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  1. Hi,

    I noticed that VW exports models with symbols at only one level to instances in Cinema4D. Nested symbols are exported from VW but in Cinema4D not converted to instances. Only the top level symbol gets to be a instance and the nested onces are covered to groups.

    That's a bit of a problem. Is this true really ? I am jus wondering if this is a bug.


    btw, mirrored symbols are also duplicated at export as seperate instances in C4D.


    Cheers Francois



  2. What I now do is create geometry using the EAP and then convert it to subdivision with 0 segments. After that I can edit the geometry as I like. This is useful for mostly window frames that go around a corner. Editing a EAP as it is is not possible in any predictable way and to time consuming.

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  3. Great. But in my case the edit always results in VW telling me that the edited path object is not valid and asks me to delete it. Sometimes it does do an edit but 99% of the time editing a path is prohibited. Its been mentioned here on the forums before. In other CAD packages this is a very normal often used command but in VW is disfunctional.

    I am not talking complex shapes. Just a simple rectangular for window frame. Won't work. After the extrude you can't change the size of the rectangular anymore. You can drag the separate points a bit but there is no way to do this with any kind of exact dimensions.

    Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 12.05.14.png

  4. Am I correct that a once created path for an extrude along path object can not be edited afterwards ?

    What I ever I try to do to a path VW prohibits any changes to the path object. What I do now its convert an extrude along path to a subdivision with an iteration of zero and then I can edit again. Its one of the main frustrations we have. at the office modelling windowframes etc. Extrudes along path are not editable at all.

    Macbook M1 16Gb. VW2022

  5. Today I did some tests in C4D with groundcover, Mograph and randomizers. With a few clicks I had a landscape, randomized assets, hdri ligthing and a spade from Quixel Bridge. This render took about 5 min with Corona-render. With Octane it would probably take less than 10 seconds.


    I don't think VW will ever be able to have the tools for landscaping and terrain modeling with all the assets available. If you look at what Graswald, Bentanji, Vizpark, Foresters and so many others are bringing to the market ready made for C4D.

    I am thinking all we need from Vectorworks are livelinks to external renderers and to have Nemetchek keep up to date with VW to C4D.


    groundcover 5.jpg

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  6. I was wondering why my favorite program VW has noneof the great render plugins like Corona, Redshift, Octane or you name it. Or why does it not have plugins for easy export to Blender or Unreal Engine for instance. It has for C4D and that works fine. But you end up getting a list of extra subscriptons on top of VW.  

    All other CAD apps like 3dsMax, Archicad, Revit, Sketchup, Blender, C4D and so have a wealth of add-ons. VW stands alone with an old outdated render engine. There is Lumion off course which is great but you wonder why there is no such thing for others.


  7. Hi,

    is it possible to assign a renderworks texture to project a texture on a group of objects or on a group of extruded rectangulars ? Just like a material to project on a group in C4D.


    I am trying to texture an elevation of wooden boards in one go. But all I get is each board showing the same texture which looks very repetative. I can convert the extruded  set of rectangulars to one mesh and set the texture to the mesh. That works but not all that controlable. Any idea's anyone.

    Vectorworks really needs to upgrade texturing. Its way to basic for most architects in 2020. Also much to complex to manage.

  8. Tx Larry.  I changed my settings. As I understand now rotating plans can greatly effect precision. As I experienced in the past a well. Imagine plans are rotated along tilded axis all the time during a worksession files get completely messed up. I always thought it was just a screen/pixel related rotation.

  9. Found the problem. The label takes the textsize defined in the class regardless the settings in the labels Object Info. My labels ended up in de class dimension..

    A bit confusing at times when the class setting is dominant over de object info plugin settings. They should be grayed out in case they are overruled.

  10. Hi, In a new file I can change the text size of a drawing label but in a working file with labels already present I can no longer change the text size for drawing labels. Although I can push all the right buttons the text size won't change anymore. So going to do some viewports at a larger scale the drawing labels are miniture labels without any change of enlarging them. The max. text size of 36 is a in some cases also a bit small especialle when I am making a few 1:1 details.

    Any idea what is happening ?

  11. Hi, maybe a question for a VW staff expert:

    Here at our office we have for years now forbidden to use the tool  "rotate plan" in 2D drawings on design layers. In the past we noticed you can have serious problems with precision and dimensions in your drawings. Things seems to change after a rotate plan and turning back to zero again. 

    Is this still a problem or has it been addressed or has it never been reported  by others ?

    In other words, does a rotate plan changes the coordinates of objects in a file, even ever so slightly ?

  12. Tx Nikolay.

    So VW can not produce a list of current issue dates....2020..


    To Pat, pasted this here below without luck, any idea why ?

    =IF(('Title Block Issue Data-1'.'Date')<>'', ('Title Block Issue Data-1'.'Date'), IF(('Title Block Issue Data- 2'.'Date')<>'', ('Title Block Issue Data-2'.'Date'), IF(('Title Block Issue Data-3'.'Date')<>'', ('Title Block Issue Data-3'.'Date'), '')))



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