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  1. I am having issues with a particular file, where the doors inserted into walls still show the wall lines beneath the object. The walls are unstyled and the locii on either end of the object also appears in plan. I recently updated to service pack 2 for 2011 and haven't updated my signature.
  2. I am currently experiencing extreme frustration when trying to dimension a drawing using the chain dimension option. When I type in the numeric value in the data display bar and then hit return, it comes up with a different value. What am I doing wrong here? It works sometimes, then not. I created a new file to test this option again and it seems to work fine here, but when I go back to the document I'm working on, the problem persists. Any suggestions? It's probably something really obvious....
  3. I've been trying to export a vectorworks 2009 file as a dwg and am encountering an error message: 'OpenDWG Library Error 182: Could not open the OpenDWG initialization file, "adiniy.dat". Please reinstall Vectorworks.' This first happened a few days ago when I tried to open an old dxf file, but has never happened in the past. I only recently reinstalled Vectorworks after my hard drive died. Should I try reinstalling or is there another way I should try?
  4. I've updated my signature. Hope this helps.
  5. In fact, every time I select a white fill, it makes it black.
  6. I've been working on a site model which is fairly dense in size. At present, I'm unable to an change objects colour to anything except black and none. As such, every time I do a quick Open GL render everything is black. When I assigned the objects to a class which I made active, they changed, however, any further changes would default back to black. The classes that they were assigned to had no black fill and had not been made active. Weird. Could it be a memory thing?
  7. Thanks Jonathon, I had done this earlier, only I exploded/ converted the walls to 3d polys and then the hatch, and moved it in space. I ran into difficult territory when it came to curved and angled forms.
  8. I guess I'll need to use Rhino & Lino plug in to achieve these types of drawings. Cheers
  9. I'm currently trying to generate perspectival line drawings, complete with exterior surface patterns/hatches, ie bricks, weatherboards etc. Is it possible to hatch the surface of a wall in 3d? When using classes, it hatches them only in plan view. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I've been trying to join the walls of a simple rectilinear building to a skillion roof and it keeps crashing. I did this very easily and successfully in a separate file, where the geometry was far more complex and curved. Am I doing something quite obviously wrong?
  11. sigurd

    Site modeling

    Fantastic. It worked very easily. My head no longer hurts. Thanks heaps.
  12. I've modeled up a site which is along a river, and as such the terrain is steep and varied throughout. I'm trying to model a series of buildings along the embankment, some of which are subterranean. Question: Is there a way of simply boolean-ing/subtracting solids of the building footprint away from the site model?
  13. I have modeled up a rhomboid- like form of which (with the exception of the top plane) no 2 edges are parallel. Each plane is essentially skewed. I have been trying to 'flatten' out each plane to get an accurate profile, so that this shape may be built. Any suggestions as to how I can do this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. sigurd

    Nurbs modeling

    Thanks heaps. At this stage, both ways have worked, although I may be back with more questions. Cheers


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