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  1. Michael, Thanks for the help. I'll review these and (probably) post back on here shortly! Thanks a bundle!!! Mike
  2. I've been asked to research using spread sheets to help with a merchandizing project that has been assigned to me. Hopefully someone here can help (I've been reviewing the VW Help library, but it's not terribly helpful). The desired outcome of this is to be able to account for the total number of retail fixtures in a project file with additional pieces of information that is unique to each type of symbol in the spread sheet. In the end I'll need a spreadsheet that from left to right looks like this: Info A; Symbol Name; Info B; Info C; Number of Symbol Instances in the Project Now, I've been able to go into a duplicate master library file and start experimenting. So far I've been able create the Record Formats, (obviously) create the symbols, add the Record Field Defaults. From here I have been successful in creating a "Report," but the formatting isn't quite how I need it. I did try starting from creating and editing a "Worksheet," from scratch, but populating the worksheet wasn't happening. For whatever reason, I found that if I right-click on the left row, select Database, edit criteria to be "Type is symbols," I get a readout that say my 3 test symbols "meet the criteria." Once I click okay, nothing happens. I don't understand how get the data to appear on the spreadsheet this way, or how to manipulate the spreadsheet to show what I need it to. Are there any resources that someone can point me to in order to better understand how to generate these worksheets? This is something I need to eventually have a firm grasp on, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks! p.s. I should add that I think we will be developing a Symbol library for a team of about 4 to be accessing. I'm noticing that the worksheet I created in one document stays in the resource browser when I open a fresh document. Does this mean I can set up one master worksheet that can just be dragged into the current document?
  3. Wicked! Thank you, sir. I figured you should be able to, but the method seems a bit roundabout. Thanks again.
  4. Is it possible to rename your viewports after they have been set? If so, how? (I see I can rename Sheet Layers and Drawing Titles, but I cannot seem to be able to rename viewports).
  5. The best solution is Cinema 4D with the Hair Module, but if you don't have access to that, I'd use a texture that you're reasonably happy with and composite/edit in Photoshop. Or is this not convenient/realistic for you?
  6. I'm having trouble with getting 2D snapping to work here and I don't know what's going on (other than I know I'm about to lose my mind). I'm used to being able to work on a layer that's above another layer. With both "Classes" and "Layers" being set to "Show/Snap Others" I can snap to points on other layers or in other classes. Now, I have my Snapping Window open and all my appropriate options checked (the only ones unchecked are Snap to Angle, Snap to Distance and Snap to Tangent). My classes and layers are set to "Show/Snap Others" and my view is set to "Top/Plan." I have made sure my layers are aligned and that my imported topography layer (which I am trying to snap to) is indeed 2D lines/polys. So my question is, why won't Vectorworks snap between layers? If I am on the topographic layer (Layer 2), things snap fine, but if I am on the layer above (a layer I am using for space planning), I cannot snap to the layer below. What gives? **Problem resolved. It looks like one of the layer scales was accidentally changed at some point. Snapping now works correctly. Odd that you can't snap to lines that exist on another layer if the layer scales are different.
  7. Great! I'm looking forward to 2011 (arriving on Monday). Right now, 2010 just fails at helping. I'll look at the document settings>patterns. Thanks!!
  8. Hi Ray, I tried that, in addition to trying with keywords "custom pattern" and "user pattern." The only information I have found is that you can indeed use patterns and there are default ones. I have not been able to find how to create my own pattern, like I would in Illustrator or the like.
  9. Hi, I've searched VW 2010 Help for how to create "custom" or "user" patterns and not been able to find any information on how to actually achieve this. I'm assuming if I have a reasonably simple custom tile pattern that I am wanting to apply to a wall surface, I can do this without having to manually go and copy/paste/duplicate on array. I don't want to use a hatch, because ironing it out in that tool would probably cause cerebral hemmorhaging on my part. Any recommendations (or even suggesting search criteria that would help me find out how to do this in the documentation) would be wonderful. Thanks everyone!
  10. Just out of curiosity, are you doing most of your modeling in VW?
  11. Is anyone else's 3DS export from Vectorworks totally jacked up? I'm exporting a basic structural frame. I have my layer at 1:1, export in model units (and tried feet). If I pull it in to Sketchup or Cinema4D, the scale is absolutely ridonkulous... a 100' span turns into 2868' or something like that, no matter what scale I export at, or import at. Similar problems?
  12. Yes. I had to take off the "scroll with momentum" option in the OS system preferences to get Vectorworks not to freak out. CS3 is a bit funky with the momentum too, so I just find, for the moment, it's best to turn that off. I've had a few problems scrolling in InDesign occasionally, but nothing that "Command +/-" hasn't fixed.
  13. Hi, I'm having issues snapping a 3D object to another. This short movie shows my problem. VW is snapping this thing at absolutely ridiculous angles and I cannot figure out what the hell it thinks it's doing. Any help would be nice... So, I can't upload the movie here, attached is a link for download. http://files.me.com/koboldmedia/l081fo.mov PS. My Constrain to Angle snapping option is off, so it shouldn't be snapping axonometrically.
  14. Hello, I'm trying to create a custom stair. It's effectively a U stair. The first step is a landing, you turn 90 degrees go up about 5 steps to a second landing, turn another 90 degrees and go up to the second floor. Relatively straight forward. Now, my question is how to best go around this. Should I use a custom stair? I have it modeled as a custom at the moment, but it was inconvenient to do. between landings I had a fixed width and wanted VW2010 to figure out what the risers would be in a fixed width. In this instance, I had to do the math to figure this out. So, question one: Is there a way to set my dimensions and have VW figure out riser height/tread depth for me in a custom stair? Question 2: If I use the regular stair tool, is there a way to insert landings and/or customize first and last tread dimensions? Thanks!
  15. Hi, Is there a way (like in Illustrator) that I can define a "brush" to draw a railroad? *My help menu won't load and VW2010 keeps failing to download properly, so I can't reinstall the help menu. So I can't investigate this myself.
  16. Kevin, Thanks! That speeds things up a bit. It's a bummer, but seems that the 2009 method was much nicer/faster/smoother. :\
  17. Thanks, Peter. Unfortunately my Help Index is no longer working. Somehow between last week and this week it became non-functional (I cannot open it from either Vectorworks or the Finder). My Offset Tool is different from the Help Index screenshot. I'm in Architect workspace. Should I switch to Designer? Or is the "Click object to offset" somewhere else in the Architect workspace. I don't want to have to highlight objects prior to offset.
  18. I'm unable to research this in my VW help application (since it's not opening in Finder or from the Vectorworks menu, for whatever reason). My girlfriend is still in VW 2009 and she uses the Offset Tool with "Selection: Click on objects to offset" selected. I'm unable to find this in VW 2010. Is it really not a function in 2010?
  19. In Unified View, are you supposed to be able to render a 3D model? i.e. if I have multiple components of a model on different layers, and I go to snap a picture of a hidden line perspective, should VW 2010 be able to do this? I keep getting errors that "there is nothing to render."
  20. Pat, Thanks for your reply. I think that was it -- I accidentally toggled the snaps via quick key. This had happened in a few other projects and I couldn't figure out what the Hell was happening. Thanks!!! Problem solved.
  21. I wish that was the case. After making the suggested adjustment, there was no change in wall + stair behavior. I think it's an actual problem with how the program is handling the geometry. In 3DS exports I am getting geometry that is exporting incorrectly as well. I understand software development can be a difficult process, but it feels like I'm still using a beta version. Of course, I'm open to the possibility that it's simply user error, but then all my walls would look like that, not just a few.
  22. I too have upgraded to 2010 SP1 and my wall joins are still not functioning correctly. I need to submit a bug report on this, because it's bad. As you can see, in plan the wall is a clean connection. In the hidden line perspective both the stairs and walls are punching through the curved wall. I'll be modeling in Sketchup and Cinema 4D in the meantime. *Edit: I should also add that the curved wall tool is creating super whacked geometry that is nonsensical.
  23. Snap to object was on, but the little "Smart Points" somehow got toggled to "off" even though I had the window closed. Is there a quick key command that I might have accidentally clicked that toggles this? That's the only thing I can think of as to how this happened. I mean, if the window isn't open, then I can't click on a setting to change it, so I don't see how else I could have accidentally turned it off.
  24. I'm in "Top/Plan View" on a Layer and it appears the "Snapping Acquisition" hints have gone missing. It is selected in my preferences, but I am no longer able to go to a corner of a 2D object, sit the cursor over it and have the little red snapping acquisition box appear. Has anyone experienced this?
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