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  1. Does anyone have this problem> If I rotate my plan then select two objects and use the align distribute tool, the OIP says two objects selected but the objects on screen disappear and their highlighted selection box disappears. I have checked that I only have two objects selected (two rectangles) with no other objects on screen that may through it off. If I reset the plan to horizontal and perfrom the same task it works fine.
  2. Yeah thanks Peter that might be my solution. I have a viewport of the objects in an isometric view and in the VP OIP I have gone to layers and edited the apllicable layers and changed the opacity to 20%, On updating the VP nothing has changed. What does the layer opacity do?
  3. I have two extrusions both are rectangular. One is to represent timber framing the other is to represent cladding. I am doing a 3D detail in colour and need to show the cladding as opaque so the timber framing can be ghosted behind. How can I change the rectangles opacity? As soon as the 2D rectangle is extruded the ability to change its opacity on the Attributes pallette disappears. I know one option would be to give the extrusion a texture with transparancy set but this wil become to cumbersome later on. Alternatively if I could some how make a VP semi transparent this would work also?
  4. I am having the same problem. OS is XP Latest SP and build. When mine crashes I get an error message, it doesnt just crash. Backup setting are set to every 5mins and keep laast 12.
  5. I had a aimilar problem. I copied some text and pasted it in the "find String" and made the change in the "replace string". I hit OK and it came up with a message saying something like "no instances of that text could be found". I went back into find/replace didnt change any text and just clicked OK again and it said something like 30 occurences. It has done this to me a few times. I used this tool in V11.5 alot and never had this problem and I have checked the obvious like ticking the group and worksheets boxes.
  6. If I delete all my classes except "none" and "dimension" everything works fine. As soon as I create or duplicate a new class it turns to S
  7. I have 4 walls: 1 good, 3 dodgy If I select all 4 the OIP says 4 walls selected if I zoom in or out a few times the selection automatically drops the 3 dodgy ones and says I only have one wall selected now. Does any1 know whats wrong?
  8. Have discovered the problem is class specific. Have found some items in a certain class that work fine. If I change the class of a "problem" object and put in a another class it works fine. Problem doesnt seem to be speific to any object types. Have deleted problem file. Opened a new file with no classes or objects and started fresh but am getting same results.
  9. Normally in VW when I drag an object or several objects, when I finish dragging the objects are still selected (in he OIP). I have opened my file for today and am finding as soonas I drop the dragged item the item is deselected and I have to reselect the object. Is there a setting I have unticked?
  10. Can I jump straight to SP2R3 or do i need to install the earlier updates first?
  11. Woh Woh woops haha, studying
  12. Ah ha sweet as I see, thank you
  13. Yeah the prefs on the PC have an effect on other programs but not VW
  14. haha no neva used a drawing board, maybe while studing. What can the "redline tool" do that the "line" tool set to red cant do?
  15. If I have a string of text say 10 characters long and I make the 9th and 10th characters bold. Then I use the "find replace text tool" and insert say 2 characters at the begining of the 10 characters. Now the 11th and 12th characters should be bold, but Im finding its the 9th and tenth that are remain bold. Example (using capitals instead of BOLD) abcdefghIJ (original string) zzabcdefGHij (replaced string) The i and j should remain bold but instead the "bolds" placement in the string of text is remaining (in the 9th and 10th place). Hope all that makes sense
  16. I need to be able to change the amount of zoom when I roll my mouse wheel in or out. The standard amount is way too much.
  17. Have tried several mice and this doesnt change either
  18. I find that when I zoom in or out using the wheel on the mouse the zoom steps in or out way to much. I thought it may be a windows issue so I went to the mouse settings in the control panel and adjusted the wheel settings there, this made no change to VW. How can I change this?
  19. Is there away to hide the objects in the background? So I can just see and edit the objects that are cut by the section line?
  20. Im pretty sure in archicad you could cut a section and then move objects in that view, for example in a section view select the FLOOR and move up 100mm or so. In VW2008 how do I do that. I know if I create a SECTIONAL VIEWPORT and then go in to the EDIT DESIGN LAYER mode it takes me back to TOP/PLAN view. And if I cut a 2D section that just explodes it to line. What am I missing?
  21. Yeah I use that but would find it handy to have the option on the OIP also, I may be the only one thou.
  22. To have : Edit Crop Edit Annotation Edit Design layer On the OIP of viewports.
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