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  1. I think my computer specs are reasonable (shown below in signature) however when ever I create a site model my machine becomes extremely sluggish, I have no problems with any other programs (nor games ) which have intense graphics. I have attached the OIP info of the site model to hopefully give an indication on size and complexity.
  2. I have just creted a site model, the minor contours are set to units of 200mm with major contours at every 5th interval, this means that I get a minor contour at height increments of 200mm and a major contour at increments of 1.0m. All of the major contour heights (text) are odd numbers like 91999.96 when it should be 92000.00. Whats going on?
  3. OK so no matter how good a tool is there is always going to be a limit to what you can do with it (which is understandable). In which case you need to be able to create your own object, maybe not a beam maybe I want to create a "lump" I can create that fine with the various 3D modelling tools, but the reason Im using this program is because I draw plans and in plans I need to be able to control how the objects I draw look, I know I could make the lump blue in 3D I could make it have a solid green outline in top/plam view. what if the "lump" is on the first floor and I need to show it on the ground floor plans as dashed? Can I dash (show as item above current view, which is the standard) the 3D object? PS I dont want to have to draw it twice (hybrid symbol).
  4. Great news! So lets say I draw an "I" shape using the polygon tool, then extrude it then use the solid-subtraction method to cut holes along the length of the extrusion, can I show that object as dashed?
  5. Ok so lets say there is some object I need to create or some kind of odd beam that I am unable to achieve using the tools described above, I am going to need to create it myself say using extrusions, solid subtractions etc, Ive done this before, now I need to show these on my floor plan and I am going to need to show them dashed if they are above, is this going to be possible without creating a "hybrid symbol"?
  6. 5.36MB or 3.87 when zipped.
  7. Ok the file has done the same thing again numerous times. Havent Heard anything from NNA. Can someone please help?
  8. Does anybody know if we will be able to dash extrusions or other 3D objects?
  9. Opened a new file imported layers, classes and objects and is working fine now, corrupted file, have sent to bugsubmit.
  10. Tried uploading the file but get a message saying CGI error?
  11. I have two layers, layer one (Mod. Ground) contains the items which make up my model, layer two (Wkg. Existing Ground) contains three VPs of layer one, all VPs are off to the side and show exactly whats happening on layer one. I have set the layer visiblity and class visibilty to show/snap/all. I have checked both layers are visible and both are at the same scale, when layer two is active I can see layer one, however when I go to layer one, layer two is not visible. I have checked the VPs are in "none" class. If I draw an object on layer two, that object becomes visible but the viewports do not. I have done this on another renovation/addition job so that I can see my demolition and concept plan evolve as I alter items in the model. After flicking between the two layers a few times my program just shuts down in the blink of an eye with no error messages or anything.
  12. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=108366
  13. If you have drawn say a rectangle then you use the "plan rotation" feature to rotate teh view 90? the "width" indication points up or down the screen which is what it should do since its only the view that has changed not the objects orientation. If you draw a line horizontal say 0? then you do the same plan rotation, when you look in the OIP it says the line is 90?. The lines angle changes with the view, I dont believe this is how it should be. No matter what the plans view is the lines angle should remane the same.
  14. CS1

    Best render modes

    Thanks Dave thats been a huge help! Another question I have is... I have done the above and wanted to drag and copy about 5 other copies of the VP so I can see the difference between having the final gather accuracy at 10% 20% 30% etc, however as soon as I drag one copy of the VP and hit update it renders differetn than the original do you know why this is and how I can stop it from doing it?
  15. How are people creating their best concept images. At the moment take a SLVP showing the house model and site model layers. I have one light source (heliodon). I set the Background render mode to "final quality renderworks" and the foreground render mode to "none". I have lately been going in to the lighting options and setting the lighting environment to "curvy dome". Does anybody have any suggestions on creating better rendered VPs?
  16. Has anybody else noticed the following: You can select a SLVP by clicking on something visible in the VP. You can select a SLVP by clicking on lines visible in the annotation space of a VP. But if you try to select a VP by clicking on text that is visible in the annotation space of a VP it doesnt work.
  17. Ive actually been using the "unshaded polygon" mode with the foreground set to hidden line, this seems to work OK but there should be a better way. Brudgers what is "flat shaded"?
  18. You cant use hatches on 3D models with renderworks either, makes elevations interesting. I would love it if someone could prove me wrong.
  19. I know how to perform a "drape surface" like a table cloth over a table. What about if the top of the table was uneven? What I am trying to achieve is a basic waterfall. I have created the bed of the water fall with extrusions stagered down like steps. My plan was then to draw a rectangle over the staggered extrusions, extrude the rectangle 10mm then perform a drape surface, then apply a water tecture to the extrusion. When I attempted this the extrusion levelled off at the highest point of the stagered extrusions. Anyone got any ideas?
  20. I posted as a bug but havent heard any word yet (not holding my breath). I certainly hope Im not going to recieve this response which Ive seen on another post:
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