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  1. In our plans drawing there is an existing plan referenced in and a new floor plan layers that we are drawing on. Twice so far we have opened the drawing and the new plan is shifted off of the referenced drawing on all floor layers like the origin was reset. This then translates into the other drawing that reference this drawing. When we move all the floor plans back... all the annotations in the viewports are off. vw2009 on windows xp
  2. I'm trying to download the service pack 2 for 2008 but it seems to be corrupt. can it be emailed to me? ryan.welty@rdarchitecture.com
  3. vector works 2008 on windows xp.
  4. I'm having a problem snapping to layers that are visible but not the current layer... I have show/snap on for layers but it still doesn't work. If I close out of vw and open it back up it works for about two lines and then stops. any help?
  5. Thanks that was it. where did that come from? I'm guessing it's automatically drawing headers
  6. We just installed vw 2008 and I'm try to figure out how to get rid of the wall lines when I insert a door. I unclicked draw wall lines and turned of draw threshold but there are still lines showing up in what would be the threshold of the door.
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