs... Has anyone had the same?
  20. Thanks a lot! It works:)
  21. I don't know what happened in my document (maybe I turned sth on) and it looks like that: when I go into edit 2D Graphics to edit plant it's not working - I can not highlight anything to edit just like it was locked. I tryed to unlocked this but doesn't help. I opened another blank document and it's ok. So, what could I tourned on? Maybe the DATA in the OIP or sth?
  22. Thank you! It works! It demands a little more effort but it is what I wanted:) Hopefully, someday it will be easier...
  23. I'll give you the precise example - I'm trying to draw a lawn in a 2D top/plan view between 2 objects, using polyline tool. 1st object is a hardscape border (shape of an irregular path) and 2nd object is a retaining wall (made from landscape wall bezier - it's a hybrid also of an irregular shape). It wouldn't be so irritating if the path wasn't also a hybrid (it's a slab seen in 3D) on which I can clip the lawn surface so it's going fast and easy. When I try to do the same with retaining wall it's not working (it shows the info: 'Illegal object(s) selected':(
  24. That's pretty odd, it's not being done automatically - more importantly it's a hybrid, isn't it; so it should be recognized as an object with surface... Tracing walls takes a lot of time or maybe there is a more simple way to do this...?
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