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  1. Kevin, Thanks for your input, we've confirmed there is a difference in the way PDF files are exported on the Mac versus on Windows, we'll look into a fix. Christiaan, >I'm guessing v2013 has something to say about that? Nice try Regards, Donne
  2. Hi Christiaan, We have discovered the failing jobs are from out of memory errors during PDF export while rendering viewports, both on our cloud machines and on our in-house QA machines. >A1 sheet of elevations set to custom Renderworks, all options High Quality and 300 dpi >iMac 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7?12 GB RAM?2GB AMD Radeon HD 6970M To help keep everyone in the loop: Based on our off-list discussions you mentioned you are able to run a full export on your [beastly!] machine but occasionally receive out of memory errors and crashes on save. We have been unsuccessful on both our cloud and on our in-house QA machines thus far. Vectorworks in the cloud is currently 32-bit like its desktop counterpart, so if the file cannot be processed locally due to out of memory issues, the cloud will see the same result. To answer your off-list question, our machines on the cloud are Windows-based, as Apple does not allow licensing for cloud-based Mac machines. However, we have a mix of 50/50 Win and Mac computers in-house that we use for testing and development. QA will be attempting DPI?s of less than 300 and different 3D conversion resolutions to see if either of these settings would allow your files to be processed. We are considering an option to send jobs to the cloud as either "printing quality" (300 DPI) or "viewing quality" (less than 300 DPI). For the latter we are trying to determine an appropriate DPI threshold as 300 seems overkill for mobile viewing. We?ll run some additional tests to see where we can improve. Thanks for the feedback! Regards, Donne
  3. Hi Kevin, Could you send me the PDF files you see a speed difference in Nomad vs iBook? As I mentioned in the post above our tests indicate similar performance based on our set of benchmark files. We'd love to see where we can improve and your files could be very helpful. >It doesn't generate identical PDFs to Vectorworks (different bookmarking is one anomaly) I don't believe we've encountered this situation. A test file would be very helpful in tracking this down. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Donne dmartin@vectorworks.net
  4. Hi Michael, When Nomad opens a file there are two steps: 1) If the file is not cached on the device, it will first download the file. We've seen some files upwards of 20 MB depending on quality settings and DPI--these could take awhile to load over wifi or 3G. Note after the file is downloaded, Nomad caches this file for offline support. 2) Once the file has been downloaded to the device, it is then opened and rendered/displayed. A good test of performance is to try the same file on iBooks and compare the speed. Although our tests indicate performance is similar for both applications, we are continually working to improve the app. If you find a considerable difference between Nomad and iBooks, please send us the file to investigate. Thanks Donne dmartin@vectorworks.net
  5. Hi Christiaan, Our monkeys are sifting through server logs and crash reports to investigate what caused your jobs to fail. It would be very helpful if you could send me one or two sample files (dmartin@vectorworks.net). Just a quick note, our systems are reporting a ~95% success rate with all jobs so far, slightly less after your files hit our servers As michaelk mentioned we are actively monitoring the system and fixing bugs as they come up. I'll let you know what we find out about your jobs. Regards, Donne
  6. Hi All, There have been a large number of posts on this topic, but we have to date only received one [unrelated] file. In order to address the issues you are facing, we ask that you please submit files that exhibit the slowdowns. Please refer to Gunther's post copied below. Thanks Donne dmartin@vectorworks.net --- Hello Everyone. For those of you having performance related problems, please send me your test files so we may investigate further. gunther@vectorworks.net To mail large files, compress the files first. Feel free to use something like, www.yousendit.com also. 1. Prior to sending the file, save the file at the point where the performance issue is happening. Meaning, if a particular sheet layer is having the problem, save the document with that sheet active. 2. Please provide detailed steps, on how to duplicate the problem once the file is opened 3. Let us know about your hardware. If you run dual monitors, what sizes? Thanks for your help Everyone! Gunther Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.
  7. Hi Carl, Please file a bug report with a test file so we can investigate. http://www.nemetschek.net/support/bugsubmit.php Thanks Donne
  8. Michael, I've contacted the appropriate engineer, he has requested that you please submit a bug report with a test file. Thanks Donne dmartin@vectorworks.net
  9. Hi Marc, Do you have the latest video card drivers installed? Please submit a bug report and attach the file(s) so we can investigate. http://www.nemetschek.net/support/bugsubmit.php Thanks Donne dmartin@vectorworks.net
  10. Hi Doubledge, Please submit a bug report and attach the file(s) so we can investigate. http://www.nemetschek.net/support/bugsubmit.php Thanks Donne dmartin@vectorworks.net
  11. jrhartley and Ride, Could you please file a bug report and attach the file you are working with? http://www.nemetschek.net/support/bugsubmit.php Thanks Donne dmartin@vectorworks.net
  12. Highpass, The bug seems to occur with files that have a sheet layer as the active layer AND one of the following happens: 1) You drag the file onto the Vectorworks executable to launch the application and the file together, or 2) You switch workspaces while a sheet layer is the active layer. As a workaround, please launch the application first then open the file. You can also try to avoid switching workspaces while a sheet layer is the active layer (ie switch to a design layer first). We hope to resolve this bug in an upcoming release. Thanks Donne
  13. Alexis, Could you please send your crash logs for investigation? You can send them to me directly at dmartin@nemetschek.net Thanks Donne
  14. Weston, Are you referring to the Organization Dialog? You should be able to resize the dialog, which should remember its previous size. Donne
  15. dunc, Have you tried updating to 12.5.3? Is there a particular action that causes the disappearance? Does changing workspaces cause the bar to reappear? Thanks Donne
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