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  1. I have worked in 3D in Vectorworks for years but the past 5 years have been all Sketchup for 3D. Now with version 2011 I might model again in Vectorworks. Gettting started with the demo version of 2011 I was a bit surprised to see the "narrow" and other perspective modes still present. It seems so clumsy to work like that, in a weird perspective window. Sketchup is so much easier to work with I can hardly expect anyone these days still working with Vectorworks way of working in perspective view. But maybe I am no longer up to date on how its best to work in 3D in Vectorworks 2011, maybe there is a good way to work in 3D, either in perspective or orthogonal. And maybe even in some kind of shaded mode that is fast enough to model in. Any help is very appreciated. Francois
  2. We used to model everything in VW but once we got into Sketchup we never got anything done in VW anymore. Sketchup is more intuitive, much and much faster, and easier to edit and to use in the communication with customers. Then to render photorealisticly Sketchup models are easier as well, many options available from free to super highend commercialized render app's. We have also started to model in Modo lately. We still make all our engeneering drawings and layouts for drawings in VW though. Francois
  3. I sent Next Limit a request by email. Did not yet get any reply. I did a search on this board on Maxwell and it looks like C4D is fixed to Nemetchek. Little chance to see Nemetchek being interested in helping the competition.
  4. I used the mighty mouse by Apple for as long as its on the market. Never had a problem with it and use VW daily. Scroll functionality is perfect. I also bought the magic mouse and it seems indeed good as well. Although I wonder if I want to move a mouse around that has the weight of two batteries in it. I used a bluetooth mouse before and did away with it because I always felt response lag time however little.
  5. Maxwell is the ultimate render app. Its renders unbiased, iow the final rendered image should be as real as it gets. It allows me to use very simple Sketchup models to render realisticly under the physical sun or a studio setup. As if you are using wood or foam to make models. Once you are a bit handier in Maxwell some details of buildings can be looked at in a way only a unbiased renderer can give you. Hard to explain really, its magic. I understand the use of C4D but the use of what Nemetchek offers in terms of rendering I find below any level. Its almost discraceful for such a wonderful app as Vectorworks really is. But it might open the way for Maxwell. I wonder if I get anymore replies here. Maybe I should change the topic's subject in "who would like the best render app on Vectorworks". Francois
  6. Hi, Would anyone be interested in an exporter/plugin to export VW models to Maxwellrender ? I am interested to ask NextLimit to provide for such a plugin. But only if there is enough support for it here. I don't know of any architects in Holland who renders in VW. Nemetchek discourages rendering in VW by excluding it from the standard versions of VW. I am sure because its not exactly up to date with current technology. Any thoughts on this are appreciated. I think hardly any architects model in VW anymore in 3D. The competition has left wireframe modeling and boxed perspective view far behind it. But still VW has some handy tools for engeneering in 2D/3D that makes it interesting to assemble 3D info for 2D drawings. Once the 3D info is there it might make sense to render in a state of the art renderer like Maxwell. Francois
  7. thanks, but it did not work for me. Setting the accuracy higher is better but still the object move a little. New in VW13. I think its a bug that needs attention. I am getting more and more used to VW13 and very happy with it. Still, double clicking a rotated viewport to a designlayer messed up nested symbols and class visability. Not being able to use the OIP for adjusting width and lenght is bad of course. Rotating the workfield is great of course and its annoying we can't use it for the mentioned bug.
  8. its even easier now, on a mac, command P, PDF, mail PDF and a second or so later Apple mail opens with the on screen sheet or designlayer, your drawing in pdf ready to send when you have given an address. It can hardly go any faster. I can send a drawing in less then 1,5 seconds, Leopard, VW 13 and a Macpro. Just found out today you can print as "mail PDF".....lol.
  9. Thanks Mike, will look into that again, might have been related to using a default hatch name. I am sure I will come up with more bugs later this week and next week. Then I am off to the Philippines for 4 weeks so then I am indeed among the lucky ones who don't need to attend their daily work...
  10. Here are my bugs after two days of work, they might have been bugs before but I just noticed these after the upgrade and I am a full time user on a daily basis: 1.data input for the size of a polygon in the info palette moves polygons a little. This is for changing the size of already drawn polygons. The move is under the precision accuracy but very noticable and real. 2.entering a rotated viewport destroys the file. Symbols are lost or changed. I solved this by exporting the file back to 12.5 and import it again in VW13. I solve this by no longer using rotated viewport or not going from a rotated viewport to a designlayer with the viewport atributes. This is a serious bug that could completely mess up your file. Be careful, I almost freaked out ...lol. 3.some plugins turned gray with the upgrade, solved this with the help of Gerard by reasigning the plugins in the workspace editor. 4.VW13 crashed and lost its organisation pallete on restart. Bringing up the organisatoin palette made VW crash again. Not solved yet. Gerard sugested overiding the whole folder VW2008 with a fresh one. 5.copying objects from file to file made me loose the hatch patterns in their proper form. Not solved or found a workaround yet.
  11. no problems here with export, just tried and getting good dwg en pdf's. I had a problem with the dwg/dxf and pdf export menu items showing up in gray and had to delete and assign those plugins again in the workspace editor. good luck, if it works for me on my laptop I am sure you can as well.
  12. I am a fan of Vectorworks and support NNA for their good work on this great CAD application. As I wrote before, they must have been unaware of the problems a few of their users must have walked into. Obviously those, among me, where annoyed. Hopefully NNA will sort it out for those who still need some time to update to VW13. I am new here on this forum and did not know about the "Petri problem". Thanks to the forum members for the warnings I got and I will ignore Petri's post in the future.
  13. NNA must have know about the update issues. If they had sent out a mail to their resellers they could have warned their customers not to get overly excited about Leopard unless they update to 2008. Without a statement by NNA why they did not share their experiences in the past months many will feel annoyed and for a good reason. Anyhow, it might be comforting to know that for me, the update to Leopard and VW2008 is a big improvement, I love it and would not go back to 10.4 and 12.5
  14. The contribution of Melshimber is contributing to us all inspiring NNA to update 12.5.2. For many that is interesting, saving money, rather serious money if you have more than a few employers. The majority of apps on Leopard works fine but VW seems to have serious bugs. As I have switched to Leopard and VW2008 I can recommend the switch very much. The added functionality in VW2008 and the new features in Leopard are absolutely great. I am in the middle of a project and am very happy with my decision. Apple does not sell Leopard stating you should wait half a year for installing it and neither did NNA for users of 12.5. I feel NNA could have been a little more helpful in providing info while testing 2008 and Leopard in relation to their previous versions. After all, the largest group buying Leopard is probably still on 12.5. It makes me feel some marketing was involved in the very late exposing of 12.5 incompatibilities. Petri, other than trying to let people know you think of them as stupid you haven't contributed any positive, interesting or actual worthy piece of information here. Since you have no experience with Leopard or VW2008 or the combination with VW12.5 this is clearly not the thread for you.
  15. I am jealous of Petri, first of all he lives in Finland, which is a very beautiful country with great people and secondly he must be very young. I have been working now with 08 and Leopard and am very happy so far. Sorry Petri, you will have to wait at least half a year. I am especially impressed with the overall speed in drawing and the much better signs of activated objects in the drawing. The input palette that follows the cursor is also great. I thought it was already good but NNA found a way to improve it still. I always liked the way Sketchup arranged its input and now VW is more like that. NNA has clearly studied it very well. I would not like to go back to VW 12.5. It would be amazing if NNA could have a preview-icon for the file, for example of the first sheet so that in Leopard you could browse your documents as you can with Pages documents or PDF's.
  16. Petri, its clear now you just want to be right. You are right, its not fair to expect Minicad 1 to be compatible with Leopard, or actually any OS of the past 10 years.
  17. you have a sense of humor ...good. and your help is appreciated, I think to have a dedicated computer works best since I hardly see the use of having all systems partioned just for updated OS. I tried to install my previous OSX on my macpro at work on a seperate harddrive but it faild, my install CD's let me know they could not install on the choosen harddrive (firewire). I was actually hoping to run 10.4 temporarely on a seperate harddisk until VW08 came in. So my time installing Leopard would not have been waisted and I could run VW12.5 for a while using the external harddisk. I am using RAID1 on internal harddisks and so I thought maybe I can split the RAID into just two harddrives, keep Leopard on one and on the other one I install 10.4. I don't know if I can "ungroup" the RAID while running my OS on it to have two harddrives. Well, I don't have a system manager her at my small company so I suppose I am going to have to overwrite Leopard with he previous system. Anyhow Petri, your help is appreciated as long as its practical.
  18. thanks Islandmon, people like petri are found all over DPreview these days, any problem that comes up is within hours kneedeep in "I told you so's" by posters who never have any solution or actual helpfull experience at hand. My computers are used on a daily basis to experiment and give me a plentyful livelihood. I hope NNA has a lot more understanding for the way people work than Petri does. Well, I am back now in 10.4 and as soon as VW2008 comes in I go for Leopard again. I was happy here to read about the typical problems with 12.5.2 and Leopard so that I knew it was a common problem not a result of my system. Thanks to my experiments I have a reached a level with VW, Sketchup and Maxwell that most do not equal. I always reach out and this time I burned my fingers a little, saw some others did too, my sympathy goes to them for the hours lost, we will survive ...lol. I am sure NNA is on our side.
  19. dear Petri there is a german word for the joy you seem to have at other peoples rather sincere problems "schadefreude" if don't know what it means look it up under google. Have you ever worked with MiniCad 3. I have and there where more problems with it then anyone can imagine today. So its rather a setback to find yourself back in those days when things went seriously wrong most of the time. Some people here actually are living in a world where most new things actually do work like 95% of the apps on my system under Leopard. NNA could have warned people on a larger scale then they did and might have saved a good bunch of people a lot of time. Obviously if you had worked at NNA you would have approached your customers with the same contempt as you do here on the forum. I am sure NNA is more professional and will address this issue as soon as possible. They will probably see the difference between the days of Minicad 3 and todays 12.5.2
  20. for me the getting rid of the preferences did not make any difference. No patterns, invisable tracing of the cursor when drawing, dotted lines invisable or hardly visable etc. Hardly worth trying any further. I am sure the next week we will see a trail of "clumsy" vectorworks users on the forums or hear about. Out of the 28 app's on my computer and out of the about 8 I use regulary only Vectorworks has major problems. Had the dealers known they would have told me for sure.
  21. Dear Petri, you are enjoying this. Thanks for your help.. NNA did not advertise VW08 as the only compatible version for Leopard. I think to be honest that NNA is caught with their pants down ignorant about the serious way VW12.5 is messing up in Leopard. If they knew about it before, lets say months ago then NNA is not an honest company. In this case they somehow thought it was good for sales to expose Leopard issues with 12.5 just now. I have used VW since Minicad+ 2. I have a high regard for the people behind Vectorworks so I can only imagine them as surprised as I am.
  22. We all know now, at least those who read the forums. I did not and just assumed a major release of a new OS mac would surely be announced by my coworkers and dealers here that VW12.5.2 does not work in Leopard. And I mean does not work, not that it has some issues but it does not work on a serious level. Of course a silly move on my side not to check. I have become a little spoiled over the years upgrading to rather more stable releases instead of getting into a major mess. So this for me is how it was a long time back. Still, I have to admit, it was not a smart move on my side. I wonder a little why I haven't heard of it say a few weeks or months before by my CAD software suppliers. Did they also not know. Well, my 08 version is on order but still I have to get back to 10.4 since I have to finish my work Monday or Tuesday. Did NNA do right, I am not sure. Did they not know, I can hardly imagine they found out just recently. They will sell lots of VW 2008 for sure. All with Macs and VW will have to otherwise you will miss out on a fine OSX. I can not help feel a little silly and at the same time annoyed even knowing its mostly my own fault. I also think it not truly a good policy to have to upgrade to VW 08 to be able to use the most recent OSX. NNA should at least have a working version 12.5.2 I paid a good price for a year ago as an upgrade from 11.
  23. Well, the problem seems to concentrate to the attribute palette. Half of the patterns is gone and then obviously the files look bad. I do mostly 2D work with VW and so this is a disaster. I will surely have to backup my stuff and install 10.4 again. To all you out there happy to receive Leopard in the mail: DO NOT INSTALL LEOPARD IF YOU USE VW 12.5.2. Wish I had know. Wonder why no one at Nemetchek saw this. Its very obvious even within a minute of testing....or did I not read the forum well enough. Well, lesson learn again not install anything new untill it has at least half a year of exposure on the market. Thanks for anyone who has a fix.
  24. That does not look good. How is printing, its midnight here in Europe so i am no longer at my office. I am afraid I can't print my files with Leopard and VW 12.5.2 On screen here at home on my MAcbook Pro my files look very bad. I always use lots of patterns, as well as for lines and surfaces. I wonder if this problem is also present in VW 08. Hope a fix is soon ready otherwise it might be best advise not to upgrade to Leopard yet for VW 12.5 users. For me this is basically unworkable. For instance my dotted lines have become invisible, those I use for my system guide lines. I wonder if there is also an easy way to downgrade to my previous OSX.
  25. I just installled Leopard and now I see on my screen different attributes for my fills and line patterns. My system: Macbook pro duo core, 2Gb RAM and VW 12.5 latest 12.5 version. Depending on quartz filter on or of I get strange and rather ugly pattern for polygons with fills, or any filled surface. I also see a dotted patern when panning my drawing within the window. It seems there is a problem with the graphic card or the OS and VW. Just now I have Leopard running I get this problem. Anybody has the same problem or seen any different pattern effects or line aribute behavior ? Thanks for any help, Francois
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