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  1. Have you installed either the "YouSendIt" application -or- the Microsoft Office 2013 preview? Installing those applications would cause Vectorworks to be unable to launch for me. After removing those apps, Vectorworks would come back to life.

    (Edit- in original reply, I said "DropBox" app, but the problem I had was actually with the "YouSendIt" app. Sorry for any confusion.)


  2. I have seen this problem as well on 2 different Win 7 64bit machines. Install disables both Vectorworks 2010 & Vectorworks 2012. Removing the Office Preview restores Vectorworks ability to launch. This problem also exists after installing the YouSendIt application. Again, removing the application allows Vectorworks to launch.


  3. I agree with Rick that the workflow for importing into data into Vectorworks is needlessly complicated. At a minimum, one should be able to set the default MAPPING file as a preference and ONLY change it when necessary. In addition, the name of the data file itself should be persistent- at least within a session.


  4. How does one uninstall VW2008. I cannot find an entry in the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS Control Panel Applet nor in the Vectorworks subfolder on the Start Menu. This goes for my XP Pro desktop as well as my Vista Laptop.



  5. khelvig-

    I have experienced unmovable label legends before. As you described, it seemed to be only certain fixtures on the plot. I was under a deadline at the time, so I just worked around the problem. Problem was experienced with VW 12.5.x under XP Pro. I just opened that file with VW 2008 and the problem still exists, so it appears to track with the file. I would be happy to submit the file to NNA if it would help.


  6. Thanks for the reply, Cris. I installed VW2008 on my laptop and got the same results so I figured these were actual bugs and not a system specific thing. I too am getting the "several minute freezes" on my XP machine, but not on my Vista laptop. I appreciate you taking the time to fill me in though.

    Katie, Kevin & NNA: I am somewhat amazed that this product ("Spotlight") was deemed ready for release. Quite literally I found these problems within 30 minutes of installing the upgrade. How can NNA charge $435 for an upgrade to a product that hadn't been thoroughly checked out. It seems to me that either NNA knew there was a problem with Spotlight functions and decided to release anyway -OR- NNA didn't to check the functionality with one of the big new features of VW2008. I don't know which is more disturbing.

    Is there an ETA on a bug fix for these problems?


  7. It appears that the new (finally) rotated plan view in VW 2008 does not work with spotlight functions:

    -Inserting a fixture onto a "Rotated Top" view causes the display to go into some strange rotated "3d top view". Fixtures on the current layer shift into a wireframe view and the display grinds to a halt. The instrument insert tool also gets de-selected. Reselecting the instrument insert tool will revert the display to the correct view momentarily, but some label legends will disappear.

    -Moving a fixture while in a "Rotated Top" view creates similar results. As does hitting "Refresh Labels".

    -Label Legends will randomly disappear in rotated views. You need to return to TOP/PLAN view and then REFRESH LABELS or INSTRUMENTS to get them to appear.

    -Double Clicking on a fixture in rotated view will sometimes cause the fixture to disappear. Once the fixture has disappeared, I cannot get it to return- even by reverting to the un-rotated TOP/PLAN view.

    Running XP-Pro on a Dual Core 3ghz with 3gB of ram and 256mb nVidia 6800.


  8. I am running vw 12.5 on Vista with Dual Core 3ghz and 2gb ram. No need to worry-- it runs just as slowly as it did under XP, file sizes are still ridiculously large, and you still cannot rotate a 2D plan view.

  9. I don't know whether this feature is in VW 12 or not- NNA has not responded to my question yet.. so I will wait to hear their answer. My fear is that, like Mike and Ariel, NNA also believes that this is not a "real" issue- to my knowledge, they have never acknowledged this in these boards. This is not a "migration" problem- this goes directly increasing efficiency, accuracy and interoperability with other programs.

    Back in the days of manual drafting, if a building was at 11 degrees off of normal- we would pick up the paper, rotate it to align the building to the parallel rule and tape the sheet back down! Why does this concept seem so foriegn to NNA- its BASIC DRAFTING!!

    I have been a VW user since 8 and upgraded every time to 9, 10 & 11. If this basic functionality is in 12- then kudos and thanks go to NNA! If its missing, I feel that we deserve an OFFICIAL response to if and when we will ever see this implemented.


    [ 10-13-2005, 01:13 PM: Message edited by: Haich ]

  10. Sure Katie. I'm referring to having the ability to rotate the view of the editing window to an arbitrary angle when in the 2D Plan view. In AutoCad terms, UCS (user coordinate systems). I'm not referring to rotating the Crosshairs or the Grid angle, but actually rotating the view. While this is possible in 3D space in VW (Rotate 3D View command), it is noticeably absent in 2D and represents (in my opinion) the greatest shortcoming in VW up thru 11.5. Please see the following thread in Wishlist started over 3 years ago:


    Has VW 12 implemented this functionality?

    Thanks for your attention.


    [ 10-12-2005, 10:46 PM: Message edited by: Haich ]

  11. Viewports in 11 really make a huge difference, especially for those who are used to having the functionality from AutoCAD. Worth the upgrade for this feature alone.

    VW 11 is REDICULOUSLY SLOW! I personally find it to be slower than 10.5. I have a reasonably fast machine (XP Pro, AMD 3200+, 1.5 gigs ram.) and I dread working on complex drawings because of the speed issues.

    All in all, if your bread and butter comes from working in VW and generating multiple plates with multiple details from the same "drawing", VW 11's Viewports will make your life a lot easier. If you generate 1 plate from 1 drawing without details, and you are happy with vw10- you would be fine to stay with it.

    There is still plenty of room for improvement with 11.5 or 12 though!

    VW Really NEEDS user coordinate systems and the ability to rotate the 2d plan view. Also VW could use some improvements in workgroup referencing- i.e. rotating references, inserting references at different origins.


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