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  1. Hi All- We're a small Landscape Architecture firm seeking to replace a long term employee who primarily served as a draftsperson and design assistant. We do a lot of local National Park work as well as residential design. We are looking for someone with experience in VW CAD drafting for concept drawings, assembling drawing sets for permit/bid and technical coordination with other consultants (mainly coordinating CAD backgrounds). We work mainly in 2D, but occcasionally require some site or other 3D modeling (but that 3D work is fairly rare). While we would prefer someone with training in a Landscape Architecture office, we can likely work well with a contract draftsperson who has experience with other types of design firms looking for a change. We have a good setup for CAD standards and templates and we're happy to talk with anyone who feels they can work well with us, remote is fine via cloud, but if you're local, we have an extra station and license as well in our office. The job listing is here on our website.
  2. Thanks KAtie, I'm looking forward to the fix. When do you think it will be resolved? Will it be part of a larger update patch?
  3. Hi there, I'm struggling to deal with graphic issues associated with plant symbols in the 2008 Landmark edition. When I overlap/mass my planting, not only can I no longer fill the overlapped masses, but I cannot control the lineweight either...I am stuck with a hairline (.03 mil or something close to that)! It is now impossible to control the graphics on plant symbols when they are massed/rendered, which really helps keep the drawing from being cluttered. It was a great feature of v. 12 and now, it's useless (graphically). Is there a reason for this? Can it be fixed? does anyone know a work-around? Any input from you all would be helpful and hopefully VW staff is working to figure out how to remedy this in the next patch/update. I asked tech support about this issue and it wasn't supposed to work that way in 12.5 (where you could fill in overlapped plants and control their line weights) but they "fixed" that "problem" so now it is no longer a "problem" and you can't override the graphics . Basically I think you're stuck with a hairline outline of the plants, no matter what line weight or fill you actually want...
  4. Sounds good to me...I could use all the help I can get! Mostly, I need a place to ask questions of other users...though I like the sharing of resources etc. as well. (I could probably contribute a bit too). Mac OS 10.4.10 Dual core VW2008
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