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  1. Excellent. Thank you!
  2. For years my workflow has included importing PDF tax maps downloaded from City Planning and then drawing over them, snapping to their corners and such. Today I did it for what I'm thinking is the first time in VW2015, and there's no snapping. I thought it might be a change at the city, but I tried it on a file I downloaded a couple years ago, one that I definitely used for this purpose, and same deal. It seems insane that Nemetschek would remove this functionality, but I can't find any sort of preference or toggle that would make it not happen. This would be a huge downgrade; anyone know what the deal is?
  3. I'm happy to use VW's built-in electrical objects, but the sconce symbol is awful. I can't figure out where its appearance is stored. Is it a script I'd have to edit? Back in VW 8 I knew how to change e.g. the Drawing Title PIO, but I'm not sure I could manage that via VectorScript anymore. Also: I found an old thread about changing PIO defaults, but I couldn't actually follow the discussion (again, VS seems to have gotten really complex over 14 years). Would it be possible for me to make it so that, every time I insert the first window in a new file, I don't need to change every single setting (IME the defaults for windows are unlike any real window I've ever spec'd)?
  4. OK, I kind of answered my own question from last week's post - I learned about how keynotes can now appear on whatever sheet you dictate. So I went through and told the callouts to put themselves as Keynotes on the relevant sheets. BUT, the Info box ignores my input! I use the drop down menu to change from Default to KEYNOTES[A3], but the moment I release it it reverts to Default again. I'm dying here. These drawings are going to be a week late, and that's even if I can solve this pronto. Notes from A1 are showing up on A3 (but, of course, not when I click the Edit Notes button). I cannot make them go away. Do I need to convert every note (on 5 or 6 sheets) back into a callout, delete every Keynote Legend, and reconvert them into Keynotes, taking care that they don't go to the wrong sheets? Would that even work? So far it hasn't helped on A3.
  5. I have a project with several sheets, each with its own set of Keynotes. Somehow the Keynotes for A1 are showing up on A3, and I can't get rid of them. When I Edit Keynotes in the Info Box, the A1 notes don't appear (only the A3 notes do), and when I convert every Callout in A3 to being NOT a Keynote, all of the A3 Keynotes disappear from the list, but the A1 notes persist. I've checked, and there are no hidden copies of A1 Viewports on Sheet A3. If I delete the Keynote Legend and then reconvert all the A3 Callouts into Keynotes, the A1 Keynotes reappear (also, their numbers don't correspond to anything on A3 - Callout #1 is a note about a roof, but #1 on the Legend is about some columns on A1; the roof note shows up as #41 or something). I need to get this drawing to a contractor, but it's nonsense right now. Please help!
  6. Just discovered this. Very frustrating, as I'm about o go to bid on 3 different projects, all with multiple schedules that will have to be kludged together. The weirdest thing is that, when I went to edit the Default file (to make fonts & sizes per my preferences), the vertical text started out vertical, but when I edited and closed the edit window, it all went horizontal.
  7. Ah! Thank you. I was trying to do it in the Design Layer (which worked before), not from the Viewport. Done.
  8. OK, thanks for the tips. In the end, I resorted to OpenGL rendering (I hadn't realized at first that, with appropriate OpenGL prefs, you can get decent results) at good speed. I don't think I knew that symbols render faster than groups, and I'll have to test a few other of those things. But I'll tell you what - it was a pretty simple model - I'm not sure there were any curved objects. And my hard drive has 10s of GB available. Anyway, thanks again. The client was pleased. I think my procedure - at least until I get a good rendering machine - will be OpenGL walkthroughs supplemented by top-notch fixed view RW renders.
  9. Is there any correctable reason that, when I'm generating an animation, the Time Remaining keeps increasing and increasing? Last night I set up a render to run overnight. When it started, it projected ~7 hours; 4 hours later, it was projecting 13 hours to go, and this morning, after 13 total hours of rendering, it had rendered less than 1/3 of the animation, and said it had 22 hours to go. I need to know whether these things will ever, in fact, finish. I've cut it down from about 1300 frames to 283, but I still see the Time Remaining creeping up with each additional rendered frame. PS - I know this isn't a great rendering machine, but that doesn't explain never-ending renders.
  10. OK, that worked. But I still don't see why the Room Finish Schedule tool doesn't work, esp. since the Room Finish Legend does.
  11. But wait, what about the Room Name tool? Is this now non-functioning? I just spent an hour dutifully assigning and modifying with the rather nice interface, but I can't get that data to appear anywhere*. Looking around, I see that someone else complained about this last August, but never got a response. What's going on? * Not quite true - the Room Finish Legend reflects the changes I made in the Room Name tool, but the Room Finish Schedule resolutely refuses to display the data I've entered. And it appears to be impossible to simply create a schedule manually, as the Room Name tool doesn't create a Record of any sort.
  12. JMRoth

    Wall Niche

    I seem to recall that earlier versions of VW included a wall niche tool, but I can't find anything with that function. My goal is to make a half-round niche (ideally with an arched top) in a garden wall. I'm fiddling with inserting symbols in the wall, but that just creates cutouts in the wall, not recessed. I suspect I could also just put a window in the wall, offset it, and make the glass opaque, but that's not a great solution. Can anything be done?


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