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  1. I figured it out. I have one layer that i am building my model on. I am breaking up my components into classes. Basically what happens is there is a class that the 3D stair exists on and and class that the 2D stair exists on. I had my 3D class turned off...and i need to find which one it is. Anyway, when i was rotating the model in 3D, my stairs would always project in 2D over it, even though i could see the "bounding box" (to use an Adobe term) of the 3D stairs. Kinda weird, but solved.
  2. I have a 3D model where the stairs are only projecting in 2D. I rotate the project in plan and i can see the object box where the stairs exist, but it seems that no matter what i do, the stairs are now always in plan (2D) projection. Is there a fix for this?
  3. Hey, now maybe you can riddle me this: My stairs that are a 3D object in this file are only projecting in 2D now. When i rotate the model around in space, i see the "bounding box" of the stairs where they exist in the 3D world, but after rotation, they pop into plan view. Weird.
  4. Okay, there. So, i have a nurbs and a poly. Either one is fine to use, but i need to basically create an 1/8th inch "skin" that loops around the OUTSIDE of the poly. ...I can't figure out how to do it.
  5. i'm still trying to attach the file....
  6. Hello, I am trying to create a skin for my semester project. I have a nurbs curve that essentially envelops my building. Essentially i want to wrap the building leaving two ends open (front and back). I have tried converting the nurbs to a poly then extruding it, then shelling the solid. That doesn't work. I don't know how else you would do this, but the end result that i would like is a skin with thickness. I tried attaching a file to this post, but this board is a little wonky in Safari...might try again.
  7. Shameful, i know. But i figured it out. It was weird that i never clicked off of the "use class' option. Creepy.
  8. I found my answer. Somehow, all my lines were not selected to be defined by class, and were defined individually. Perhaps i hit a weird key combo at some point.....
  9. Hello, I am having a problem and i can't figure it out. I have a drawing where i am changing the line weights. I can select the objects/lines and change the weight, but if i make a class and the tell the object/line to change to the class, it does not change the line weight, but does change the object's class. I have "Use at Creation" selected in my class window, but am wondering why the objects aren't taking on the classes attributes. Thoughts??
  10. No dice. This is really weird. I have discovered that if i export at 1/8"=1' then i get CLOSEST to the actual value in VW, but it's still not quite right.
  11. This is the second time that i have been attempting to export drawings to Illustrator and my lineweights are just wrong. They have values of 0.0018 and such in my Illustrator document. In VW, the weights are appropriate. So there is a disconnect somewhere in the exporting process. Does anyone have any experience with this? Might i have accidentally hit a key command that screws this up? I have tried a test file, where i started in a blank document, drew 6 lines with different weights and they all made it into Illustrator fine. I am at a loss as how i am to resolve this in VW.
  12. I should add that i am now in VW 2008 SP3.
  13. I'm having an issue with the object move crosshair. In this project i am working on it keeps disappearing. I get the object resize handle, the white arrow to move an object and that's it. It doesn't matter how close i zoom in, or how far i zoom out, it's just not there with some objects. This happens 3 dimensionally or sometimes with grouped objects in 2D. What's also weird about this is that this isn't consistent and readily reproducible. Thoughts?
  14. I can clarify the issue here further. Illustrator is taking all lineweights and assigning them a value of 0.118, EVEN IF Vectorworks has the file as a .35 or .5.
  15. Has anyone had issues with lineweights not carrying over from VW to Illustrator? I'm starting to do test prints before slapping final boards together and i'm noticing that a .5 in VW isn't a .5 in Illustrator. Is there a way to solve this? Should i do that "scale lineweights" deal in VW do you think (if i can fine it again)??
  16. Fantastic. Thanks. I was trying that from just viewing the elevation, to no success. I'll give this way a shot!!
  17. Hi, Is there a way to do a Plan Section Cut, say at 4 feet, 8 feet and the 12 feet in a model? Thanks! Mike
  18. It's the dimensions class. Thanks. I made the mistake of trying to make a different class and put it on there (why can't we??) Thanks!! I was beating my head against the wall there. haha!
  19. i simply don't get it. i am working on a detail, wanting to call out a dimension. i select the dimension tool, it is the correct class i want, my classes are all visible as are my layers, i am in "top" view. i select my two points to call out with the dimension tool and have adequate distance away from the drawing. i click the third time to set the dimension and ....voila! nothing. anyone experience that one before?? if i open a new document, the same tool works just fine. dunno what's going on here. thanks. i should add that i am getting little red squares at each corner of the line that i am trying to call out...so something is happening, i just have no idea what.
  20. I've looked in the VW 3D Modeling and Rendering Book and the VW Architect book and found no answers. ...frustrating.
  21. Okay, i have another simple question. Basically, i have a nurbs curve and i want to use that curve to trim the edge off a rectangle. The rectangle is extruded at 6 inches. the nurbs curve isn't. How would i trim this? Or split? Thanks for helping a noob out. I am having a hard time understanding some basic principles, i think. Nurbs must "subtract" nurbs and boolean must "subtract" booleans, right? So, if i want to trim that nurbs rectangle, i must use another nurbs line or face, yeah? I can do this function additively, but i need to learn how to do this subtractively. Not trying to be whiney, but i feel the need to remark how easy Rhino is when it comes to these kind of functions...i would love to understand this better in VW.
  22. That's fantastic. Thanks for your help. (do you know if this is possible to do in Artlantis? The rendering times in VW are a beast, so i tend to use Artlantis for that stuff....)
  23. Hola...me....again. I may have hit a weird key command and i don't know which one. Right now, i am only able to move my resources (toilets etc) around my document with the "shift-arrow" or "apple-m" commands. When i move the cursor over the edge of the resource, i only get the resize handle, not the "move" handle. Thoughts?
  24. alright, i have another question for you all who have more skillz than i. if i want to model a perforated metal scrim, with the perforations being about 1/8" or 1/4" in size and about 1/2" apart, how would you go about doing this. i am doing this on a roughly 3'x6' fenestration and the scrim is a shading device for this particular condition. the "subtraction" method seems like it will take too much time and may not be as effective as it could be. thanks.
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