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    I have told the worksheet to select only those objects on a particular layer, that layer only has those particluar objects and no VPs. What can I do?
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    PS to clarify further, once I have entered the criteria info the "criteria" panel says "objects that meet the criteria" 5", when I click OK and go back to the worksheet there are 50 objects.
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    I have a worksheet with a database. The selection criteria is all objects whose layer is X whose class is Y and whos Record is Z. On layer X there are 5 objects that meet that criteria. There are no VPs on the layer. In the worksheet howvere it brings up results including all the instances on VPs, by this I mean if there are 5 objects on that layer and that layer is shown on 10 viewports it tells me there are 50 objects that meet that criteria. How can i make my criteria more specific???
  4. Why is it that I have a framing member selected and in the OIP I have set the fill and line colour to red yet the object shows as black? Framing members dont have embeded objects either.
  5. Why is it that when I enter the annotation space of a SLVP and draw something, then exit, all my SLVPs through my drawing show up with the red candy cane border as thou they need updating? Nothing has changed for them to need updating, it is frustrating.
  6. Im sure someone else can give some more detailed help but in the meantime. With each viewport you can slect the viewport then in the OIP (Object info Pallette) click classes then double click on a class name or hit edit, you have the ability here to override any class settings for that viewport only (class override). On the navigation pallette right click on the particular sheet the elevations are on and hit edit, under DPI check the value, I use 75 for elevations 300 for final perspectives. 300 still takes ages with specs below in signature. On the viewport you can double click and select "annotation" this will take you to a area at tthe same scale as the viewport where you can draw overtop. Im pretty sure this is a video card thing. Hope that is of some help.
  7. Dont know anyone can help here. When you have two roof faces that of the same roof pitch running at 90? to each other the valley is 45? to the direction of the two roofs. Does anyone know the math for how to work out the angle of this valley when the roof pitchs are at different pitches?
  8. I think this is what your after, in the Navigation Pallette, right click in the sheet layer that the viewport is on, then click edit, the DPI will be around 72, I have mine set to about 150-200 then for my final presentation I have been upping to 300.
  9. For some reason over the last few weeks my VW app is having the following problem. When I select a SLVP Then click on classes Then select a class and hit edit I am able to adjust the attributes for that paricular class in that SLVP only (class override). However when I click the hatch area to change the type of hatch, the pallete of available hatches flashes up for a split second with out being able to hover over any and select or scoll up and down though the available hatches. I have to click and hold on the visible hatch and move the mouse over the 12 or so visible hatches and release once im over the desired hatch. This means I am not able to scroll up or down. This does not happen with any other pallete, for example to change the line weight I click once a drop down of the available line weights appears and I can hover over one and click to select.
  10. Problem solved! Thanks guys VW doesnt seem to recognize the class visibilities once the object has been converted from a sectional VP to lines. Thanks all so for the tips on changing the size/scale etc looks like as usual there are numerous ways to achieve what I am after.
  11. I have a sectional viewport (not showing 2D objects beyond section line) I have selected the viewport, converted copy to lines, cut the group, then pasted on to a design layer, then scaled the object (1:1 to 1:50), I select the group, double click and enter the group. I now have a copy of my sectional viewport in lines, I "select all" (ctrl+a) and only about 8 lines are selected (there should be about 40). I have checked the show/snap/modify classes is on, I have also checked the view is top/plan, If I cut the 8 lines from the group, then exit the group, it still show on my OIP that I have a group selected, If I however I deselct the group then try selecting it again by clicking on it this doesnt work, I have to drag the curser around the group to select it, I can then not enter the group by simply double clicking I have to use the Modify > enter group menu command and then I am still not able to select anything. I have tried closing and reopening the file and have also restarted my machine but still the problem remains. Whats going on?
  12. I find that if I have an existing wall that I didnt set up the textures before creation, then go in to the render section of the OIP and change left/right to "all", the texture applies to all sides. If I then associate a different texture to that wall it doesnt take effect to all sidesm I have to reselect the wall change the all to left then back to all again. this happens with all walls that I try and associate a tecture after creation. If I use the wall tool and adjust the texture side to all before drawing the wall then all is fine.
  13. I used to have this problem all the time, program would crash teice a day and was always when double clicking on text to edit a text block. I jumped straight from V11 to V2008 and dont have the problem anymore.
  14. I had a similar problem awhile ago, have you changed your computers regional settings or keyboard launguage settings lately? I changed mine from US to UK or something and found that in one of the regional settings it made the left shift key not work for some operations, the "" tool worked differently and there was a couple of other small changes.
  15. The odd textures shows the same in VPs and on the design layer, I have also checked all the render settings on each wall and they are the same. I have since changed the texture Im using and works fine so problem was with the vertical striped texture not the model.
  16. What happens if you convert the two polygons to lines, then select all lines and compose.
  17. Check the Navigation > Classes > Class Options > is set to show/snap/modify others.
  18. Thanks for that Dave! I had no idea this could be done.
  19. I have a model of a two storey house, All the walls have one texture associated, the texture has been created using renderworks. Shader > Color = vertical stripe (scale 1, width 0.1) Reflectivity = None Transparency = None Bump = None Size = 10 When I rotate round the model (in Final Quality Renderworks) the texture changes, From some views the walls look fine while the other walls look like theyve had the "scale" changed in the OIP > render tab. The texture is supposed to appear as vertivcal stripes around 200mm to 300mm wide with thin vertical lines around say 10mm. Occasionaly the texture appears to be 20 times this size. Its not the same walls that are chowing in each view, it just depends as to which view I am looking from as to which walls will show wrong. I would expect to see this if I was using openGL.
  20. I had a similar situation where I needed all the values to return a positive valuse regardless if the original value was negative or positive. I did the following (N being the original number) (N?) [sqaure root of N]. Basically multiplying any value by itself wether negitive or positive returns a positive value. (+ x + = +), (- x - = +). Then I just take the sqaure root of that value and done. Hope that helps.
  21. So once we have updated to VW2009, there is no doubt going to be bugs, especially with the new 3D capabilities, Once VW2010 comes out it would be safe to say a lot of those bugs are going to go unfixed also?
  22. Yeah this would great! I hate having selected an item then having to go through the list of classes to find the correct one to alter.
  23. Thanks for that Peter didnt realise you could use the set 3D view without it becoming distorted (perspective).
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