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  1. What happens if you turn "stack leyers" on and in the "stack layer options" tick "display 2D objects"? I havent tried this myself yet but Im sure ive seen it work (accidently) in one of my jobs.
  2. I would like better snapping of 3D objects also, it is possible with walls and other plugin objects etc why not extrusions?
  3. Yeah Id never use it for any presentation purposes but because its quick I use it while im making changes prior to doing one "final" viewport. Is it not a bug that openGL looks like this in this particular case?
  4. Can someone tell me whats happening with the attached image. The openGL doesnt seem to recognize the projection?
  5. So is it not possible to achieve the attached image using a viewport?
  6. I tried that and got the attached results???
  7. Is it possible to create a sectional viewport of say a cube but have that viewport at an angle say left isometric? Basically what Im trying to achieve is, I have a 3D Waterproofing Detail, I have several viewports all from roughly a left isometric view, in one of the viewports I want to give the impression of the object being ripped in half so I can see whats happening inside. I have attached an image I found on the net, it is basically what im wanting to achieve
  8. PS there are no light sources or doubled up VPs
  9. Can someone have a look at this image and tell me whats going on, waas working fine then I moved and alligned viewports and this happened. Viewports are set to: Background render = openGL Foreground render = Hiddenline
  10. In a 3D view why cant the mouse snap to the corners (points) of an extrusion, I can snap to the "centre", "object" etc but not the corners. (In the constraints I have "3d snapping" > "snap to edge points" ticked)
  11. Is this a wishlist item or a bug?
  12. Can someone from NNA please answer this??? Why cant classes be greyed in 3D openGL??? To be more precise the outlines are showing as grey but the fill doesnt? I know its possible for the object to appear as grey since when I grey the entire layer it works.
  13. I frequently use the "Align/Distribute" menu command. I basically use the 2 following commands: Align horizontal with distribute by spacing vertical. and Align vertical with distribute by spacing horizontal. It is a bit tedious having to continuously tick and untick the several boxes to get it to switch between these 2 preferences. Is there a way to save these 2 preferences?
  14. Haha yeah I get ya. Yeah I have noticed the same thing, appears transparent on screen then when printing comes out opaque. I have also noticed that if you have a hatched object then place a rectangle over the top (even if only partially covers the hatched object) then change the opacity, the hatched object prints out all weird, I can copy the hatched object and beside the other one, and provided the transparent object doesnt cover it at all it appears fine.
  15. At the moment when you change the opacity of an object the fill and line type both change accordingly. I think it would be handy if ther was the option to make the fill only opaque. Sometims you want the text solid but the whit background behind to be transparent.
  16. Excellent idea! Extrusions are great but not being able to dash them limits there use in plans.
  17. As you can see by the attached image, exprting as PDF works fine.
  18. Anyone have the following problem: I have a rectangle on my page with 10% opacity. When I export the image as a JPG, the rectangel appears as solid fill with no opacity why is this?
  19. CS1

    Beam Tools?

    Nah, there are specific beam sizes EG a 250UB40 may have the following sizes: Depth 250 Width 146 Flange 6 Web 4 etc etc There are basically three methods for using beams that I can see. The Steel section tool (you can get a perfect section including correct web and flanges sizes, but you cant give it any depth so is only usful for details) The Framing member tool (you can get a solid rectangular beam which you can control its line styles/dashes in 3D and in plans, but unable to get a good section) Extrude what you want Extrusions would be the perfect tool, except you cant control the line styles, so you cant show a beam dashed) Is there any plans to make it possible to dash extrusions?
  20. CS1

    Beam Tools?

    Ok, I was hoping the beam tool would have the option of entering generic beam names like 250UB40 etc. Do you know if the Wood I-joist tool has the option of changing the components dimensions (web, flange etc)
  21. I no how to create Associactive and Non-Associactive Hatches, But I dont know what the difference is. Can someone tell me or advise where I can find some info on them?
  22. Great thanks for that, havent used that "Tile" command before but looks very handy and easy to use.
  23. Anyone got any answers to this?
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