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  1. I am in a serious quandary here. I read these boards, and then called in to the Nemetschek Tech Support line to ask about the timeframe for the 12.5.2 fixes. The tech support guy told me that they were trying to decide "IF" they were going to release a fix for the problems. I was under the impression that something was definitely going to be released, so I asked again, to clarify, and was told the same response. I expressed my disappointment, given how recent a release version 12 is, and that I wasn't ready to upgrade to 2008 yet, since it is so expensive. I reminded him that right on the side of the box are the words "CAD for the Smart Sized Firm", and that this smart sized firm can't afford every single upgrade. The next words out of his mouth floored me: "If you can't afford to upgrade Vectorworks, how can you afford to upgrade your OS?". When I explained that I upgraded my OS because it was only 10 dollars, due to purchasing my new mac in the last month, he said "Well, gee, isn't a new Mac about $2000.00? If you can afford that, why can't you afford Vectorworks 2008?". My next question was met with even more idiocy. I asked about the poor souls who had purchased Vectorworks 12.5.2 new (not as an upgrade) only months ago, to now find out they are screwed. He responded, "If they don't like it, and they are within the warranty period, they can return it for a full refund." Well, gee, there's one way of TAKING CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. #1: I don't owe this idiot any explanation for how I choose to spend my money at my firm. Despite that, here is how most of us do things: 1) We plan a new computer purchase because we are facing a hardware limit. 2) We upgrade our OS, so that we can then plan to upgrade our software packages in the future. 3) We THEN upgrade our software as we can, taking advantage of the new OS. To do this in any other order doesn't really make sense. #2: This is, to coin a term, downright "AutoCadian" in nature. Forcing LOYAL users like me to purchase each and every single upgrade is ridiculous. Nemetschek's statement that they didn't have a final release of Leopard to use 12.5.2 on is ridiculous. How in the world does 2008 work with it??? To not support a software release that is only months old is just inexplicable. Somehow, my old copy of version 10 still works on Tiger, despite being years apart in their respective releases. #3: My firm, which is ME, has thousands of dollars invested in Vectorworks. We upgrade EVERY OTHER RELEASE, because that is the only way we can afford to. Forcing us into the AutoCad model of constant upgrades will force us to another CAD system, one which appreciates its customers. If Nemetschek comes out tomorrow with a total fix for 12.5.2, then I take it all back. But, I just don't understand how someone can make their brand new product totally compatible, while saying out of the other side of their mouth that they had no way of testing their previous product with the same operating system. It just doesn't make any sense. Someone from Nemetschek SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO DO SOME DAMAGE CONTROL HERE. Who knows how many of us are out here in the same situation: using what we consider to be a current product, only to have the rug pulled out from under us, with almost no explanation from the company to which we have forked over thousands of dollars to. SOMEONE FROM NEMETSCHEK PLEASE TELL US IN DETAIL WHAT IS GOING ON, AND WHEN WE CAN EXPECT A FIX. PLEASE!!!
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