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  1. cant see more then one class at a time. regardless of layer. previous problems with vista, could this be a 12.5 bug? or maybe just an option i have missed. help!
  2. 12.5.2 the only trouble i had installing was the dongle driver. but i fixed it. 128mb nvidea i dont know what video drivers i have working, but its a funny way that vw crashs, its not because of doing anything to taxing on the computer. i am doing some 3d rendering, which i guess takes a little power, but with 2g of ram, and a 2g processor, i dont think thats the problem. whenever vw is put on standby, or i minimize it, or sometimes i can be in the middle of my work, and just clicking on a tool, or clicking a option on the tool bar can set it off. Vista compatability problem? thanks
  3. Seeing as though this is not exactly an installation question, im not sure if im in the right forum.. I had some trouble installing vw on my laptop, but once i got it going, the program crashs every five minutes or so. There is no error message, or driver problem, the dongle is working fine... the program stops responding, forcing me to restart the program, and loose all my work. its a royal pain in the butt, and if anyone can help me out, i would be much obliged.
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