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  1. I have also tried copying and pasting on the same layer and same thing happens
  2. I have a DLVP on DL1 showing various objects from DL3, when I click "lock position" half the objects disappear. If I then untick the box the objects dont reappear. Also if I copy the DLVP on DL1 and paste on DL2 the same thing happens. All the layers are at the same scale. In the effected DLVP I can turn on all classes and objects still wont show.
  3. These may be of help www.cben.net www.vectordepot.com
  4. I have two DLVPs on one Design Layer, I use the "Pick up Attributes Tool" (eyedropper) and in the settings I tick all the boxes (VP atributes as well). When I try take the attributes from one DLVP and apply them to the other nothing happens. The Layer and class visibilities remain the same so do the class overrides etc. Does anybody know whats going on?
  5. Seems to be just file specific. I have restarted VW and the computer and still had the problem. I also swapped workspaces and back again without a change. I have since opened a new file and imported the layers and objects etc and problem has gone away. Must have been a corrupted file. Thanks for your time.
  6. I have just started getting this problem. I always work in Top/Plan View, but now when i exit Groups the view changes to Top. I am not using symbols. When im on the page the view is set tp Top/Plan, when I enter the Group I check the view is still on top/Plan, when I hit exit Group and return to the Design Layer the View changes to Top. I can repeat this process over and over again.
  7. Thanks for that Ray I have been doing some reinstalling on my machine and somehow my application had reverted back to an "unupdated" version.
  8. Does anybody know why my VW application continues to run slower and slower as the day progresses. If I close and restart my machine it runs at a good speed again but then gradually gets slower again over about 2 or more hours. I dont use any other program with the same intensity as I do with VW so I cant realy tell if its just program specific or my machine. Hoping its not a virus The only other program I tend to run is Outlook and occasionally Word.
  9. These ideas sound great, has anyone added them to the wishlist?
  10. Haha thanks Peter, in your opinion how worth while has it been upgrading from 2008 to 2009?
  11. Has anyone else noticed that if you try using the eyedropper to take the opacity of an object and apply it to another object it doesnt work? I am just using rectangles and I have ticked the "object opacity" box in the eyedropper settings.
  12. I get this problem about once a week, but I am running 2008, any reasons as to why it does this?
  13. I am working on a layer and in the background I have another layer visible which only contains a DLVP. On the the layer I am working on I can snap to 2D objects that are visible in the DLVP but I cannot snap to extrudes. In my constraints pallette I have 3D snapping turned on and both layers are in top/plan and at the same scale. If the extrudes were on the layer and not in the DLVP I would be able to snap to them.
  14. Does anyone know why my file is starting to act extremely slow, when I am zoomed out from the page (so the floor plan takes up most of the screen) it responds almost instantly, when I zoom in say to an area 3.0mx3.0m it takes almost 5 seconds just to snap to a point or for the OIP to come up.
  15. Anyone know what could be the cause, have tried different mouse.
  16. Yeah I have been suffering with the same problem. I did experiment with a bit of maths and the XCenter and YCentre functions etc (using a 2d loci on each corner of the extrude within the symbol and referenving to the loci rather than the extrude. And then used a bit of pythagoris for the extrudes at an angle. From memory Once you can get 2 contants you can use the volume (tool) divided by two of the contants to give you the third value. IE if you use the height tool and can get the length to work then in order to get the width rather than using painfull maths, just use the VOLUME (function) divide by the hieght and length. That probably makes no sense but sorry am in a bit of a hurry.
  17. Problem also occurs if I have an object selected then do one zoom out or one zoom in, object deselects after zoom, also if I change a value in the OIP the object deselects after updating.
  18. CS1


    All good I have been able to replicate in a new file so have just emailed it now and is only around 3Mb.
  19. Unfortunatly the file size is far too large to email and dont have the time to go through removing things and checking if the problem still exists. In the meantime I have found an odd temporary fix. It seems if in Tools > Options > VW Prefs > User Folder, If I change the reference folder, then close VW then reopen and change back to my original and close and reopen again, it works fine... for about half a day. From what I can tell the framing member tool seems to set the problem off more than any other tool.
  20. CS1


    Thanks Hugues, what size file can I send?
  21. CS1


    Yeah I have checked this. In the column headed "=L" I get a list containing only the one layer name. I also have a column giving me the length and that just hos duplicates of the same value. Basically Im using the worksheet to give me the info for engineered beams. If I have 10 beams named "beam one, beam two etc" and 5 layers. The beams are only on "layer one". And there is one VP on each of the other 4 layers. I get something like the following. Beam 01 5.010m Layer One Beam 01 5.010m Layer One Beam 01 5.010m Layer One Beam 01 5.010m Layer One Beam 01 5.010m Layer One Beam 02 4.090m Layer One Beam 02 4.090m Layer One Beam 02 4.090m Layer One Beam 02 4.090m Layer One Beam 02 4.090m Layer One etc etc etc My criteria for the worksheet says all objects whose layer is "layer one" whose type is "framing member" whose record is "eng".
  22. CS1


    Yeah I tried that and it seems no matter how specific I am with the layer reference ( layer with only 1 VP, or model with just objects) the criteria pallette says I have Z number of those objects that meet the criteria but when I exit It says I have Z x "number of layers". Hope that makes sense.
  23. Well its a few months down the track and still having the problem havent heard back from NNA. What do I do now?
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