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  1. Hi Pat, tx a lot. ='Title Block Border'.'Current Issue Number' worked perfectly. Also for Revision Number. I tried ='Title Block Border'.'Current Issue Date" but that did not work. Any idea ?
  2. I will refrase: is it possible to have a worksheet listing all curent title block sheet numbers and their corresponding most recent issue-number and issue-date in 3 columns ? Any help is very appreciated. Cheers Francois
  3. Hi, can anyone help me with the code showing all recent title block issue numbers in one column and beside it all recent issue dates. ='Title Block Issue Data-2'.'number' gives me only a specific issue. I don't want to set columns for each issue. Which is the way I find the vectorworks help shows. What I am trying to do is a simple custum worksheet showing sheet numbers and subjects and two columns for only the latest issue number and date. I also wonder if there is a way to have each sheet have its own issue number history instead of having all sheets following the latest numbering of each new issue. Any help is very appreciated. Cheers Francois
  4. Problem with the iMac's lifspan is the display. It does not last much over 3 or 4 years. I have a late 2015 iMac and it already has heavy pink edges and a faulty ventilator. The pink edges are a common problem I read at the MacRumor forums. Repair is 600 euro for the display alone. Cleaning the mac up, new ventilator and repairing is almost not worth it. Selling it with these "features" takes a lot of the value off. So I won't go for the iMac's pro, more expensive with the same problems. I am thinking of iMac's i9 and sell them every two years. Here in Europe you have practically rentfree financial lease. Another option is a pc, much faster 2080 video cards and easy to upgrade or to add components. With a LG 27 screen of 400 euro's I get a system that is a lot more flexible. We model in VW and export to C4D for rendering with Corona. With a PC we could also use Lumion, Redshift, Octane and so on. The new Mac Pro's are good news but you're still stuck on AMD videocards. I am not looking forward to go Windows but 95% of my time is spend in VW/Cinema4D. So the OS is not such a big deal really. Still, the iMac i9 is given that I stick to VW/C4D/Corona a very good combination and I don't need to invest time in Windows. But Mac's no longer have a long lifespan as they used to have. A PC with well chosen components might actually last a bit longer. Especially since you can choose to build one with the latest tech.
  5. Hi, I loved 2020 for its new option to set 2D fills in viewports. I have clipcube viewports on sheet layers in dashed hidden line settings. Hoping to avoid adding a lot of 2D annotations I thought in 202o I could just set a design layer behind a clip cube view and add 2D geometry to the viewport. Sadly when things are a little more than very simple updating a viewport after setting 2D fills crashes VW. Maybe any idea how to avoid these crashes. Or maybe this feature is only for section viewports and so only for horizontal crossections in 3D models. Cheers Francois
  6. Although under "help" in VW it says line or area lights should work in OpenGL in practise it doesn't. Anyone got this working. Would love to know. Tx Francois
  7. Hi Tx again, Text shows with atributes but you can't have planar objects with their atributes shown in a (clipcube)viewport on a sheetlayer. So using annotations for adding 2D objects onto 3D crossections is the only way. A pity since a lot of added annotated objects in viewports is a hassle to work with. Francois
  8. I have a 5K monitor and its even smaller. Especially long list with layers gets tiring to read. If anyone know how to increase the font sice would love to know as well.
  9. Tx Benson, The thing is that I use clipcubes to create vp on sheetlayers. On the sheetlayer I can no longer see the planar geometry with their object atributes since I need to set the vp on either hidden line or dashed hidden line. The planar info is affected by this setting to black and white. I can however see object atributes of planar objects by setting the vp on OpenGL but only properly with very high resolution settings and still the OpenGL for planar objects atributes is a bit off. So in other words, vp's om sheetlayers created with clipcubes are hard to combine with planar layers in 3D models.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to have 2D planar information show in a viewport on a sheet-layer. It looks like I can only set a 3D viewport in front view or clip-cube viewport in OpenGL or for example hidden line. Not the screen or top/plan mode. So planar drawings can only be projected on a 3D detail or section on a sheet-layer using the annotations right ? Annotations work well but to do so in dozens of details is a hassle. I would much rather like to add a planar layer to a 3D model and have it show up properly on a sheet-layer in a viewport. Any help appreciated. cheers Francois
  11. Hi, I have a bug with the detail callout graphic options. Version 2019 SP2 OSX 10.13.6 This is what happens. At a 1:50 crosssection I create a detail viewport. Set the shoulderlength for the graphic option and choose a sheetlayer to show the detail scale 1:5. At creation the shoulder lenght for the callout at 1:50 is changed and extends of the page at the crossection viewport. Each callout has to be reset at the desired shoulderlenght after creation back to the scale of the location were the callout is placed. This is a bug I suspect. The second is the radius of the callout rectangular. The radius only has effect on 1 corner of the rectangular so its useless or this is a bug as well. The Detail-Callout marker can not be used to create detail viewports which is a pity. Now I have to place rectangulars over my crossections manually and convert them in to detail viewports and each and every time need to do the settings again. Detail viewports are very handy by itself. It automaticly administrates the numbering and location of details. Editing details is also easier when you use detail callouts. But there are bugs which makes the proces of doing dozens or even hundreds of detail callouts a hassle. The whole proces of setting up detail callouts should be streamlined to make it an effortless job. It would be great if the detail-callout marker automatically created detail viewports. Francois
  12. I am on OSX 10.13.9 with the same crash. Titleblock manager simply crashes VW2019. Tx for the workaround, , it does work so I can at least update the title blocks. Please fix this asap. Cheers Francois
  13. Just found out you have to delete your active set in Publish to have the most up to date info from the title blocks show up in the file naming.
  14. Thanks Nikolay. There is another bug as well. At publish II no longer can link the title block info. The filenames look like this now: Project ID-Status-Current Revision Number-BEGANE GROND P_0-003 Project ID is not found, neither S and CRN. And the sheet name is an old name and is not updated. I have restarted and changed the title blocks but to no effect. Any help appreciated. Cheers, Francois
  15. Does anybody know how to delete custom file names from the predefined list at the export option in Publish. See attachment. I seem to be able to add but not delete. Any help appreciated. Another question I have is if its possible to add the revision date to the file name at publish. Again, any help appreciated. cheers, Francois The Netherlands.
  16. I found out that putting the viewport in top plan mode the hatch shows up foor doors. But then I loose the hatch for all solid walls and elements that are not drawn as walls. Is there a way to combine top plan view with a section cut at about 1 meter above the finished floor for example. tx Francois
  17. Hi, I have a problem with duplicated doors that are set in walls. Hatched doors loose their hatch in a clip cube viewport on a sheetlayer. When I just click one door in a wall then all is fine. But as soon as I duplicate the door using the duplicate symbol tool the hatch dissapears. Am I right to understand you can only duplicate doors clipped in walls as symbols ? Hope anyone can help. Modeling in 3D is fine but the process of getting proper 2D floorplans and sections drives me mad. I often spend hours going through all the overriding texture & attribute settings. Often I just give up and edit the annotation to get what I need.I wonder really if this all is part of BIM or me or Vectorworks. Is it really necessary to have so many options without any clue which one sets the actual atribute or texture at your sheet. Francois
  18. http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=61560 I had to do some elevations in a hurry. I had a detailled SU model. Imported it into Layout. Set the scale to 1:100 Exported a pdf from Layout. Imported the pdf of several pages as a reference into Vectorworks (2014) on several designlayers and put them into vieuwports set up as A1 elevations drawings with dimensions and all. This is a housing units project devided over 3 blocks. 12 elevations. Now when I edit the SU model all I have to do is update the Layout file and reexport the pdf. Then open the Vectoworksfile which automatically updates all pdf references. And all my 12 elevations are updated at once. Since this link is by pdf you can actually snap to lines in the pdf in Vectorworks. Conclusion: With a few simple clicks I have a perfect (layout) link between SU and Vectorworks. Francois
  19. found it, I had to very carefully position the mouse to the topleft of the panel to just pull them back into the window. So, problem solved.
  20. Stupid question maybe but there must be a way to add visabilty or active columns in the navigation palette. I know how to delete them but I can't expose them again. Francois
  21. Tx Bohdan. That fixes the idea most have SU is simplistic, but its off topic slightly. I hope this thread is not about how SU works but how to work in perspective mode rendered or not with VW. I would like to thank all that answered my question on this issue. Francois
  22. Ariel, tx for the fix. Are you sure there are 3 commands, I can do it with M and V in Sketchup. In VW that equals to tab, tab, tab...etc.... But to your credit, I like the VW method better the first round, after that SU takes over. So for me these kind of test are a bit trivial compared to working with a client on screen in ortogonal mode or perpective. Christiaan, you are right of course. Its rather frustrating. But its just natural that at the front things are louder and more risky and also more advanced. VW is no longer at the front and moving just slowly ahead to keep its userbase happy. Sketchup also has this problem now. But you don't need to hang around, and its smart to always be on the market to look for fresh products. We test new stuff all the time and our work has changed considerably because of it. Without Modo these days we would not have had some of our clients. Progress is hard if you push it onto those who are happy and content. You have to learn to let go, even if it means many years of experience with a certain app. Francois
  23. Ariel, the only way to do that accurately is with a compass of course... I tested this though on VW and SU and its either 1 or 2 clicks more with SU. But in SU you can, if you do this action more than only once just activite the geometry and move it along any other geometry with that specific angle. Nice about it is that you don't need to type the numbers. The cursor does not need to be at the moving geometry but could be anywere in space along the same route. One of those brilliant SU UI features. And if you move an object like that you can just type / and a number and you got the desired duplicates diveded along the same route, and if you like to see a few more you just retype the number of duplicates. If those were components you can just rescale one to have a unique component that still remains the same component for edit. VW has this feature just now at 2011. But in SU you can make components unique for a specified group etc. I know Ariel its a bit of a struggle to you still figuring out how to do a single move. Once you have seriously gone beyond simplistic modeling in SU you will see the seemingly simple UI of SU has deep waters to dive into. Christiaan, there is no holding up of progress really. Progress goes on at different places all the time. Where there is progress now it will stall some years later. When it does a small group will move on were the progress happens. That's how I came to MiniCad and later Vectorworks but moved on to Sketchup and now to Modo. We rendered first with MiniCad, later with Stratavision, then to Sketchup and now to Maxwell and Modo. Vectorworks stayed around for 2D since nothing else compares to it, even today. In 3D its no longer an option for our design work. Maybe in a few years all is different again. But in the world of 3D archviz VW plays no role. And actually in 3D modeling in general VW isn't present. With the current UI in 3D, which is for most the first look and feel of VW I doubt many new users will be attracted. Its a bit of a pity since VW is really a powerful package that could do much better. BIM advantages might draw some to VW also because of its more attractive price and being the only BIM capable package on Mac. But most who want BIM still look at it as using an application that is the same as used by the other parties involved and most likely that is and will be either AutoCad (with BIM module !?) and Revit. Francois
  24. Imagine Rembrand using a pencil that takes a few hours to show its effect, or the accelerator of your car taking a few minutes to have any effect. It would not be acceptable. Since there are recent modelers and renderapp's that render in photorealism in perspective view in real time while modeling, things have changed for designers. Now you can shape and edit designs endlessly faster than before. That's why even Sketchup with its sketchy rendermode has become so popular, far more popular than Revit and VW together (in the world of design). This has nothing to do with BIM or not. Its about the absolute fact that modeling will become sooner or later a process that alows you to see what you are doing in real time and in the way your model, as its develops, is probably going to look like in the real world, even at the real location on the exact moment in time you want it to see it. Obviously the design will develop over time as well so it will start out in a more or less abstract form without doors and windows but the effects of mass and colors and shades will already be visable. Also Vectorworks will, one day work like this, or it will no longer exist in the near future. The same can be said about Revit or any other app. I am interested to see what will happen, VW slowly become obsolete, move towards the new 3D or will it catch up in time. Shaun, I think you also are totally right on this issue, tx. Francois
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