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  1. Well Halloween is coming up and I know for sure that Petri isn't going to be the front end of the horse.
  2. You can do it with hybrids. Create your 2D object with the hatch. Duplicate it. Extrude it to Z=? Select the original 2D object and the extruded object and then select "Create Symbol" (under the Modify menu). This creates a hybrid. In top/plan view you see the 2d object. In any 3d view you see the extruded object. Hope this helps!
  3. 2D objects have an x and y which remain the same in 3D space. What some of us would like is an option to default 2D objects to a Z of 0. As one of the other posters said, every other CAD program and design program does this by default.
  4. Is there anyway to have 2D objects rotate with the view? In CAD the groundplan rotates with the view by default. The only way I can get my 2d drawings to rotate is by extruding them to 0". But then they lose their 2D qualities. I can't have dotted lines etc.. I also have to convert text to polylines and extrude to 0" I build theatrical sets. I start by drawing a groundplan in 2D. Then I begin modeling up the set. When I rotate the view to have a look, it would be nice to see the rest of the footprint in its correct perspective. Also, I do not model all of the backstage architecture. I leave it in 2d but I have to turn it off when I rotate the set. I wonder why Vectorworks doesn't even offer the option? I've attach two images so you can see what I mean.
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