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  1. or how about move the labels along the prop line so they are not on top of each other? thanks for being so patient with me
  2. yeah... i have it down to size 7 is there no other way.. like putting the whole label inside the prop line or something
  3. I have been using modify convert>objs from polyline>property line but the labels just over lap like you can see in the picture
  4. I have a drawing here of a housing development that I did for a class project. I'm new to vectorworks and so far are putting in lot lines with annotation of distance and bearing. I'm putting them in using the polyline tool then converting them to property lines. But my problem is the labels are all overlapping making all the adjacent lines unreadale any easy way to fix this? Thanks guys
  5. I have a Vectorworks 2008 file that I have a few layers of vectorworks work as well as a bunch from an imported autocad 2008 file(although do not know what it was orginally made in because when I first opened it in autocad it said it wasn't made in it). Everything works great but it crashes vectorworks 2008 designer(mac) on all the computers I try it on. does anyone have any Ideas on how to uncorrupt this file? I've tried exporting it to cad and then exporting from cad as adwg to back to vectorworks with no luck. Everything works fine in CAD and vectorworks except for classes. It's the oddest thing. Any Ideas?
  6. wow that's even more simple than I expected. thanks I appreciate it
  7. New here as well as to Vectorworks looking for some basic help with a project. I'm a landscape architecture student and have taken classes in autocad but am trying to teach myself vectorworks mainly because I'm a mac person. Our latest project which of course is due in under a week is siting a housing development. I've laid roads down using the polyline tool tracing a concept diagram I did but the roads are given a fill that is no where near inside the road. I don't even "need" a correct fill inside the roads because if I have difficulty in vectorworks I may end up hand rendering it or using photoshop just because of the urgency. I can post the file using yousendit if it helps but I don't want to monopolize anyone's time just looking for some help. Thanks


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