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  1. There has got to be a way to move the page on all sheet layers at once!!! I can change the size of all pages at once but if I move the page up and to the left on page 01 I then have to do the same operation on each page, what if i've got 50 pages or more! I know I can move all the Viewports instead but that takes just as much time. Am I missing something?
  2. When I save I VW08 file and then hover over the file in my folder (Windows XP) the "date modified" is out by several hours. For example the windows clock on the bottom right hand corner says 11:00am when I save, I can then hover over the saved VW08 file and it says it was saved at 3:18am or something. I am in New Zealand and think we are roughly 18hours ahead of North America, the difference in time doesnt seem to be a reflection of this. I thought that may have been the problem.
  3. It would be handy if you could undo pallete moves IE if I moved my OIP from the left of the screent to the right it would be handy if I could hit UNDO and the palette would move back.
  4. Did someone say use the REDEFINE option in the NAVIGATION Panel?
  5. It would be vary handy if worksheets could have drop boxes like on excel
  6. Once you've saved your views with various layers and classes switched on/off, to change these selections at a later date you need to go back in to the "edit save view" mode and show/hide the appropriate views again relying on your memory for which ones you want on/off. It would be easier if on your main screen if you could use the "navigation" panel to show/hide various layers and classes and then click on your existing save view in the "navigation panel and click somehting like "update" or "save changes to..."
  7. Great, this is my first time using records etc, it looks like it will save me a huge amount of time. Thanks for your help I would be lost otherwise
  8. I have 10 objects with "part information" available. Using your method above has done exactly what I need. I cant see a pattern thou to how the information is arranged For example The the ten objects are named "beam 01", "beam 02", "beam 03" etc etc etc I assumed that they would arrange alphabetically then numerically. However they are arranged in no apparent order Why is this? There doesnt seem to be a way to move this info either
  9. I have drawn a rectangle In the OIP>Data>Object Name, I have called it "rectangle one" In the Record Formats>Part Information, I have entered "6.0m" How can I create a worksheet that will show the "Object Name" in the "A" column and "Part Information" in the "B" Column? Hope this isnt too much of a rookie question
  10. Is there a way to create an equation so that when using the IF command a cell to the right of the active cell is shown also. In other words if I have the following information in my cells A1: 10 A2: 20 A3: 30 A4: 40 A5: 50 B1: example one B2: example two B3: example three B4: example four B5: example five In cell E1 can I have an equation which does the following If C1 = '20' then show the value of the cell to the right of A2 (which is B2 "example one") in cell D1 So in cell C1 if I enter '10' the text 'example one' will show in D1. So in cell C1 if I enter '20' the text 'example two' will show in D1. So in cell C1 if I enter '30' the text 'example three' will show in D1. etc etc etc I know i can create this by using something like the following in D1 =IF((C1=A1),B1,IF((C1=A2),B2,IF((C1=A3),B3,IF((C1=A4),B4,IF((C1=A5),B5,')))) This does what i need the only downside is I can't just click on the cell B2 and change the text from "example two" to "test two" and have it change in the equation in D1, I have to manually change it in the equation line. I hope someone can understand what I have just tried to explain
  11. What antivirus software are you using
  12. CS1

    Equation Question

    That equation you typed in worked fine first pop, thanks for that. It will take some time to learn the differet techniques (IE .. instead of : )
  13. If i have fit a wall to a roof at a later date is there a way to bring that wall back to normal?
  14. Is there a way to create a worksheet that the displays the name of the Design Layer or Sheet Layer that it is located on.
  15. CS1

    Equation Question

    In excel if i wanted to know the sum of a column I could use the equation =sum(A1:A30) and that would give me the total. This doesnt seem to work in the Worksheet. Is this information available in the help menu?
  16. CS1

    Equation Question

    Thanks Pat your a legend that works great, I think theres a bit to learn with worksheets. Another question for you: How would I create an equation similar to the previous one you created, that if GS1a is entered it displays (N3) but if GS2a is entered it displays (O3)?
  17. I want my worksheet to complete the following In my cell I want the value of cell N3 to display if Cell M3 has the text "GS1a" entered in it and to display the value of O3 if the value is not the text GS1a. I have used the following equation which works in Excel =IF('M3'='GS1a','N3','03') However If I enter "GS1a" the cell says "True" and if I enter something else it says "Fale" not the values Im after.
  18. In Excel Spreadsheetsyou can create a drop box with various selections in the drop down menu. Is this possible with Worksheets?
  19. Can worksheets and spreadsheets talk to each other and will the information still remain live between the two files?
  20. If I have a worksheet on my page to recalculate I can right click on the worksheet and click recalculate. What if I have 100 worksheets through out my file? If I do a Custom Modification I can change the attributes of the worksheets but cant recalculate.
  21. Do Vectorscripts and Spreadsheets talk to each other at all?
  22. Is it possible to paste calculation fields from my Vectorscript to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and still have the information live? For example: I have a line I have named "line one" I have created a vectorscript with the following calculation <=LENGTH(((N='Line One')))> This simply tells me the length of the line. Can I now paste this calculation into a excel spreadsheet, do a calculation, say (=LENGTH(((N='Line One')))x cellB5) = test value Then paste that value back into vectorworks and still have all the information live? So if I change the length of the line the value in my vectorscipt will change then my excel value will change and then in turn my vectorworks value will increase?
  23. I find with most pop-up boxes hitting the "enter" key engages the "no" or "cancel" option not the "yes" or "ok" option. It would goof if there was a shortcut key for "delete" also. The "cut" short cut is good for deleting
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