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  1. Thanks for your tips (english better than alot of english speakers by the way!). i'm collecting everything I can find on exporting from VW to .dwg and then I'll sift through it and collate an export guide for VW users and run it past some competent VW users to make sure it agrees with their experiences. apart from the usual layer problems with VW exports (everything on a few or one layer(s)) we also somtimes have problems with scaling of dimensions and text which end up huge (probably 1000x scale) and all clustered around 0,0 coordinate. thanks
  2. As a frustrated AutoCAD user (frustrated both at it not being as user friendly as Vectorworks and at having to use converted VW drawings) does anyone have a 'Guide to Exporting to AutoCAD from VectorWorks'? Or a list of pointers? We would love to have a quick guide to pass to VW consultants for optimal .DWG export. We waste many hours tidying up, for example, an architects layout into a usable state, only for it to be revised the next day and to have to repeat the process. I'm sure that the problem is not a VW one per se - rather VW users lacking export knowledge. Primarily, as Landscape Architects, we are concerned with receiving accurate plan information, and usually prefer only 2D data for our use. We generally require to be able to control layer visibility, colour and line thicknesses ourselves as we reference the drawings into our own and commonly are required to edit the drawing directly prior to returning to said VW consultant. Having read a number of threads on this general topic, I appreciate that VW users are equally frustrated at .dwg imports, so if anyone wishes to offer a list of VW requirements of AutoCAD drawings, feel free...
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