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  1. Hi Petri, I've been following some of your comments even on other threads. What do you use? And what's your office size? I read somewhere that you have done large scale works. Zhin.
  2. I am overseas..as in SE Asia. Right now doing mostly residential interior work and landscape architecture for both houses and public areas. My scale of work is mainly residential. Things that I like to detail include door handles, metal claddings, cabinets, exterior metal work for conservatories, trellises etc, etc.. Hope this answer helps. My solo company just got setup over 2 years ago...so i don't have a team of cad monkeys to run around..nor the budget.....yet. Then again this question allows me to figure out how necessary the Industry series is. Anyone here who just uses Fundamentals?
  3. Dear all, While waiting for my demo copy for VW 2008 Architect, I thought this to be the best place to ask this question. As I am quite tight financially (at the moment) and am also new in the freelance world and am converting from AutoCad 06, I really would like to know how indispensable the Architect series is compared to Fundamentals. You see, I am thinking of purchasing just Fundamentals and Artlantis R. Sure the industry series has all the bells and whistles with doing things in 3d, but with all the custom stuff designers usually feel inclined to do, just how indispensable is your industry series? If things are going be quite custom designed, then most assumptions from any CAD package does not really prepare for the unexpected do they? How far will productivity levels drop in your offices if you were all forced to use Fundamentals? Please be frank!
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