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  1. When I use the X location in the Label Legend - The displayed X value is'n what the x location actually is... Why don't they match?
  2. I set my user origin to the end of my object - a long truss. I have light fixtures hanging along that truss. I want to use the label legend to display the x location in relation to the user orgin but its way off. My first light is like 3' away from the end of the truss and the displayed x location for the label legend is like -25' Why don't they match?
  3. I guess it is for 2D symbols... Is there a way to have it not be solid?
  4. This is what it looks like. There is a lot of detail lost under that selection...
  5. So - Not a fan of the selection tool creating a solid orange shape over the object you have selected. Can't see objects above or under it at that point. And it makes it cumbersome to grab a handle and move it if you can't see where its going to. Is there any way to turn the fill off on this and just have a border? Or maybe making it translucent? Thanks - M
  6. I use VW 2011 on OSX. Recently installed Landru's Producer Pack 2 by carefully following the directions. When I go to use any of the following I get this error message twice each time and I cannot use the plugin: "A vectorscript error has occurred on this locked plug-in. Refer to the file 'error output' for further explanation". Stage Deck 2 Stage Plug 2 Stage Ramp 2 Stage Stairs 2 VS4 - Blended Screen VS4 - LED VS4 - Projection I have made sure the option in settings is not checked to stop scripts on error. I have reinstalled the plug ins and have even removed everything and reinstalled the app. Then I tried to remove the app and all files and reinstall. Still happens. Contacting Landru didn't lead anywhere as I can not locate the file they want to see. Anyone else ever have this or know what to do to get rid of it?
  7. Recently I have been using OnstageLighting's method of shuttle files and viewports. Normally I will take a clients .dwg file and import it into VW (2011) and save it then create a new doc and make a design layer viewport of the first document (.dwg file) and then I create my plots and such. Works great. However I am working with a PDF file (client cant send a .dwg for some reason) and was wondering if I can make it work the same. I have done all of the same steps as before but I end up with a greyed out rectangle instead of the drawing. But I can tell that the drawing is there as it will flash visible then grey itself out if I try to manipulate it in any way. Is there a better way to do this? What I am really after is a common file (the PDF) and then referencing several areas off of it into other drawings more like sheet layer viewports... Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  8. Using 2K8. Custom Render Mode. As I said I have played with the Dist Fall and Ang Fall and can't quite get what I want. I messed around with the "litfog" density and came close to what I want - Although the overall quality of the "haze" suffers as well.
  9. Is there a way when rendering in "litfog" mode to not have the beams of light continue till they hit a solid surface? I have tried messing with the Dist Fall and Ang Fall settings - but still do not get what I am looking for. The end result that I want is "haze" visible for about 10' from the light. Is this a "litfog" setting?
  10. Anyone know how to get the Basic and Tool Sets palettes back once they are closed? I tried under Windows/Palettes and then reselecting them - but they won't come back. Any help? I have version 12.5.2
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