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  1. thanks, I'll try your method tomorrow. I have gone thru the manual as well as searched the v12 upgrade companion...but frankly, a lot of what I've read seems to be headed down a more complex/complicated path than I'd like to travel. As an Autocad user I'm having a tough time making the transition to the vectorworks process. I was excited to hear about the easy 3-D capability of Vectorworks - something I never mastered in Autocad (simply drawing/creating elevations "by hand") What I would like to be able to do with Vectorworks is create some simple 3-D images in order to convey massing & roof ideas to clients when designing small additions. A 3-d image would do a great job of explaining the somewhat complex roof solutions that are often needed. I appreciate any advice or shortcuts you can offer. Thanks
  2. AS a new user I am attempting to explore simple model making but all the instructions I have read and/or been told have failed me. The method I have been trying (it looked simple enough during the demonstration) involved creating a viewport (and new corresponding sheet layer), then creating a layer link of the two simple floor plans I had created, the adding a roof, then setting the 3-d view, then using the visualization tools to select an appropriate view. Someowhere in there were supposed to be access to tools that would allow me to select rendering tools, light sources, ground planes etc. Are there ten (or more) easy steps to a simple model? thanks
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